Mythic Heroes: The one and only amazing Review

Mythic Heroes: The one and only amazing Review

Mythic Heroes is an idle game that caught many of us off guard. How did an idle game manage to do so, we will investigate this mystery together in this review.

Mythic Heroes Story

There is a long forgotten tree, like no other tree, it is a gateway to another realm. Here, 9 continents are rule by ascended legends and gods of old and split by the factions, luminarcs, shadowarcs, verdiants and guardians. The oracle seeks one hope beckon a savior to this dying world. Dark forces threaten the fate of the world so it’s up to you aka the savior to summon a team of unique gods and heroes via the oracle and go on an adventure.

How is Mythic Heroes Game play?

So after the introduction and some mini tutorial that include summoning, fighting and positioning. You will enter your name, even that won’t really matter as the game will refer you as savior in the game.

After that let’s say you have at least enough heroes to form a team of 5 character, you can choose anyone at the start melee or range as it doesn’t matter. However you will soon see that the front line are for Tanky character which will be melee ones and that the back line will be your support and mage mostly as they cannot take too much punishment.

The computer will always attack the first enemy in sight unless the character is an assassin or has a specific skill that focus someone else no matter what it’s position. You will have to choose between 2 formation, the 2 at the back and 3 in the front formation or 3 at the back and 2 in the front. Both have it’s advantage and disadvantage depending the situation.

Once all those are set, you can start fighting in the campaign to progress in the story, fighting is the standard 5 vs 5 as any idle RPG games, once you beat the stage you will be rewarded and will increase the % loot that can be obtain in your Wheel of fortune.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of fortune automatically spin after a certain time and give you idle rewards, The wheel is divided into 3 parts, the large wheel offer standard rewards, the second part gives better reward and of course the third give the best rewards in the game. After the right amount of spin in the large one, it will start spinning the second one, then after a certain amount of spin in the second one the third will trigger.

The wheel is an innovative way to reward the player, whether he prefer to wait to collect its rewards or spin it himself after hoarding a large amount of spins. The wheel can be upgraded too with specific cubes that be obtain via achievement upon completing a stage.


Speaking of upgrading, you can upgrade you heroes via enhance and ascend, enhance give you additional stats and ascend gives you +1 of your current skills. Later you will unlock runes that you can equip on your heroes, the runes can also be upgrade later on. Runes have sets of 3 and 1 middle rune that have it’s own bonus for example % heal on healing skill.

You will continue to unlock more and more modes like Pantheon mode a labyrinth style mode, resources stages and many other more. I strongly encourage you to join a guild asap as you will unlock even more modes for you to play and receive more rewards early on.

There is no BEST unit in this game as everything is situational and really depends on your team composition, the game has a faction weakness system meaning someone will always be weak against an opposite faction, having duplicate of a hero really helps that why SR is viable in this game, mastery will come much much later for SSR and UR units.

Don’t try to upgrade every hero as a free to play as you will run out of resources quickly, focus on a team of 5 members, prioritize your damage dealer first, give him/her all your attention, then the tank, then the support. You can over level your heroes if you have enough resource as it will be easier to pass stages.


A good quality animated 2 art, detailed static background, cool skill animation. The combat is the classic 5 vs 5 board display as any RPG and combat are done in real time meaning no waiting for each one turn. Despite it’s simple looking it’s always nice to watch the combat going on as every thing looks clean, no cluster animation over each other or too much text when doing damage as the fonts seems to be at the right size.


As an idle game the control are non existent as most of the time your heroes will be auto attack, auto skill, etc. So you can’t control your character but you can switch position and formation before combat starts. You can also decide when to use your heroes ultimate and that it.

Sound & Music

They have different music for each screen, the music is good but replay itself on loop so like all idle game, most of the player will turn it off after some time to save battery or will listen to something else while playing it. The voice acting of all the characters are limited to 2 or 3 lines of words except the oracle who can talk a lot. However heroes will say a line when using their ultimate which adds more impact to it.

What is the Game Length of Mythic Heroes?

Around 10 to 15 min per day, that’s all it take to finish your daily and on the other side if you decide to play to advance in the story this may take some hours per day specially when trying to break through a specific stage. It’s an idle game it wasn’t mean to grab your attention more than a few minutes per day.

Is Mythic Heroes Free to play or Pay to win?

The game absolutely F2P, very generous in terms of in game currency and units. You can play the early game with SR units only, if your unlucky with your pulls. Even the events are really good to help you progress quickly no matter your progression. But do keep in mind that a player paying will always have an advantage in the arena and guild battles meaning that PVP aspect of the game is Pay to win.

Micro Transaction

From VIP to subscriptions, daily packages, in game currency package. The shop does have everything that all mobile have, pricing from $0.99 to $99.99. Note that nothing is locked behind VIP, it gives you only addition rewards and % drop and experience that all. Time limited package from time to time or when you complete a chapter or summon an SSR hero or failing a stage. Overall they are not an aggressive cash shop and it’s a very generic cash shop.


No ads.

How long is the Life span of Mythic Heroes?

If they continue doing good events and adding more chapters and heroes. They will be here for at least many years, the game will have a solid long years of life span. Yes, many will quit the game but many will return back. Also new one will come and discover the game but the game will stay for a long time.


Learn to manage a team of heroes with non complicate way for all different age of people. Try different strategy, units, positioning, runes to try to pass stages. Idle game are games for people with a busy schedule which make playable for nearly everyone. You will have enough free currency to summon at your ease so no money spent and no stress.


Official website




  • Please add more formation to help diversify strategy and also that we can use different heroes
  • Add special effects to heroes that have reach an certain level of ascendancy instead of just a frame


Currently they have Christmas event going on. Events are very free to play friendly, normally you just play the game and collect rewards daily. They also add new characters and more chapters, they are very active in terms of events.

Should you play Mythic Heroes?

A big YES!! It’s one of the best idle game currently out, The game is very generous and are very friendly on discord. Also they are very transparent on the information on the game. Event are nice, you always seems to progress in the game no matter you play a lot or a little.

Mythic Heroes is full of surprise, the Dark horse no one suspected. They have a very fluid progression and easy to learn, I’m sure you will have some fun even if your not into idle games.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : IDLE RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence, Blood
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: IGG.COM

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.8
  • Installation Size : 706 MB
  • Full Size : 1.1 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store

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