If i wanted to recommend an action game to someone on mobile, i would say without hesitation try Boss Hunter. This game manage to exceed my expectation both in terms of game play, controls, game design and even they removed the play to earn aspect of it, the game is still a free game. Let’s check what’s this game have to offer.

How is Boss Hunter Game play?

The game is simple, enter the dungeon, choose a path, clear the floor from enemies, kill the boss, upgrade your character. Sounds simple enough as a basic RPG game where you explore dungeon and fight off enemies till you complete the dungeon, defeat the final boss and collect the treasure.

Boss Hunter took the dungeon part and made an action game where you will have to dodge bullet like in old arcade game style(bullet hell games) and also eliminate them in order to move to the next floor in a labyrinth style.

You are given a free character who looks like Ciri from the Witcher 3, you start with no equipment and is pointed to explore chapter 1 and to kill the boss in the wanted poster. You will easily learn the mechanics of hit and move to tackle you enemies who normally perform a specific attack pattern.


After clearing your first floor, you will be given the option of choosing between two path, those path contains different floors alone the way. You can’t return back in a previous floor or change the path unless given the option like a doted path.

The floors may contains

  • Already spawned enemies
  • Time spawned enemies(will appear after some time)
  • Merchant with goods on discount
  • Healer with healing and a bonus perk
  • Shrine with boost of health or attack
  • Sorcerer will exchange 25% of health for a perk
  • Black Dragon exchange health for 2 perks
  • Thief will steal a perk or silver
  • Rabbit will join you to fight
  • Slime will reward you with silver, runes or gems
  • Boss spawned
  • Chest with silver, gems, equipment and runes

Each time you complete a floor you will obtain a certain amount of experience, if you get enough experience you will level up. When you level up you will have 3 perks where you will have to choose 1 perk to continue, perks can be raw stats boost or give you additional abilities. You have defensive perks and offensive perks, choose which style suit you best.

After you kill your first boss and completed the dungeon, you can collect your first arcade coins from the bounty posters. Then you can level up your passives with the silver you have obtained, later on you will obtain cards from a specific daily dungeon and also obtain hero stone from doing the endless tower challenge.


You will find equipment in the chest in the dungeon but also the chests in the shop. All 3 different rarity chest have different cool down, they will give you a free equipment. Equipment rarity will vary in color from grey to gold, better rarity means more stats on it.

Upgrade your equipment and unlock socket by sacrificing a lower tier equipment. You can socket cards in the equipment in order to obtain even more passive stats.

Unlock other character with gems or arcade coins later on depending on your taste or your play style. Of course the game have other modes where you can obtain different currency beside playing the main adventure mode. Arena for the PVP fans and raids for those who needs runes and silver for some upgrade.

What Graphic does Boss Hunter use?

The 3D isometric view for this type of game is perfect to help you dodge bullets and enemies correctly. The model have a lot of details and also different character from different games which I’ll let you discover by yourself. A good balance in color which let you distinguish bullets and background without giving you a headache or strain for the eyes.

How are the Controls in Boss Hunter?

The idea of having only a control button on the screen seems outrageous for those who are used to grab any game controller with 2 hands, 1 hand for direction and the other to shoot but in boss hunter, they save your thumb and fingers from going numb tapping the screen to shoot. Each time you stop moving you will automatically fire which help you decide to hit or move to dodge with a single finger, giving the perfect control needed in this type of game.

Sound & Music

A very discrete music, sound effect that match different type of bullet, i would say it’s good as it is.

Game Length

Around 5 min to 1 hour per day as you will deplete the 25 stamina limit(40 stamina if you bought the premium). You consume only 5 stamina per run and stamina refills each 2 min 30 seconds.

Is Boss Hunter Free to play or Pay to win?

It’s one of the best F2P game on mobile, everything in the game can be obtained in game without spending a cent. With time you can unlock every character, equipment and card, you can also farm the gems (cash currency) and Arcade coins by simply playing daily.

Micro Transaction

A typical cash shop with a premium membership which will give you benefits like more stamina, daily gems, more loots in dungeon for 3 days for $3.77 and 15 days for $15.30 if you want to support the game. The gems sells from $0.99 to $100, special offer gives you different package on discount varying from equipment, silver or gems and lastly character sells from $10.08 to $15.30. Note that you won’t get any overwhelming advantages but a fair start and less grinding than a free to play. You can also spend you arcade coins instead of cash to buy any of those package later on.


Yes, they do propose you to watch some ads to obtain additional rewards after a runs or game over. You may also watch ads to obtain some daily loots including gems but it’s optional. The game don’t force any ads in your face or show them during game play which is a very positive note.

What is the Life span of Boss Hunter?

The endless tower challenge is the only reason your staying to play this game after completing the chapters, it’s the only place where you can obtain coins to upgrade your characters and obtain both gems and arcade coins at the same time. No wonder they name it endless tower!


Dodging all day may help you develop some reflexes and enhance your ability to coordinate both brain and brawn. You need to know who to prioritize or what power up seems better rather than going brainless on runs. Also choosing the appropriate path in the labyrinth is important before you tackle a boss, even in defeat you will learn the boss pattern to challenge it later. Learn from your defeat…that’s very Dark Souls like.


I haven’t found any official group.


Customization of the character or equipment, add duo mode where 2 or more player can join a game to help each other, add other rewards in the wheel.


Google play store decide to remove the earning aspect of the game via arcade coins but you can still use arcade coins to buy other cash characters for free.

Should you play Boss Hunter?

Yes, it’s one of the best game i have played so far as free to play game. No paywall, no unfair advantages, no force ads, everything can be grinded in game. Free daily gems, runes, silver, low stamina recovery time, nice graphic, good control and you can obtain characters and items from exchanging your arcade coin by just playing the game. Try the game, it’s definitely worth your time…and no daily login so you can play when you want no need to be a slave of daily login rewards.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : Action
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : Yes
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence, Blood
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: HIKER GAMES

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.8
  • Installation Size : 154 MB
  • Full Size : 300 MB
  • Platform : Android Version 4.4 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : No longer available