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At S-mobilegaming, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey through the vibrant world of mobile gaming, specifically focusing on gacha and collection games. Our mission is to celebrate and explore the diverse array of waifus and husbandos found within these captivating titles.

While many blogs concentrate on anime waifus, we’re dedicated to shining a spotlight on the captivating characters from the realm of mobile gaming. Whether you’re drawn to the strong and independent waifus or the charming and reliable husbandos, our blog is your destination for all things related to virtual relationships in mobile gacha games.

Join us as we delve into the enchanting stories, memorable personalities, and captivating designs of these digital companions. Whether you’re a seasoned gacha gamer seeking new waifus and husbandos to add to your collection or a newcomer curious about the phenomenon, S-mobilegaming is here to provide insights, discussions, and recommendations for your mobile gaming adventure.



Who is soltina? Soltina (ソルティーナ Sorutiina) is a witch in Memento Mori. A girl who longs to save the one...
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souls like games
Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games
Introduction Dark Souls Like games up until recently were amongst the most unrated mobile gaming thankfully...
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champions arena main
Champions Arena Review 2023
Champions Arena Review 2023 What is Champions Arena? Champions Arena is...
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block blast review main image
Block Blast Review 2023
Block Blast Adventure MasterReview 2023 What is Block Blast Adventure Master? Block Blast is a block...
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Woodoku Logo
Woodoku Review the best free to play around?
Woodoku Review 2023 What is Woodoku? Woodoku is a wood block puzzle game published by Tripledot Studios...
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Call of dragons review
Call of Dragons review What is Call of Dragons? Call of Dragons is a multiplayer...
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panilla saga main
Panilla Saga Review
Panilla Saga review What is Panilla Saga? Panilla Saga is a new mobile...
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Raid Shadow Legends Main
Raid: Shadow Legends Review
Raid: Shadow Legends review What is Raid:Shadow Legends? Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular...
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Main echocalypse
Echocalypse Review 2023
REVIEW Echocalypse First Released Oct 20, 2022 Android, IOS Echocalypse is a gacha collection RPG published...
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Top 3 RPG
Top 3 RPG Review on mobile
Top 3 RPG Review on mobile Before we start the list of the 3 Top RPG on mobile, i would like to explain...
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Idle angels:Realm of Goddess cover
Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess Review 2023
Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess REVIEW First Released Sep 21, 2019 Android, IOS Info Info Overall...
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Ultimate Bowmasters Review 2023
REVIEW Ultimate Bowmasters First Released Aug 31, 2022 Android, IOS Data Data Overall Rating : Negative Type : Action,...
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