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Fishdom Review 2023: Is it good?

Fishdom Review 2023: Is it good?

REVIEW Fishdom Review 2023 First Released Mars 02, 2016 Android, IOS Data Data Overall Rating : Negative Type : Puzzle, Match 3 Category : Free to Play Contains Ads : No Micro Transaction : Yes Country : Global Content Rating : Everyone Mode : Single Player Published by: Playrix Installation Size : 124 MB Full Size : 521 MB Platform : 4.4 and 

Arena of Valor Review 2022 is it a good?

Arena of Valor Review 2022 is it a good?

Arena of Valor is a MOBA game on Mobile platform, where you can fight other player in Classic 5v5 match in realtime PVP. The game is a bit less popular that the other mobile game as it focus on the core 5v5 Classic game mode 

Grimlight Review 2022: a waste of good potential?

Grimlight Review 2022: a waste of good potential?

Grimlight is an RPG on mobile platform that have characters inspired from fairy tales, with the help of the Dreamstone, summon them to fight the Dreamless and the corrupt memories. The game had a bad launch and was rated poorly for some reason that we will cover in this review. Grab your seat and read about a game who had good potential of being a top game but wasted it’s chance.

What is the Story of Grimlight?

The world of Phantasia is filled with mystery and wonder but has been eroded away by the Dreamless, shadowy entities that seek to corrupt all living things and consume the world into the endless void. Even the Dominion lords who once defended the realms were corrupted and soon lost their reason and sanity. They are now mere shells of their former selves engulfed in madness and destruction. Only you, the Dreamer, can banish the darkness by calling upon heroes of legend through fragments of their past memories to save the world from endless ruin…

How is the Game play of Grimlight?

After a simple tutorial which will explain you the basic of fighting monsters. You will immediately jump into the story, the game transition between narration and combat stages. The combat consist of placing your heroes on a grid which has 12 space. You will also notice that you have limited amount of memory. Memory is the limit of how many unit you can place on the grid. Units will have different cost depending on there rarity.

Once you finish placing your units. You can start the wave, your units will move and attack the enemy depending on their class. Once you’ve finish all the enemy in wave 1, you will be given more memory so that you can place another unit or replace your current team with another. Note that your squad can only have 10 heroes at a time, so to be careful and balance your team with a mix of every class.

The process will be repeated again until you’ve cleared all the waves. In Story mode, once you cleared the main boss on the map, you will unlock the challenge mode. Those challenge are similar to the normal mode but have harder condition. For example, you lost 1% of your HP every seconds or the enemy have a shield, etc. You will need to clear a stage on normal first to be able to do the challenge mode.


In this game heroes are the units that you summon with memories, those heroes have different stars and classes that differentiate them from each other. They also have an element which represent their strength and weakness. All units can equip gear and can awaken to level 70 if you have copies of that unit. Meaning all units are important in this game, the way of game play will largely depend on your play style and the heroes that you manage to obtain in your summon.

Here’s are the 6 classes currently available:

  • Guardian – Front line Tank
  • Mage – Aoe magic caster
  • Sage – Healer
  • Assassin – Flank and focus attacking the back line
  • Warrior – Bruiser, Off tank, Dps
  • Ranger – Range single target Dps

As mentioned above they will also have different element. So you will have the 5 elements, Light and Dark oppose each other. The other 3 elements are Fire, Water and Nature. Where Fire counter Nature, Nature counter Water and Water counter Fire.


Equipment is also important as they have stats that will help your hero perform better in combat. You only have 4 part of gear in Grimlight, the weapon, armor and 2 slot for accessories. They also come in different rarity from uncommon grey to golden legendary gear. The rarity are as follows, uncommon, rare, unique and legendary. Weird that they did not add a common gear which is normally the green one.

Gear can be upgraded in 2 different ways. First is level up which consist of feeding the gear with other gear to level up the gear to a higher level. Second is the refine, where you will need an exact copy of that gear to make the gear+1. You can refine a gear up to 5 times and you can limit break your gear to reach the next 10 level. Note that gear will have different set that give a specific bonus when you use them.

