Woodoku Review the best free to play around?

Woodoku Review the best free to play around?

Woodoku Review 2023

Journey mode

What is Woodoku?


Woodoku is a wood block puzzle game published by Tripledot Studios Limited. Famous for been simple, addictive, free to play and a brain teaser. We shall see if all that is true or not in this Woodoku Review.

Woodoku's Tutorial

With a record time of less than 15 sec, Woodoku’s has one of the shortest tutorial in mobile game. I like that they explain the game in a straightforward way like this.

The instructions are easy enough to understand. However I feel that the tutorial should also include restricted action such as undo, rotate a form or change the set of form. 

Tutorial for Woodoku

How is Woodoku's Gameplay Mechanics?

Woodoku takes the Sudoku board meaning a 9×9 grid and instead of number you will have to fill it with wooden blocks. Either you complete a horizontally line or vertically line or completing a block of 3×3, same as in Sudoku.

You have 3 different geometric forms and you need to place them in the 9×9 board with no time limit. Each time you finish placing the 3 forms, you will obtain 3 new random forms again. So either you manage to complete the blocks or free space for the next 3 forms else you lose it’s game over.

What is the trick to winning Woodoku?

A simple trick is to focus on completing a Line instead trying to make the whole board look pretty. Another trick is to use the corner as much as possible. Check in this video how i solved Woodoku daily quest quickly. 

Does Woodoku has any Social Features?

No, Woodoku has no social features such as chat or guilds where you can compare or even challenge other people. It’s a solo game where you break your own Highscore.

Woodoku's Graphics and Art Style

While little or nearly no one really cares about the graphic of such a simple game. Woodoku manage to impress with a clean 2D and 3D art. 

The wooden theme seems to much perfectly with the game’s name. You can easily differentiate the forms and board as they uses a good way to contrast dark brown from a light brown.

2D and 3D graphic of woodoku

Music and Sound effect of Woodoku

Accept it, the game was design to be without music . You can either listen to your favorite music while playing or simply enjoy the silence.

Simple but memorable, I can always tell if someone is playing Woodoku nearby providing the sound is on and that the person is not wearing any headset.

Is Woodoku Free to Play?

Yes, Woodoku is a really free to play game. No cash shop or any type of monetization present in the game which is very rare in mobile games today.

For once there will be no discussion between Free to Play and Pay to win. So enjoy a classic game without any pesky Cash shop.

How is Woodoku's End Game and Future Prospects?

For those who don’t know Woodoku has been here since Mar 25, 2020. During 3 years this game been in the top 100 of mobile games. That’s a big achievement for a small game.

The events “Journey” can motivate passionate player to grab all achievement badge, thus making them stay for a longer period of time.

To be Honest things can get boring quickly. But that’s the limitation of a simple and we should accept it. The game was made to have a little fun and that’s it, so no end game in Woodoku?

Completed level in Woodoku

Section 7: Does Woodoku have ads?

Yes, Woodoku does have ads that will pop up after you win or lose a match. Duration of the ads are between 5 to 15 seconds before can skip it. 

I admit it that ads are annoying specially when you didn’t choose to watch one. Not only it ruins your concentration but also hearing music after long silent game is not pleasant at all.

The best way to deal with those ads is to turn off the Wifi or Data. So goodbye annoying ads but also goodbye important call or mail. So you should consider what’s best for you. Yes Woodoku can be played Offline. 

Section 7: Should you play Woodoku?

Yes, definitely, If you like to do some light brain exercise and looking for a simple game to switch your attention for some minutes or simply a game with no energy system and completely free to play.

Now, are the Woodoku Review in play store and app store Real or Fake? I think they are Real. What do you think about it, how about sharing your point of view and experience below.


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