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Have you notice when you go and check review on App Store or Google Play. That nearly all of the reviews are rated around the score of 4. Meaning all these games are good games, right?

Not necessarily, while that may be the case for some games, that doesn’t apply for all of them. Many are Fake reviews are here to boost a game scores.

While this may look ideal for a company, showing that their product is doing well. It may also be dangerous for them to follow biased information.

In the end both Company and Gamer doesn’t have a reliable source of data that determine genuinely that the rating are actually correct.

So how do you decide if the ratings are inaccurate. Well, S-mobilegaming got you covered. A mobile game reviews that is 100% human with genuine information.

Do you you believe the following review are true? For a game who has a lowest user score, this game still managed to obtain those score in the store. Something is definitely wrong!!

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How do you make Reviews for mobile games?

  • Download the Game

    Choose a random game from the store and download it on a phone or emulator.

  • Play the Game

    Obviously playing the game for 2 weeks or more depending on the length of the honeymoon.

  • Good or Bad

    Decide if the game is worth playing or not.

  • Write the Review

    Convey the experience and information through a Review.


Why are you doing Reviews for mobile games?

Simply, I love video games. I enjoyed playing them, so why not write about them. Specially when most of the reviews are Bot or Ai generated.

How do you know if a mobile game is good or bad?

While the answer may look simple, it's actually very complex. A good or bad game is not only based on it's graphic, mechanics and gameplay only.

For mobile there are other aspect like monetization, optimization, P2W and F2P that you need to consider.  

What is the Honeymoon period in mobile games?

The "Honeymoon" phase or period is used mostly by adults. It's when the game showers you with free gifts everyday and that every aspect of the game seems perfect.

However it's not the case for a long period of time as the Honeymoon phase/period will end. Showing the game as it is truly.