Decide what gear that you will need depending on what type of unit your going to use. For example don’t put stats like critical chance on your tank, instead try to put def% or Hp% as stats. Don’t forget to read what stats the units will be using before upgrading any gear. Resources are limited so don’t upgrade and maxed a rare gear, focus on unique and legendary if possible. As you will be using them during the whole game.

Other mode

As usual, here’s a brief description of thing that you will see in the game, that are important.

  • Story – Main campaign of Grimlight
  • Dungeons – Resource, equipment and Event Dungeons
  • Summons – Gacha where you obtain new units and equipment
  • Arena – PVP mode
  • Shop – Cash Shop
  • Adventurer’s Guild – A fail sim mode
  • Collection – All your heroes are listed here
  • Squad – Form a group of 10 hero before combat
  • Inventory – Every single item that you possess
  • Battle Pass – Self explanatory

How are the Graphic of Grimlight?

The game is entirely in 2D graphic, character are animated and background are static. The illustration of characters are very well drawn and it is one of the reason many people was attracted to this game. Each character looks cool and are unique to represent their fairy tale original in the classic story. The trailer was also breathtaking and this is why the game was having some hype. But sadly, it was another game that miniature everything during combat to a chibi version of the characters.

Yes, they do look cute but why change the art style to this? The adventurer’s guild also have the character in chibi version, they mindlessly walk in the room and can’t interact with any object. I didn’t find any purpose of putting character in the room as they don’t have an affection system. Anyway, in combat skill animation is meh! They don’t look great, so don’t expect anything spectacular as in other games.


The control are rather simple, you select a unit and place them on the 12 grid before combat. When combat start you will only need to tap the skill of the heroes when it’s ready and that’s about it. Repeat the same thing to complete the other waves. You can replace a unit during between the waves or change it’s position providing you have enough memory to use that unit. You heroes will automatically attack the enemies depending on their respective roles.

Sound & Music

It’s a nice instrumental music that you will hear for each section of the game. Each character does have multiple voice acting line and they do have a specific line when using their skills. They also have part of each chapter narrated in voice acting. However all the line are in Korean language and cannot be changed, so you will have to rely on the translation to understand unless you can understand Korean.

What is the Game Length of Grimlight?

Dailies takes only 5 min to complete and your out of the game. Seriously? Yes, as most of the time after completing the daily you will run out of stamina. How about the story? Well at the start of the game you will given a large amount of free stamina and will also level up your account quickly which will give you a free stamina refill. As combat only last 1 or 2 min, most of the time you will be reading the story between each stage. Of course you can skip and comeback later to read it. The game is rather short, you can complete it within 1 week or less if you have the stamina to grind the dungeons for resources.

Is Grimlight Free to play?

Although a good amount of freebies will be given to you early game, you will earn less and less in-game currency once you finish to clear the story. So you won’t be able to summon new units or get dupes easily later on. Stamina will be a real issue once you reach around Chapter 4 where you will need to start grinding resources to upgrade your units and equipment. Your account progression will slow down considerably.

Is Grimlight Pay to win?

Yes, Grimlight is P2W. The games encourage you to spend as it starve you with resources and stamina. There are limit way to obtain in-game currency which you need to summon. Summoning is a must as you will need copy of a unit to awaken the unit. Cash player will be able to buy skins, battle pass and many advantageous package compare to a F2P. Which means a much smoother account progression.


No ads.


The cash shop is the same as a typical mobile game. Monthly subscription, Battle Pass, in-game currency packages, daily, weekly, monthly packages and skins tickets. The price will vary between $0.99 to $99.99, although some packages price are a bit weird like the monthly card cost around $3.77. As usual be careful when spending as some packages are not worth.

What is the Life span of Grimlight?

At the current state of Grimlight, i don’t have a positive view of game making it through this year. They had a terrible launched which made many potential player leave the game without even trying. Having a too simple game play made even more player lose interest quickly and the stamina issue that you face later make the game even worst. Either the company decide to add more content or fix the stamina issue. Else this game will die.


Reading text conversation may help your English a bit. The strategy part of the game may help some beginners to understand different role and position of a unit.


