Angel Legion Review of a 3D Idle Collection RPG with a very different theme that other idle games. If you like science fiction(sci-fi) game, space, ninja, cyborgs and waifu. This game have it all, let’s have a look at this unique 3D idle game in this review.

What is the Story of Angel Legion?

Miya, a mytherious girl, what’s her big secret? All the forces of Sheila Galaxy fight against each other for it? Will the ancient prediction come true? As a junior star hunter, how would you lead your battle angels and Miya to get through the difficulties? Go through everything with Miya! What kind relationship will you build? Friendship, Kinship or Love.. The story goes on, you are the hero!

Long story short your aim is to become an Ace Star Hunter and you are assigned with Miya. Now it’s time to collect cyborg girls in a space adventure with Miya!!

How is the Game play of Angel Legion?

After some dialogues, you are guided through a tutorial with your mentor in order to pass the test of a star hunter. The tutorial does it’s job and make you understand different mode of the game quickly. Learning combat, positioning, equipment, switching weapon, adventure, explore and challenges. Don’t worry we will comeback on some of the important ones later on.

The main gameplay of Angel Legion is taking a team of 6 Angels in a 3 by 3 formation(3 in front and 3 at the back row) in a turn base battle. A bit like the infamous Raid Shadow Legends combat system. You have 20 turn to beat the enemies and you can either auto or play manually. Combat is the same for nearly all content of the game. You can level up, evolve and equip your angels to increase their power.

Character and Recruit

Your character is the core of everything, those angels have different roles, skills and attribute. The Class are:

  • SupportHealer, Buffer, Cleanser
  • Physical Physical DPS that can be mostly single target but some does have good Aoe skills
  • Guard Tank unit with CC or self sustain and defensive buff
  • Magic Magical DPS that have multi target Aoe Skills but some of them does have single target attack.

You can recruit them using 3 different currency, of course each currency have different rates. Those are fairly easy to obtained by playing the game. Sadly for F2P, the game don’t have a guaranteed chance for S-Rank Angels. Although i heard some rumors after 50 summons, you will automatically get an S Rank if you did not get any for that 50 summons. Can’t tell if that was true as i managed to get S-Rank every 20 or 30 summons.


Once you advance far enough in the game, you should start having some difficulty to beat your enemies. Don’t worry it’s normal way for a game to indicate you to upgrade your character even further than the tutorial showed you. After a certain level a different material(Blue Crystal) may be needed to upgrade your character to the next level. But you will most of the time use Star Coupon and Force.


You may have to Evolve your character to obtain additional star. Star will increase the max level of your character but you will need to reach max level of 5 star. Evolve will work as a limit break and go back from 5 star to 1 Star but will change to silver. The same process will go on until you reach Red Star color.

  • Bronze Star Evolve to 1 Silver Star
  • Silver Star Evolve to 1 Gold Star
  • Gold Star Evolve to 1 Red Star
  • Red is currently max Evolve


Equipment come in 5 different rarity:

  • D equipment – Fuse 3 to obtain C equipment
  • C equipment – Fuse 4 to obtain B equipment
  • B equipment – Fuse 5 to obtain A equipment
  • A equipment – Fuse 8 to obtain S equipment
  • S equipment – Max Rarity

Equipment can be obtained by crafting, dropping from enemy, rewards, Star Chests and Fusion. Fusion is a great way to obtain better gear and it will be your best way to obtain S rank gear as F2P. You can also upgrade them to +12 but i would recommended to upgrade only S rank gear to avoid wasting materials. Note the chance of success decreases after each upgrade, so don’t try to waste too much material on lower rarity gear.

Equipment also have different set. While set of 2, 3 and 4 will give you specific bonus, gear also have additional random stats on them and get more of them if you +3 them. Each Set will have it’s own bonus + bonus stats, so you will need to balance things out depending on the role of your character. Try different build by yourself and test it out on different character.

What kind of Graphic Angel Legion use?

A 3D graphic like a PS3 game. It’s a bit outdated but it still have it’s charm. The character have some unique design but have similar face which you can always modify later on with their customization. I think it’s the only Idle game with customization of characters. The background are 3D animated which you can swap, combat background is also in 3D but don’t really have anything going on(making it look static). The combo skills is cool and the normal skill animation look ok.

The UI is a more over clean and simple. The dialogue shows the character in 2D illustration, if you expected some 3D animation and got disappointed like me. While dialogue is a cheap way to show a story, it can’t be use everywhere specially in a 3D scifi game where action seems to be taking place on every mission. Finally you can view in 3D your hero and rotate the character but no zoom in or out. I noticed a VR mode but i did not have any VR gear to test it out.

