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More than 30 years of experience in the gaming world and the 10 years working in IT company.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my humble little website known as S-mobile Gaming. If you are reading this page, you probably curious about my identity. Thank you for coming to this page!I started this website for people who seeks genuine information on mobile games. Why? For many years of downloading and playing mobile games. I notice there’s little or no genuine information about mobile games. So i decide to create my own codex of genuine information by writing reviews on this website.

S-Mobile Gaming will provide you with only genuine information on your favorite mobile game. Most of the information will be based on my experience received during the play through. Then i will pick all the important piece of information to compile into a nice review.

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As someone with more than 30 years of experience in the gaming world and the 10 years working in IT company. I think this is more than enough knowledge to know about the subject and write good genuine information.

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I plan to adapt my reviews depending on the kind of games so that you can benefit an ever evolving dynamic review. I don't use any AI to write my content and don't copy any of my article from other website. Also i listen to my audience and try to implement those wherever possible.

Let's produce something useful so that everyone can benefit from it. I also love video games and watch anime...

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