Official link




  • Stop the use of stamina for dungeons
  • Lower the cost of stamina for stages
  • Add other way to obtain in-game currency
  • Better way to obtain equipment
  • Let you reset a character to obtain resources
  • Revamp the daily reward
  • Lower the cost of summoning
  • Let you move a unit position during combat
  • Add more content in Adventurer’s guild
  • Let your heroes interact with objects in Adventurer’s guild
  • Lower the cost in the shop
  • Add more achievement to unlock story and obtain more resources
  • Put events on weekend that lower stamina cost for dungeons


So far I’ve seen they have been adding at least 2 heroes in 1 month and rotate banners every 2 week for summons.

Should you play Grimlight?

I honestly think it’s a No. Grimlight is a real disappointment for an RPG in 2022. The game is not fun as you will have most the time be waiting for stamina to refill to progress or grind resources to upgrade your characters. I felt like playing an idle game, maybe they would have better chance as an idle game as the game play was way too simple for an RPG. Progression is really slow and you get more and more frustrated as the power of the enemy spike around Chapter 4.

Only way to overcome this difficulty is to farm resources and upgrade your units and equipment but guess what!? You will run out of gold or experience crystal or hammer to make the upgrades. Too bad you can only do 6 runs of one of those dungeon per day as your stamina is so limited. Another annoying issue is that you can’t reset a character, once you invested in a unit your resources are gone forever. Oh No! Chapter 5 have the enemy now is the opposite element.

Which means you will have a really hard time in this chapter unless you can train some units that are strong against that element. Good luck farming resources to level up that unit to the same level as your current team. As you can see, i had a real bad experience with this game but this may be different for you. I think this game is for someone looking for a simple RPG game where you play only around 5 min per day. Thank you for reading till the end, i will see you in the next review.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Mixed
  • Type : RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global
  • Content Rating : Everyone
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: EIGHT STUDIO

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 3.7
  • Installation Size : 77 MB
  • Full Size : 1.16 GB
  • Platform :5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Artery Gear Fusion Review 2022: Is it the best RPG?

Artery Gear Fusion Review 2022: Is it the best RPG?

Artery Gear Fusion is a turn based RPG on a mix of anime theme and kantai(mecha and girls together). Form a team of 4 units to battle against the enemy known as the puppets. The game is said to be as good as Epic Seven, 

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Review: The Best Mobile MOBA?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Review: The Best Mobile MOBA?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a MOBA on mobile platform where you choose a hero to fight in real time against other players. Try to win by all kind of methods with or without the help of your team. For years this game has been 

Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era is an idle game which features beautiful goddess fighting at your side to fight other goddess. While it doesn’t make too much sense, i doubt you downloaded the game to understand any part of it. Your clearly here for some obvious reasons!! Who would blame you!!! To find out more on these very lightly clothes goddess, let’s start the review.

What is the Story of Goddess Era?

Continent Valar, where people live and work in peace and happiness. However, the appearance of Original Crystal made all the powers move. The former vow of peace was broken, the continent was plunged into war, and even the gods joined it.

In this chaotic world, who will rise and who will fall? Our selected warrior, it’s your time to write the story!

How is Goddess Era Game play?

You will jump immediately into the tutorial which will assist you in learning how to fight and discover the mechanics of the game. Although, everything is quite straight forward, the game is the standard formula of nearly all idle RPG. You will need a team of 5 goddess to fight another team of goddess and win within a number of turns. Of course, you will be able to summon, level up, upgrade and much more. We will go in more details below.


At the start of the tutorial, you will learn about summoning a goddess. This is the most important part of the game! As your progression will largely depend on it unless you decide to spend money in the game. You can summon either with tickets or gems or friendship points, both can be obtain as in game rewards. However the Light and Dark tickets are only for cash player. Four banner is available :

  • Premium Summon – Randomly summon goddess between 3 to 5 stars
  • Basic Summon – Randomly summon goddess between 1 to 5 stars
  • Friendship Summon – Randomly summon goddess between 2 to 5 stars
  • Light/Dark Summon – Get 5 stars Goddess for each 10 summon

Keep in mind that you don’t have a pity or guaranteed a 5 star goddess in any of the F2P summon. Unless it’s for timed summon event where you may obtain the goddess that you needed but the summons are quite expensive.