Other game mode

Angel Legends does have a list of different contents beside the main story, here a list for you:

  • Arena PVP mode
  • Endless TrialA board game style where you roll a dice to advance on randomly generated board with enemies, buffs, cosmetics, healing points.
  • Simulated Alpha Boss Raid where you need to score maximum damage
  • Battlefield Endless tower mode where you beat your opponent to obtain rewards including Miya fragment
  • Expedition Beat 30 stage in a survival mode(only silver star or better can participate)
  • Military Match Form 3 different team around Miya different weapon and fight other players
  • Explore Send some your troops on an expedition for a certain amount of time
  • Cabin upgrade,craft and collect resources(Fallout Shelter Style)
  • Adventure move around your ship in space, defeat your enemies and collect chests(Mass Effect Style)


Only 2 parts of the game involve control in Angel Legion. The first one is moving your ship in adventure mode and the second is in combat where you can choose in manual mode. The rest of the game works in automatically and require a tap for it to work.

Sound & Music

Good background music which change on different screen and background. You even have different music on different story stages and other game modes. Excellent sound effect of attack and skills. The voice acting was good addition to dialogue, too bad it’s only part of the story. Expect some surprise when changing background.

What is the Game Length of Angel Legions

Angel Legion has a rather short game length the more you advance in the game. The daily quests can be done in less than 10 min as most of the combat can be skipped. Note that the only things that stop you from playing continuously are limited entry chance per day, Fuel to move the ship and Injury Time. Injury is the most annoying as you can’t move or combat as your units needs to heal a % over time.

You can swap between mode until you are out of fuel or in Injury Time. It’s a good way to progress until you can’t beat your opponent and have to wait for some resources to accumulate via AFK. As all Idle game, you can accelerate time for a limited amount of time per day. This can help if you badly need Resources for an upgrade. The other mode also have a skip option which make the game length even shorter.

Is Angel Legion Free to play?

Yes it’s F2P to a certain extent. The game does give you a unit that can become S rank and reach silver star easily. Resources can be obtain with time and same goes the required S unit for upgrade. Sadly RNG can really mess you up and you may end up with a copy of each S unit or even worst…only A rank units. While you can still upgrade them and play with A rank units, you will soon find yourself in some disadvantage against cash players.

As F2P, prepare to play with a slow progression style as many things will be gated with limited amount of chance per day. Also you should forget about competing in PVP and should focus only on getting points and beat weaker opponents. F2P have a limited amount of package that can be bought with gems. S rank equipment, Halo, Spirit, God and builds are important contents but comes after 1 or 2 month of playing depending RNG.

Is Angel Legion Pay to win?

Yes, Angel Legion is a P2W game. As progression depends on copy of a unit and it is very easy to obtain them as a cash player. It’s normal that a cash player will have gold star S units in less than a weak of playing easily. They can also buy resources to upgrade them to max level as you can also pay your way through that. Be careful of RNG, you are guaranteed a random S unit but that doesn’t mean you will get that specific unit your looking for.


No ads.


The cash shop is a very simple one, yet they complicated it by replacing the cash by a currency name Star Dollar. Making it difficult to evaluate the price of the packages. Star Dollar can be recharge and it’s price varies between the standard $0.99 to $ 99.99. Even the packages price look low, player should be careful about spending as you can easily get lost or forgot the cost of recharging Star Dollar.

Life span

I have serious doubt on the longevity of this game. The game maybe unique 3D Idle RPG game but it’s a dated 3D graphic which don’t really appeal to the eyes. The battle is turn base and not interesting to watch, at a stage everyone just skip battle. This sound a good thing but it’s not as the game has nothing else to offer. They could have added an affection system to make it worth collecting those cyborg girls and create a link to make the player stay with the game.

But sadly it is not the case. Once you remove combat, you have literally nothing to do that tap some button and call it a day. The game does have events and updates every month but most of the event are for cash player. Overall i think Angel Legion is in a bad spot and may stop service within a year unless they upgrade the graphic and add other interesting content. Else this game will die and be forgotten forever.


Angel Legion have a lot of micromanagement, this help you learn some management skill to manage your troops and resources efficiently. Investing in the right character and using proper character depending the enemy require some strategic thinking. Even if it’s an idle game, it should not be played with brute force and a brain dead state. A player with proper strategy and preparation could tackle the game with an under level team.




  • Remove the energy system – it’s useless once you clear the map
  • Remove the injury/recovery system – it’s unnecessary mechanics that make you waste time
  • Add a pity system on the Gacha for S rank
  • Different way to evolve a character to silver star
  • Progression depends too much on RNG
  • Change some reward in the 7 days beginner mission as they are terrible rewards for progression
  • Exploration should have tickets like arena
  • Not enough incentive to use A rank unit – they become useless in midgame
  • Too many advantage are given to cash player
  • Better way to obtain gears
  • Customization does not appear on thumbnail of the character


They do some monthly updates with events, bug fixes and adjustment to some game features.

Should you play Angel Legion?

Yes as it’s a unique style of Scifi Idle RPG but Angel Legion does have a lot of room for improvement. That being said the game is not bad at all if ignore the P2W aspect and RNG dependency for progression. I personally enjoyed my play through with Angel Legion as F2P. Progression is good until you hit some walls like resources and copy of S rank heroes to Evolve. The game is beautiful enough to enjoy the character customization. Skins were literally free, upgrading the base like Fallout Shelter was fun.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : IDLE RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Mild Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by:Xingfei company

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.8
  • Installation Size : 51 MB
  • Full Size : 0.92 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store, Steam