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Who is soltina?

Soltina (ソルティーナ Sorutiina) is a witch in Memento Mori. A girl who longs to save the one who was imprisoned in her place—her big sister.

She is voiced by Yoshino Nanjo in Japanese and by Giselle Fernandez in English.

A girl as bright and cheerful as the sun who loves her older sister Lunalynn. After Lunalynn allows herself to be captured by the Inquisition in her younger sister’s stead, Soltina now braves through the cursed ice alone to save her.


The story revolves around Soltina’s close bond with her older sister Lunalynn, whom she affectionately refers to as “Big Sis.” Soltina’s entire narrative is intertwined with her sister’s story, emphasizing the importance of their relationship.

On her sixth birthday, Soltina accidentally discovers her witch powers, which leads to her family rejecting her. Despite her excitement in showing off her abilities to her parents, they respond with disgust and cast her out of their home.

It is revealed that Soltina’s sister, despite the risk, comes to her aid and offers comfort during this difficult time. Big Sis’s act of kindness and the handmade stuffed bear she gives Soltina symbolize their strong sibling bond and her unwavering support.

Soltina and Big Sis go into hiding to evade the Inquisition, a group that hunts witches. However, their peaceful life is disrupted when the Inquisition discovers Soltina’s identity as a witch, prompting Big Sis to sacrifice herself to protect her sister.

Soltina later realizes that Big Sis allowed herself to be captured by the Inquisition to ensure Soltina’s safety. This revelation fills Soltina with guilt and determination to rescue her sister.

With the help of a kind Duke and his curse-dissolving staff, Soltina embarks on a journey to rescue her sister from the icy mountain where she is held captive.

Soltina’s unwavering love and determination eventually reach her sister, thawing the icy prison and bringing about a reunion. Together, they find refuge in the Duke’s country, where witches are accepted and discrimination is absent.

Soltina expresses her love and gratitude to her sister, affirming that her actions were motivated by love rather than obligation. Despite the hardships they’ve faced, their bond remains unbreakable.


Chapter 1

My story is also my big sis’s story. The only reason I’m here is because of her, after all.

My sixth birthday… was when I accidentally realized I had strange powers. I didn’t learn they were the powers of a witch until much later.

Mommy, Daddy! Look at what I can do!

When I showed off my powers to them, their expressions immediately dropped, and I was thrown out of the house like a bag of garbage.

“Disgusting,” they spat. “If I knew you were going to be a witch, I would never have given birth to you.”

I didn’t understand what had happened. But, this door was never going to open for me again. And when I realized that, tears began falling from my eyes.

The door opened again, and the one who came flying out… was Big Sis.

Chapter 2

“It’ll be okay,” she said, before holding out a stuffed bear she had made for me.

My mind struggled to keep up, but I accepted her present. hen Big Sis pulled me into her warm embrace. “Happy birthday,” she hummed.

You can’t, Big Sis… You’re going to be kicked out, too…

Tears streamed down my face, and once they started, they never stopped. I held the stuffed bear close to my chest and wept in Big Sis’s arms.

After that, the two of us went into hiding. Everyday was tough, but just knowing Big Sis was waiting for me at home… was all I needed to be happy.

But… I guess witches really aren’t allowed to find happiness.

Chapter 3

The Inquisition appeared without warning. They had found out I was a witch.

While I shook in fear, Big Sis turned to me and gave me an awkward smile.

“I’m not a witch, so they won’t capture me. Sol, you go get a headstart and I’ll catch up.”

I believed those words. How could I not? I was so scared… The Inquisition’s famous for their cruel torture methods. Not a single witch captured has ever returned from there.

I escaped outside the city and waited for Big Sis. But no matter how long I waited, she never came.

Where is she…? Did something happen…? Worry began welling up inside me, and I remembered that awkward smile.

That’s right…! Why didn’t I realize it…?! Big Sis only ever gives that kind of smile…when she’s telling one of her bad lies…

My worries only grew from there, and soon, I caught wind of a rumor. That a witch named Lunalynn had been captured.

Chapter 4

Big Sis isn’t even a witch… Why did they capture her?!

…It was for me. She let herself get captured so I could run away.