Once your done summoning, you will have some goddess in your roaster. Select the one you find suitable to make a good team synergy. A good synergy for example can be a team who has a least a Defender, Fighter, Mage and Support. The 5th is place can be anything depending on your formation and team synergy. As all idle RPG, goddess does have elements namely Heroic, Demigod, Nature, Light and Dark.

Keep in mind those elements when fighting against team with elemental weaknesses. Goddess start at 3 star to 5 star, 3 star and 4 star are fodder for upgrade and below 3 stars are monsters that are completely useless beside getting some gems and experience if you sacrifice them. All the 5 star Goddess are not equal as in other games. They have different ranking of S namely S-, S and S+. S+ being the best unit in the game and harder to obtain. S- being the most common and easier to obtain.

You can equip your goddess with 4 piece of gear. Those gear can be upgraded to the next grade by getting a number of copy of them. Luckily all the goddess uses the same equipment, so no need to have a headache keeping Tank gear or DPS gear. Equipment can be removed without any cost, so feel free to switch equipment from a tank to a DPS if needed.


Next important thing is leveling and upgrading your goddess. You can level up your goddess with experience and gold. After a certain level cap you will need to use Tier up crystal to limit break to the next max level. Once you reached the max level for the current star, it’s time to upgrade your goddess to 6 star and further if you can. But you will need 5 star goddess as fodder and you will need a lot of them.

Even that you can upgrade your 4 star goddess to 5 star goddess to use as fodder. You will find yourself always lacking of fodders later on. Meaning that you should really focus on 1 hero per element to be efficient. Avoid using S- goddess unless, it’s your support unit. The advice is mostly for F2P and light spenders, you have been warned.

Seal and amulets slots will be open when you increase the stars of your goddess. They can also be upgraded to next tier providing that you have the necessary amount of copy. Last thing is you can rebirth you goddess for free up to 3 times a day. But it only reset the level of your goddess, it will not return any fodder used to star that goddess. So be very careful when upgrading your goddesses.


This is inventory where currency, shards, tickets, beasts and jewelry will be. Beside the sell, equip and use item, the bag doesn’t have anything in particular. Only thing to keep an eye is the goddess shards, so that you can summon after reaching the amount of stacks. Very helpful when you need dupe or fodder to star a Goddess.


Those guys are your ultimate skill, pick between 5 dragons depending on which passive your looking. The dragon will deal a certain amount of damage to some enemies when the energy bar is full. You can upgrade your dragon level, refine and skill with specific currency. This may take some time but your dragon can save you from a defeat by killing the annoying support healer for example.


You can progress through the campaign here, battling stage to stage until you need a higher level account to continue further. The bounty is where you send your troops on expedition. Bounty does cost a certain currency that you will obtain while doing the campaign. Let’s not forget the beginners missions where you will obtain all kind of goodies to help you progress further into the game as long as you complete the tasks.

Auto fight is sadly locked behind VIP, so you will need to manually start the fight by yourself. The Raid will help you obtain experience and other goodies for a certain amount of hours. You can raid multiple time per day but it will cost you gems. It is the most effective way to progress faster in the game as the campaign is very easy. Gold rain is the same as raid but only gives you gold, why not put it together with raid??


All of the other game modes beside the campaign is here. I’ll just make a list to describe briefly all of them is possible:

  • Arena – Solo PVP mode.
  • Guild – Donate, fight boss, fight against other guilds and increase your goddess class stats.
  • Dragons Back – Climb the challenge tower to obtain better rewards and experience
  • Airship – Your resources grind dungeons, another simpler labyrinth mode and PVP mode to obtain titles.
  • Wonderland – A labyrinth type of game with multiple mini games where you answer questions, fight goddess, etc.
  • Cross Arena – Multiple inter server PVP battle for both solo and team.
  • Portal – Link up servers each week for PVP battle
  • Paradise – Currently not available.


The home is the place where you will see all those shenanigans from timed offer to your mail, etc. I won’t go in much details into those things because most of them are mostly related to cash shop or notifications which doesn’t affect the game directly. You can switch background or goddess in your home.

Dreamland is suppose to be a little lobby where you can craft your equipment in the Smithy. Star up or sacrifice your goddess in the Palace, note that you can also rollback to 5 star later on by using another currency. Finally you have the Yggdrasil, the place where you can put a goddess to obtain level automatically up to your lower goddess level in your team.

