Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games

Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games
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Dark Souls Like games up until recently were amongst the most unrated mobile gaming thankfully a lot of developers build a community for it by bringing a lot of ports to mobile. 

With that said I’m going to be showing the best. We’ve got today Souls-like action Rpg games and such to play on your Android and Ios devices.

What is Souls-like games?

Souls-like games are originated from the series of games developed by FromSoftware namely Dark Souls, Demon Souls, etc.The game itself are from a Dark Medieval Fantasy where you decide to take enemy 1 by 1 or simply avoid them until to reach the Boss of the stage.

Compared to the usual hack and slash where to fight horde of enemies easily. Souls series is the complete opposite as enemies are realistic and tough.

One of the core mechanics of the series is the use of how it handles progress, death, and player improvement. Where you decide whether to level up or gamble your gain and continue fighting.

List of the Best Souls-Like Mobile Games

The list is sadly short but these games are the most faithful to the Dark Souls Series. Although those games are not Free to Play which means you will need to pay.

However they are worth the price as the amount of hours you will experienced a true Dark Souls-like on mobile are here in this list.

The games in list are not in any specific order, i don’t want to get in any argument whose the best. Anyway, players “Prepare to Die”.

Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager gamepay

Even though it’s been out for over 4 years by far the best souls like action RPG you can have Hands-on mobiles is Pascal’s wager

It’s one of the better games to play with a controller highly recommended if you play on Emulator. Because on the touch screens, it’s quite clunky and hard for players with large fingers.

The graphics are fantastic for a mobile game and feels literally like you’re playing  a console game. Really supportive developers too it now even has a DLC and plays Offline.

Platform: Android, IoS

Playable: Offline

Size: 3GB

Price: $3.99

Animus: Harbinger & Stand Alone

Animus Gamplay

Now if you want to go straight to the point no messing around right into battle, you should definitely give Animus games a try. 

Although paid games in nature $6 each piece Animus Harbinger and Animus Standalone are both some of the best Souls Like mobile games on the platform. 

Unfortunately you see for development issues the games were not ported to Android. This game is IOS exclusive these games are both as gloomy and brutal as Dark Souls game with slightly stiffer game plays

Platform: IoS

Playable: Offline

Size: 1.5GB

Price: $5.99

Revenant Knight

Revenant Knight combat

Revenant Knight is one the few very underrated games and the reason is it’s not getting any more updates with this one you see you will have a great souls like action if not the best in the list that is cloned off of Dark Souls franchise to play on the go. 

You see Revenant Knight is to this fay one the most challenging games on  mobile, you can play this one with the controller, basically it’s highly recommended to play on an Emulator.

Platform: Android, IoS, PC

Playable: Offline

Size: 1GB

Price: $12.99

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