Of all the witches captured by The Inquisition, not a single one has ever come back. They’re all tortured in the cruelest ways…

Big Sis… You’ve always protected me, and yet I haven’t done a single thing for you in return… This can’t be how it ends…

Whenever I was sad or felt like crying, I would hug the stuffed animal Big Sis gave me—the bear that was filled with her love and warmth.

…That’s right. She’s always been the one saving me. But now it’s my turn to do the saving. I’m going to save you, Big Sis…!

Chapter 5

I wanted to go to where Big Sis was, but a huge mountain of ice blocked my path. That’s when I met the nice Duke.

His curse dissolving staff helped us climb to the summit, and there, we saw Big Sis… who had become a Witch of Qlipha.

Big Sis would never hurt a fly… How could she…? All of a sudden, the ice started showing us her memories.

The Inquisition’s torture methods were far crueler than the rumors made them out to be, and Big Sis’s heart broke from the pain. That’s how the Curse that freezes everything was born.

For them to do such horrible things to you… Just you wait, Big Sis. I’m coming to save you.

Chapter 6

Big Sis, there are so many things I’m thankful to you for… and I’m not just talking about this bear. You’ve given me more than I could ever ask for.

So I’m begging you… Don’t say such a sad thing like “Goodbye…” I don’t want to go home to an empty house anymore.

No one can get through to a witch that’s gone berserk. But I continued to try.

Because I know that Big Sis is kind. Whenever I was crying, she would always be there by my side. Please… come back to me, Big Sis!

Suddenly, I felt Mister’s staff connect my voice with Big Sis.

“…Sol? Were you the one who called out to me?”

A warm light starts dissolving the land of ice. Welcome back, Big Sis.

Chapter 7

Big Sis and I are now living together in Mister’s country. It’s a wonderful place where us witches aren’t discriminated against.

She never stopped apologizing to me, saying that it was all her fault that I got injured.

You’re the one covered in wounds, but you’re still only worried about me… You never change, huh, Big Sis?”

There’s no need to apologize though. If it’s for you, Big Sis, then I’ll do anything.

“Why…?” You can’t even figure that much out, Big Sis?! Hah…I had a hunch, but you really don’t know, huh?

This is the perfect opportunity, so I’ll tell you why. It’s not because we’re sisters, or because you saved me. The reason is much simpler than that. Much more important than that.

It’s because… I love you, Big Sis!!

soltina fan art 1

soltina fan art 1

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soltina fan art 2

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soltina fan art 3

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soltina fan art 4


GENKI GIRL: The Genki Girl archetype refers to a character who is energetic, upbeat, and often serves as a source of positive energy within a story or group dynamic.

LOLI: LOLI typically portrayed as young, cute, and often childlike in appearance, behavior, or personality.

Energetic and Cheerful

Soltina is described as “bright and cheerful as the sun,” indicating her energetic and lively nature. Her positivity and enthusiasm likely uplift those around her, making her a beacon of optimism.

Loving and Devoted

Despite her energetic demeanor, Soltina’s deep love and devotion to her older sister, Lunalynn, add depth to her character. Her positivity is not just superficial; it is rooted in genuine affection and caring for her loved ones.

Nurturing Qualities

Soltina’s past employment at a bakery hints at her nurturing side, as she likely enjoys caring for others and creating a warm, welcoming environment.

Contrast with Introverted Sister

The description highlights Soltina’s contrast with her introverted sister, Lunalynn. This juxtaposition emphasizes Soltina’s outgoing personality and suggests that she brings a dynamic energy to their relationship.


Soltina, the Loli Genki Girl of Memento Mori, embodies a delightful combination of youthful energy, boundless optimism, and unwavering devotion to her older sister, Lunalynn. Despite her petite stature and light weight of 41kg, Soltina’s personality shines as brightly as the sun, bringing warmth and cheer to those around her. Complementing her energetic and outgoing nature. As a beloved member of the Principality of Brook, Soltina’s vibrant personality and deep affection for her sister make her a cherished waifu among the community.

Soltina Full body

Soltina Full body

Soltina and Lunalynn side by side

Soltina and Lunalynn side by side

Soltina and Lynalynn smiling

Soltina and Lynalynn smiling