Shop is the place where you can spend all those different type of currency. All token farmed from Arena, raids, guild, gems and the list is indeed very long. Going for each tab will need an entire article itself. The gems tab has many items locked behind that damn VIP. Note it’s a sure way to obtain a Light and Dark unit for F2P providing your playing everyday.

Altar is your faction summon, your guaranteed to obtain at least a 4 star goddess and some different currency. You can try your luck re-rolling a goddess of a faction expect light and dark. This may be useful to turn 4 star goddess which you upgrade to 5 star into an actual 5 star goddess which you may need to star later on. You can summon a selected faction when you accumulate enough currency but it’s another feature locked behind VIP.

Fancy shop is your general shop where you can buy equipment, fragments and many other useful items with only gems and gold. You can refresh up to 5 times for free, the free refresh take around 2 hour. You should only buy items that you need and that are on discount, because things can really get expensive. It’s also the easy way to obtain cheaper premium summon ticket if you need to summon.


This is the strongest point of the game, a high detail 2D animated artwork. They art is nearly similar to League of Angels and Destiny Child, meaning they are very bouncy around the chest and the bottom. Those sexy skimpy goddess are the reason many of us would start playing this idle game unless you have other reason, like having to make a review on it. All the goddess looks very different from each other and are very well drawn.

Raising goddess stars don’t add any special animation or aura or even change their appearance. Combat is not that terrible, they added some effect to the attacks and skills. The results looks, let’s say okay. At least it’s not another of those chibi fighting animation where you don’t understand a thing and can’t differentiate who is who? As for background, it’s the basic static one. Looks good enough for an idle game.

Note that Goddess Era don’t have any clothing damage and don’t have any bond system that may show you even more skin. I think, the it’s already has enough of fan service, you can see nearly all the list of cliche from panty shot to extra cleavage. So if you want more, pray that Nutaku makes an adult version that can satisfy your fantasy.


Doesn’t really apply to this game as everything is mainly on auto. You will only manage your team position and have to level them up manually.

Sound & Music

The game has only 3 track which auto repeats infinitely, the music itself is not bad but there’s a limit how lazy you can get. The sound effect for 3 star is dangerous, they sound like hentai girls getting touched. Turn off the sound when you summoning as this will save you lots of trouble. As for the voice acting each 5 star has only 1 line. I think Goddess Era was out of budget after animating in such details those goddess.

What is the Game Length of Goddess Era?

As an idle game, the daily task takes around 5 to 10 min to complete. Then you can just come online to collect idle time or refresh the shop or collect the gold rain. But the weekly quest is a bit more annoying to complete. You need to at least participate in a PVP mode which starts only in weekend, some event like betting happens only for 1 hour. I miss 3 weekly rewards because i miss the time the event on weekends.

The game has one of the best quality of life, multiple combat at the same time. This is huge for an idle game, as you can do multiple fight in different mode at the same time and complete your daily in a flash. Some combat can even be skipped later on when your account is high enough. The campaign is locked behind your account level, so i have personally no idea of the extend of the story, sorry about that.

Is Goddess Era Free to play?

Sadly this game is not too F2P. Even they do offer you ways to build a team to a reasonable level, the game requires dupes and fodder at some points. You will starve yourself as F2P and will have to wait quite a long time to be able to upgrade your goddess. I would stay away from this game as only the top of the server can have access to certain ladders and rewards. Unless you want to try your luck against some whales.

Is Goddess Era Pay to win?

Yes, it is a P2W game. Endgame contents relies on having higher level Goddess to compete in PVP and to climb ladders. The VIP is only available by spending money and some quality of life is locked behind it. The light and Dark Banner is for spenders only and those units are the best units in the game. The number of Battle Pass will make your account raise Goddess to max stars easily and offer so much benefits.


No Ads but you will get some annoying offer which keep popping in your face each time you get a 5 star goddess.


It’s one of the most standard cash in mobile games. You can buy almost everything in the game from gems, gold, goddess, materials, VIP, battle pass, skins and special summons in form of packages. Although the starting price are very low, things may ramp up quickly when shopping. I would strongly advice to be careful when spending as buying from multiple tabs can be confusing. Also those packages of low cost stacks up quickly and may costs you a lot.

