Block Blast Review 2023

Block Blast Review 2023
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Block Blast Adventure MasterReview 2023

Block Blast's Lobby

What is Block Blast Adventure Master?

Block Blast is a block puzzle game published by Hungry Studio. Simple, fun ,addictive and colorful. Let’s take a look at Block Blast Review for now.


How is Block Blast Adventure Master Gameplay Mechanics?

Block Blast is played on a 8×8 grid where the player will have to fill it with different colored blocks. Choose to fill the rows or columns to clear the board and obtain points.

You have 3 different geometric forms that need to be placed in the 8×8 board with no time limit. Each time you finish placing the 3 forms, 3 new random forms will appear. Once you’re out of free space, it’s game over. 

Any Social Features in Block Blast Adventure Master?

Unfortunately No, the game has zero social features. It’s a solo game.

Graphics and Art Style

A blue background with a darker blue board that’s as simple as you can get. It seems there’s nothing to see beside the 2D colored blocks.

Block Blast's gameplay

During the first playthrough things were really easy. But RNG of forms can mess you up and make you lose instantly.

Music and Sound Effect

Another game that follow the Zen style, meaning no music at all during gameplay. However the voice actors saying “Great” or “Ok” sound nice and encouraging. Overall the game sound effects are good.


Is Block Blast Adventure Master Free?

Yes, the game is completely free and has no microtransactions. No cash shop nor ads remover here. Another game that stop the discussion of free to play or pay to win.

What is the End Game?

Try to finish all the adventure level before the event ends, so that you can win the trophy. Yes, it’s a bit of a letdown but what did you expect from a simple game like Block Blast Adventure Master.

Level complete in Block Blast

Does Block Blast Adventure Master contains Ads?

Let’s address to the elephant in the room, Ads. The game has 2 type of them, the banner at the bottom and the pop up after you win or lose a match.

Both are annoying, the banner can sometimes block your view to see the 3 forms properly and you may make mistake that can cost you a game.

The pop up one is the most undesired ads, you lose time and concentration each time they appear. Best way to deal with them is going offline.

Should you play Block Blast Adventure Master?

Yes, Block Blast Adventure Master got it’s charm for a small block puzzle game. A name a bit long but I’ve seen worst, it’s truly a free to play game. Rating of google play and app store seems true.

The sound effect is still in my head even after playing it sometimes ago. However ads can get pesky and ruin your Zen gaming spree if you don’t go offline.

I wish the game had other modes which I could write on it as this Block Blast Review feels empty. Do you agree with me, let me know in the comments or review section.

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