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bridfe legends logo
Bridge Legends Review:are you the best or the worst builder?
Bridge Legends starts with your the hero who’s in love with the princess, while on the way to his...
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troll master main
Troll Master Review: Can things get more stupid
Troll Master-Draw One Part is a drawing game with some puzzle aspects. Divided into multiple challenge...
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Main picture in Evony Review
Evony Review(The King's Return) why so popular or infamous?
In this Evony review, we will check how good is the mobile version of the game. Without losing a minute...
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Hair Challenge Review: Who created that Monster?
Hair Challenge looks like a fun endless runner game with 3D environment with multiple colors. But the...
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Rescue the lover title
Rescue The Lover Review: Funny and Full of jokes
Rescue The Lover is about a boy and his girl friend walking down the street. The girl is kidnapped by...
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