What is the Life span of Goddess Era?

The game is doing well as it’s opening more and more server nearly every week. But how about the old servers, they are nearly dead servers which have around 100 player still playing. Goddess Era made a common mistake like many other games, opening too much new server. It’s true that player can re roll easily but what will happen to a server if everyone is just jumping ship? In the end, they will get an infinite loop of fix player just re-rolling in new server instead of new player joining.

That is bad news for a Goddess Era, the game has barely anything to keep people playing. Not enough skins, no bond system and no incentive to stay in a server. At this rate, things can easily go south and the game may die when the hype goes down. Again this is a supposition, things could bright and this game may become even better and still be here for years. I would stay clear about spending until the game is out completely.


The only benefits beside micromanaging your team of beauties and interact with other people in the world chat. The obvious white elephant in the room is you are here to wash your eyes with those beauties and don’t tell me your not because your obviously lying. Parents keep those kind of game away from your children, it’s literally poison to their mind.


Main Website




  • Add a way for F2P to obtain to VIP points
  • Fodder Dungeon is missing
  • Remove Light/Dark banner restriction for PVP
  • Add a pity system to x10 premium summon
  • Change the betting system for better accessibility. For example betting during the day of the week and match plays out on weekend
  • The old servers are dying because many players are moving to new servers, consider adding stuff that make player stay on the server
  • Add some control when a goddess can use it’s skill, this will make the game less auto
  • The other Dragons needs more appealing buff as everyone just using black dragon


Game is still in early access, so many new features are being added and they are fixing bugs. Also notice they do update the art of some goddess.

Should you play Goddess Era?

Yes, you should try it. I have underestimate this game, thinking it’s just another lewd game with cheap 2D graphic with only bouncy stuffs and no game play elements. But i was wrong, Goddess Era is a solid idle game, you will be surprise the amount of time you will spend in the game. The theme is of course not for kids as it barely cross the line between a Sexy game and a Nutaku game where they go all out but it’s in the middle of it, i think you get the idea.

One downside of the game is the accessibility for F2P, as VIP is needed to get some quality of life and to create a Guild. The game also relies too much on luck, your progression depends too much on it. Other than that the game is very neat, simple and addictive, you unlock more and more stuff as your account levels up. As for F2P, you can easily change server if you got bad pulls and start over. You don’t lose much in terms of progression. Just be careful of those different type of currency special the cash one.

Thank you for reading the whole article, see you in the next article.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : Idle RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global
  • Content Rating : Moderate Violence
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Happyfun Limited

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: Early Access
  • Installation Size : 605 MB
  • Full Size : 1.66 GB
  • Platform :5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest Review: Is it good?

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest Review: Is it good?

Dark Nemesis Review of a game which is instance base MMORPG in a Dark Fantasy world. Where you will fight your way through horde of monster and equip yourself with the best gears and pets. The game trailer look very promising so let’s take a 

Angel Legion Review 2024?

Angel Legion Review 2024?

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Mobile Legends Adventure Review: Is it good?

Mobile Legends Adventure Review: Is it good?

Mobile Legends Adventure in an idle RPG based on the famous MOBA game “Mobile Legends Bang Bang“. You collection a variety of heroes and goes on an adventure. The game is still popular, so i wanted to do review on it. Let’s find out more about this game.

What is the Story of Mobile Legends Adventure?

Nice Anime intro

After a nice intro in Anime, the game starts talking about Akashic answer which is a bit confusing, anyway you end up waking up to see a Layla in your face. It’s the first time i have some trouble understanding the story of a game. What i understand is things went wrong and end up destroying the world, luckily all is not over as Lunox manage to send you back to the past to avoid this tragedy.

How is the Game play of Mobile Legends Adventure?

As you listen to the dialogue of Layla, you will start a lengthy tutorial where you will learn about combat, positioning, upgrade heroes, equip heroes and summoning. The game is rather simple, form a team of 5 heroes and fight against another team or boss. As all idle game power level will determine whether you win or lose the battle. So you job is to maintain your power level high enough to tackle stages and manage your team to victory.

