Arena of Valor Review 2022 is it a good?

Arena of Valor Review 2022 is it a good?

Arena of Valor is a MOBA game on Mobile platform, where you can fight other player in Classic 5v5 match in realtime PVP. The game is a bit less popular that the other mobile game as it focus on the core 5v5 Classic game mode but that doesn’t mean the game has a low player base. Let’s check in depth, what the MOBA game have in it’s guts.


To fight the greatest battle, you need the greatest warrior. But heroes much be forged in ultimate combat, competing for the ultimate price. No story but i’ve seen some short comic of part of the story about some of the heroes in the Athanor.

How is Arena of Valor Game play?

The game immediately jump into the tutorial mode in 1 vs 1 mode. The tutorial will show you the basic control, how to buy item from the shop, auto attacking and using skills. Each time you level up you will obtain 1 ability point that you can spend on a skill. Other than that, you also learn about towers and how attack them safely, learn about the restore skill where you recover some health and mana but will stop if you get attack by an enemy hero.

After destroying the enemy core, you have successfully completed the basic tutorial. Now you will proceed with the next part of the tutorial in a 5 vs 5 match with some AI. You will notice that the map is a bit different from your previous one, you can see more towers and lanes just pop up. Don’t get intimidated by it as the rules stay the same, destroy the enemy core to win. This may take more time depending how well you will be doing.

The match won’t be that hard and should give you a good idea about how to play the game correctly. Like avoid being greedy for kills under an enemy tower or when your outnumbered in a team fight that you better retreat to avoid getting killed, etc. Your next match will let you choose your hero in the hero selection. Here you will be able to select your hero, skin and Enchantment, Arcana, Talent and equipment builds. The tutorial will make you repeat match after match until you complete the career path where you will obtain new heroes and skins for free.


As usual here’s a list of things that you will see in your lobby that i won’t go in much detail as they are straightforward and self explanatory.

  • Shop – Where you can buy hero, skins, currency and draw in the gacha
  • Backpack – Your inventory where all your item and consumable are stored
  • Hero – List of all heroes and the Athanor
  • Armory – Where you set up your item build and Enchantment, Arcana and Talent
  • Career – A path where you will obtain multiple reward including heroes and skins
  • Modes – Select different game or map here
  • 5v5 – Classic 5v5 PVP match
  • Ranked Match – Ranked version of Classic 5v5 PVP match
  • Events – All the ongoing reward including daily login
  • Battle Rewards – Your daily quest rewards
  • Codex – Battle Pass

What Graphic does Arena of Valor use?

Arena of Valor is in 3D completely, from characters to the game itself. You can switch between illustration and 3D when choosing your character. You can also adjust the graphic settings to adapt to your phone capacity and still enjoy the game on low graphic. Beside that you have multiple skins with special animations and special anime characters like Kirito, Asuna and some Demon Slayer characters.

How is the Controls of Arena of Valor?

Controls are rather intuitive, movement pad is on the left and skill button are on the right. You further adjust the control setting for selecting targets, auto attacking or manual aiming of skills. Your setting will depend on which hero you will be playing and also your style of playing. For example using Diao Chan skill require good aiming to make an effective use of Aoe Freeze where as in auto you would probably hit only 1 target.

Sound & Music

In terms of music, Arena of Valor have different decent background music for different phase and screen in the game. The sound effects are good, skins does have special voice lines and sound effects when using a skill or getting a kill or assist. Multiple announcer and Voice line are available for message that you can use while playing a match.

What is the Game Length of Arena of Valor?

Daily quests are optional but is important if want to obtain currency quickly. A match last between 10 to 20 min depending on your team and opponent team. The game is design to make either player end the game or the minions will do the job while you are dead. If take in consideration that a match making takes around 1 min and selecting your hero takes 30 seconds. Then the loading screen takes another minute, we can say your average time per match is around 12 min.

Is Arena of Valor Free to play?

Arena of Valor is F2P, you will have full access of the game’s contents without spending any money. The game gives you free heroes, free skins and free Tier 2 Arcana to help you enjoy the game. All you have to do is play the game as F2P and slowly build enough currency to buy new heroes and upgrade your Arcana to Tier 3. Remember that currency earning is cap to a weekly limit, so no use playing day and night to try obtaining as much currency as possible.

Is Arena of Valor Pay to win?

I would not call it P2W, Arena of Valor is more pay to progress faster and earn better rewards. The game is not P2W at all, F2P will eventually catch up in terms of Arcana upgrade later on. So the only benefit of Cash player is purely cosmetics, that is skins, emotes and sound effects. Obtaining more currency and cosmetics does not make this game P2W at all even that the game does have battle pass and lucky wheels.


No ads.


Nothing new or special in the classic cash shop of mobile games. Multiple packages with different price including currency, heroes, upgrade currency, battle pass and skins. Price vary between $0.99 to $99. Note that the game have multiple currency and does have a gacha system (lucky draw) where rewards are random, so be careful from those chance base cash items.

Life span

I think Arena of Valor is a solid game with a large variety of heroes to play. Good graphic, good music, good heroes roaster, skins, low queue time, quick match and good control. Although the game is not as good as League of Legends or Mobile Legends in terms of events and cosmetics. The game has enough player base around the world to make it an alternate option for a MOBA game. The game will be here for a very long time as MOBA tend to keep it’s player base for a long time.


Develop quick thinking and strategies to fight or help. Collecting information and learning the abilities of each champion makes you better and better after every match. Learn to win and lose in a positive manner, respect your opponent and your teammate and try not to be toxic. Have fun as every single match will be different.







  • Free Hero rotation
  • Discount on heroes in the shop
  • Increase the cap of weekly currency
  • Better reward for events
  • Playing support role is not rewarding in terms of trophy at the end of a match


Weekly updates with bug fixes and some events where you get some trial heroes. New skin and new heroes are added almost every month. Apparently some new game mode will be available soon so keep an eye for this update.

Should you play Arena of Valor?

It’s a big Yes, the game is much easier than League of legends Wild Rift or Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Arena of Valor is very beginner friendly at least at the start. But does gradually gets harder as you climb the rank as in all MOBA games. The limited amount of currency which is time gated unless your going to pay, makes you focus only 1 class and 1 hero at the start. As you upgrade your Arcana and get enough currency to switch to a new hero. You will have already mastered your starting character to play it effectively and not be called a noob.

I think it’s a very good system to make the player learn the game. Upgrading the Arcana is a bit too slow if your aiming to climb and compete in the ranks. You barely have the time to type to chat during a match which is very good thing. Of course you will meet noobs, trolls and pros in your matches, don’t expect to win every single match as random thing may happened during a match. Match making can something mess you up, your opponent may have a counter team for your hero, this is where you try to use some of your brain cell to win.

Overall, i had a blast match after match, winning or losing didn’t really matter so much. So if your looking for a good MOBA beside those big name and want something different where you can play anime charcters like Kirito, Asuna from Sword Art Online or DC heroes like Batman and Superman. Well this game is for you. Only thing i didn’t like, was there’s no promotion on heroes for F2P beside that the game is good. Thank you for reading till the end, i will see you next time.


General Information

Overall Rating : Positive
Type : MOBA
Category : Free to Play
Contains Ads : No
Micro Transaction : Yes
Country : Global 
Content Rating : Teen, Violence, Blood
Mode : MultiPlayer
Published by: Level Infinite

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.3
  • Installation Size : 190 MB
  • Full Size : 4.49 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 4.1 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store

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