I download them mainly from Official Sites like





I tend to avoid other website to download games as they can be risky sources. Risky sources may include illegal mods with exploit such as cheats, godmode, infinite gems, etc. All those mode will get your account banned 100% of the time once they catch you.

No, I don’t trust ratings as they can be bias in many ways. Most of the games are only rated for the first few hours or days which does not represent the whole game.

Those Bad ratings are due to :

    • Failed Launch – including fail to download the game, fail to login, connection issues and server overload on the launching day.
    • Game breaking bug – infinite resources bug, skill bug, game mode not working and game crash.
    • Bad customer service – No refund, no communication, no patch note and lost package.
    • Difficult Start – Long tutorial, long Re roll process, long boring dialog and unbalance difficulty.

Many of those issues are normally fix within 1 or 2 weeks after launch but people does not stick to a new game with issues that long.

Free to play aka F2P. Is a game where the player has free access to the majority of the game without spending any money.

It’s important to know that a free to play game is not a free game. As free to play is a business model which does have different name such as freemium or free to start.

All free to play games will have either microtransactions or integrate advertisements. This will help the publisher to obtain money in an alternative way.

Many publisher uses free to play as business model to fight against piracy. Today nearly all mobile games are free to play and requires no payment at all.

Pay to win aka P2W. Is a game where the player gain an advantage over a free to play via the microtransactions.

Those advantages are specials items like weapons, armor, skins with stats or character only obtainable in cash shop, skip cooldown timers, refill energy, refill daily chances, VIP privilege’s, season pass and downloadable content(DLC).

Many people consider P2W games bad which is not the case. It all depends on you, some people can afford supporting a game via microtransactions.

On the other hand, some publisher go to a full P2W game and ignore the F2P but they still call it a free to play game as a clickbait.

Play to earn aka P2E. Is a game where player can get real money or crypto simply by playing the game.

P2E is a recent evolution of the gaming world where it consider the player as either a shareholder or an e-sport gamer.

The shareholder is also known as NFT, lands, nodes, etc. Player will own a part of the game or character which they can use to earn passive earning.

The e-sport aspect is where you play the game quests, tournaments and events to receive payment. It is more fun to play a game than letting your computer on all day to mine crypto.