Power level can be increase in various way such as

  • Leveling a Heroincluding limit break
  • Equip the Hero with gearsets or better rarity
  • Fusing the Hero more star means better stats


Heroes come in 3 rarity namely Rare(useless hero), SR(Elite Hero) and, SSR(Epic Hero). However when it comes to fusion things are a bit more complicated. Mobile Legends Adventure uses a star system where you fuse hero of the same star to obtain a higher star hero. Here’s a good example:

  • 3 star + 3 star = 4 star
  • 4 star + 4 star = 5 star
  • 5 star + 5 star = 1 red star
  • 1 red star + 1 red star = 2 red star

Fusion works with any rarity of hero, 3 to 6 star can be fuse together as long as they belong to the same faction. To get to 7 star aka 1 red star, you will need a copy of that hero, then the rest work as the normal fusion as long as you are using the same faction. You can fuse up to 9 star for now.

Note that this game has the option to auto level your heroes as long as you have 5 heroes leveled up. A building name Holy Shrine will let you save load of resources and let you level up heroes that you want to use later on. Keep in mind that it will always take the lowest level hero and transfer it to the other non main heroes.

If i didn’t mention gear, it’s because they barely give you power early on. Much later in the game when you start unlocking faction sets and epic quality gear, then you can start focus on them. Use your fodder gear below epic rank to level up your gear.

Game modes

Beside the campaign where you battle stage to stage to clear the world map, you can try other modes although combat maybe the same but the rule will be different. Here’s a list of other game modes:

  • Labyrinth A little puzzle mode where you will have to clear a board from enemies to move to the next floor. you will have to flip a square in order to discover enemy, bonus, merchant and summon help. Last floor will have a boss waiting for you which you can clear easily if you accumulated enough bonuses from slaying the monster on a floor.
  • Tower of BabelChallenge each floor to move to the next one. Note that the power of monster increase on each floor but reward does get better and better as you climb up.
  • Tavern – Send your heroes to expedition quests. Note that hero you send is still available to play the other game modes. You have solo bounty and team bounty where you will need a friend hero to complete it. It takes around 1 to 4 hr depending the rarity of the bounty.
  • Akashic Ruins Another little classic rpg game where you move your hero to collect buff or fight enemies to obtain keys to open lock doors. Collect and beat everything on the little map to obtain monolith.
  • Arena your PVP mode where you fight other player to climb rank to obtain daily rewards according to your rank and league.
  • Realm of LegendsAnother little rpg mode but more accentuate towards solving a puzzle in correct order. Same rule as Akashic Ruins, collect and beat everything.
  • Trek of MiracleExplore the little map with aboard your ship, you will be rewarded with 3 chest if you complete the fight with the requirements. Try to complete the map with maximum rewards in hand.
  • Guild BossFight the guild boss daily on a limited time and try to do as much damage as you can.
  • Event BossFight the event boss for a currency that you can exchange for good prices.


Mobile Legends Adventure use different 2D graphic. The miniature version of the heroes are used during combat and the beautiful animated illustration of the heroes in the info section. The illustration are really good and detailed compare to the mini version. Now why did they choose 2 different style of graphic, i don’t know!! The game would have been super nice if they kept the character to normal size with the graphic of the illustrations.

Same goes for the skills, they do a zoom in and out of the mini character doing it’s ultimate. The result is a boring and outdated animation which you will turn off and easily forget. However some skin do have a Flashy skill animation but unfortunately those skins are locked behind a pay wall. Some fan service from those 2D animation like bouncing chest of female heroes which i think become a requirement for every game now.

The background is a standard static 2D with a very small light or fire animation for all the screen except the campaign where you can see your heroes fighting. Next thing worth mentioning are the skins, they look really good, they are well illustrated and animated. They respected the design from the original game of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and skin look even better as they are animated here.


As expected Mobile Legends Adventure is like all idle games, control doesn’t really apply to them. As most of the time you will only tap a button or switch position of your heroes. The Auto mode will do all the fighting for including casting hero skills, so it’s not applicable here.

