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Darkness rises cover
Darkness Rises Review 2022: is the game still alive?
Darkness Rises is a fast pace Action RPG on mobile where you fight hordes of monster and boss everyday....
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Epic Seven Cover
Epic Seven Review 2022: Is it still the Best?
Epic Seven is one of the most complete RPG available on mobile. With a good Anime theme and clever mechanics...
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main screen SoS
State of Survival Review 2022
State of Survival aka SoS is a RTS game with a zombie apocalypse theme. Despite it’s appearance...
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call of antia match 3 RPG
Call of Antia: The best and Latest Genuine Review
The Call of Antia review is finally here, after days of testing, let’s see how this hybrid game...
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7K2 Main Screen
Seven Knights 2 Review: Can Beautiful graphic save a game?
Seven Knights 2 is the sequel of the well known Seven Knights. They comeback to us with a brand new 3D...
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Mythic Heroes Idle RPG_jpg_640
Mythic Heroes: The one and only amazing Review
Mythic Heroes is an idle game that caught many of us off guard. How did an idle game manage to do so,...
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Final Gear Review: Will you love Mechas or Maidens?
Final Gear is a new strategic collection RPG game featuring “Mechs & Maidens”(Mechas...
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MIR4 Review: Is this game really Play to Earn?
MIR4 is a typical MMORPG on both mobile and PC, with good cinematic, graphic and game play. MIR4 doesn’t...
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Water Sort Puzzle - Color Liquid Sorting Game Review 2021
Color Sorting Puzzle game becoming more and more popular these past months, Water Sort Puzzle –...
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Boss Hunter: Earn Crypto Reward Review 2021
If i wanted to recommend an action game to someone on mobile, i would say without hesitation try Boss...
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my talking angela 2 front page
My Talking Angela 2 Review 2021: Is it good?
My Talking Angela 2 is a simulator game where you will have to look after the famous cat name Angela....
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Ludo Club Review: A classic revive into the digital world
Finally we have a ludo game on mobile game, the classic board game is here. Ludo Club is a ludo game(ha!)...
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