Sound & Music

Another game with the same music repeating itself every 10 seconds. This will get boring quickly, which you will turn off the music and put some music of your choice instead. Part of the story has voice actor which make the story interesting. Reading dialogue only make you just want to skip the story which is sad as the story is not that bad. Of course all your heroes has a voice actor line when doing their ultimate(which becoming annoying to hear for some hero).

What is the Game Length of Mobile Legends Adventure?

Once you reach level 80+, the game pace slows down and you will have to rely on your daily quests to get additional rewards. Daily quests takes around 10 min, the labyrinth takes a bit more time to complete as more grid and level are added. Remember that your maximum afk reward cannot exceed 12 hours, so be sure to connect at least 2 times per day to collect them. As a F2P, your progress will depend on it.

Is Mobile Legends Adventure Free to play?

The game is F2P and does offer a good amount of gems to do multiple pull. However the VIP is locked behind pay wall is not F2P at all. Even that they give you some free VIP points in achievements after you clear a chapter. Sadly it’s a 1 time reward, you will be stuck on a certain VIP level unless you decide to buy some points. It’s possible to play as F2P but your progression will be very slow. It may take you a full year to get your team to a decent amount of stars.

Is Mobile Legends Adventure Pay to win?

Yes, it’s a P2W game. The VIP points, battle pass, SSR fragments, gems and skins are only for spenders. The game can boost your hero to a good amount of star if your going to spend. Of course, things will slow down much later in the game as expected for an idle game. Spending some money will definitely make you more powerful than any F2P but be careful with the summons as the rate are not that good.


They give you the option to watch up to 4 ads to obtain gems daily.

Micro transaction

The cash shop will have different packages, monthly pass, starlight pass(season pass) and of course it’s VIP pass. The shop is the standard cash shop in all other game with price varying between $1 to $100. Be careful when spending on summoning tickets as RNG can mess you up badly, remember that your not guaranteed any SSR and may end up wasting your money. The best value for money is the Diamond Fund and the Starlight pass.

What is the Life span of Mobile Legends Adventure?

Idle game tends to have a good life span as they have an infinite loop of gameplay that repeat again and again. In other word, you will never reach the end stage as developer will release other stages by the time you will reach it. While this is good news for Mobile Legends Adventure, i fear that people may get bored of the game and move for a newer idle game.

Most of the player are fans of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and will support the game but on the other hand, someone who is new to Mobile Legends will have no attachment to the game specially if they had bad RNG and is progressing very slowly. In the end i think Mobile Legends Adventure will be with us as long as long as Mobile Legends Bang Bang will stay popular and exist.


A little management of heroes is always a good way to improve your management skills. As the game has faction system, this will let you use different strategy to defeat them. Just be careful when your spending a gacha game, look for package that will benefit your progression and is worth your money.








  • Make skill animation look better
  • VIP points accessible for F2P
  • Guaranty an SSR unit in a 10 pull for summoning
  • Better Summoning Rate
  • Balance heroes with aoe skills
  • Change the limit of afk rewards to 24hr
  • Better afk reward as progression is slow
  • More F2P events
  • Skins available for F2P
  • Better background music
  • Remove the content lock behind progression level specially for skin
  • Add a sort for heroes
  • Lower the cost of summoning for events
  • More ways to obtain gems later on


They do update the game every 2 weeks with new events, skins and balance over some heroes. They are also adding new heroes and are upgrading some SR heroes to SSR.

Should you play Mobile Legends Adventure?

Yes, don’t mistake Mobile Legends Adventure for another standard idle game as it is not the case. Although it is the case early on in the game but things will make this game more interesting later on. As you unlock more content and game modes, you will see a very good idle game. I don’t like the contents locked behind progression as this may make a new player miss the good part of the game. Some player will leave after the 7 days as they will see nothing new or interesting going on.

As an idle game, Mobile Legends Adventure is a game of patience after all. Yes it’s P2W will boost you forward compare to F2P but you will eventually slow down in progression. I would say it’s not the best or the worst idle game on the mobile world, remember again it’s an idle game so your progression won’t be as fast as an RPG. You won’t be able to finish the game no matter how much you spend, chill, relax and enjoy the game.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : IDLE RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : Yes
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence, Blood
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Moonton

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.5
  • Installation Size : 148 MB
  • Full Size : 3.28 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 4.3 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
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