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Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games

Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games

Introduction Dark Souls Like games up until recently were amongst the most unrated mobile gaming thankfully a lot of developers build a community for it by bringing a lot of ports to mobile.  With that said I’m going to be showing the best. We’ve got 

Top 3 RPG Review on mobile

Top 3 RPG Review on mobile

Top 3 RPG Review on mobile Before we start the list of the 3 Top RPG on mobile, i would like to explain what is RPG stands for? No, it’s not the weapon “Rocket Propelled Grenade” that Rambo used in his movie to take down 

Space Leaper Cocoon Review 2022: How good is the game?

Space Leaper Cocoon Review 2022: How good is the game?

Space Leaper Cocoon is a pixel art Idle RPG game which has unique art and game play. If you like Retro games and Monster Musume you will surely like the waifu in this game. Let’s dive in to find more about this particular idle game.

What is the Story of Space Leaper Cocoon?

“System rebooting…Functions restored.

Requesting Leap system user privilege access…

Access granted. My name is J-001, captain of the annihilation mission. Welcome to Space Leaper Cocoon.”

A mysterious unworldly event altered your phone and became a portal into the Leap universe, establishing a connection between you and alien waifus.

How is the Game play of Space Leaper Cocoon?

After a nice 3D intro, you start with some dialog between you and some alien waifus known as Leapers. The start of the tutorial which guide you through all the basics of the game, you may notice that the game has 2 different phase.

The first phase consist of the exploration part where you move the leapers to engage in dialogues or start a fight like in Pokemon. Only thing different here, is that you won’t encounter any monster randomly. As for the second phase, you’ve guess it already, it’s combat itself. Combat itself will have it’s Pre fight where you will need to place a certain amount of Leaper on a 8×6 board.

You may have a certain limit of how much Leaper, you can deploy on the board and sometime some other restrictions depending on the stage. Also you can only place them on one side of the board(left side normally). Once fully prepared and having the right positioning for example tank in front and mage in the back. You can start the fight where the leapers will start moving and fight automatically.

Combat and Idle reward

Note at the bottom of your screen, you will notice the avatar of your leaper that will glow after the energy bar is full. During that phase, you can use the ultimate of the Leaper or choose to put auto mode on or off for each leaper on the field. Another important thing is synergy and bonuses between units for example using 3 units of the same faction will give you a bonus or using 3 units of the same type also grants you a bonus in stats.

Another important factor of the game is the idle part of the game, you can start obtaining your resources once you finish first chapter. This is one of the only game that have a 24 hour collect limit which i appreciate a lot. This means your not a slave to the game where you need to connect every 8 or 12 hours daily. The deeper you mine, the better the rewards gets. You can survey the information to collect your reward, hasten a quick survey for 2 hours of idle collect.

Leveling and upgrade

Space Leaper Cocoon has a very unique system, leveling is basically the same as other idle game where you pump resources into a unit until you reach a level cap. Once the level cap is reached, you will need to limit break your unit to reach the next level cap. This game only have 5 star max and a max level of level 150 but this is only the first step of upgrading a unit. After you manage to 5 star your unit with fragment that you manage to collect, you can start working on upgrading the Phase which will have 3 level. Phase will need different resources and fragment to upgrade, so i consider it a late game upgrade.

Let’s not forget about Micro Chain where you get bonuses for upgrading other units that are link to this Leaper. It’s a bit like a friend system where you unlock more things for your main units while upgrading the other Leapers and completing your collection. Lastly is the affection system which you will need to work on it, you will need to offer lot’s of gift and take that unit to the Journey Center a lot to create a solid bond.

Skill and Gear

Skill is very straight forward, you will just need to upgrade the grade of your Leaper to obtain higher level skill. Only skill that you will need to upgrade separately is the Character Gear which acts like a unique weapon. Luckily no need to farm or pull for it in a Gacha, but you will need to farm Iridescent Array for resources to upgrade it. It will change grade with level and will unlock new effect for the units but you may need to level up your unit to a certain grade for that.

Thankfully Leaper needs only 3 gear for 3 different type of class namely Tank, Mage and Fighter. Your gear can be level up but the level cap will depends on the quality of the gear namely common, qualified, standard, advanced, refined and legendary. Legendary will have secondary stats lines compared to the common gear and also the level cap will be different. Your primary gear attributes will always stay the same but your secondary gear attributes will be randomly unlock at each level cap.

Other mode

As usual to avoid a never ending article and in order to avoid you too many spoiler for you. So that you can play the game with some knowledge, here’s a list of other modes and important things that you will see in the game. This is only a brief description of modes but the combat will remain the same, only the stage and rules that may change.

  • Proxy TasksMain quests and Achievements
  • Leapers Files Leaper list where you can upgrade them and equip gear
  • Repository Your inventory with all your items, gears and leaper fragments
  • Leaper SearchSummon your Leaper here
  • Cloud System Upgrade stats system for different class
  • Peru’s EmporiumGeneral Shop where you can spend different currency
  • Archives Library of information and achievements
  • Astral Messages Mailbox and Chat
  • Contacts Leaper chat and friend list
  • Bounty Board Dispatch missions for currency and resources
  • Neutron Star Labyrinth mode unique to Space Leaper Cocoon which look like a board game
  • Journey CenterAnother simpler version of Labyrinth mode where you can obtain Leaper fragment
  • Analog Campaign PVP fight
  • Iridescent Array Dungeons for resources and gears
  • Leaper Odyssey Labyrinth mode
  • Cocoon Park Resource production buildings
  • Shop Cash Shop
  • Pass Battle Pass
  • BattleCampaign, Resource survey(mining tower but downward) and Survey efficiency(Idle reward)

What Graphic does Space Leaper Cocoon use?

Space Leaper Cocoon has taken the retro pixel art path in terms of graphics. From live 2D models to classic rpg miniature characters as the first final fantasy game. The character of the game are rather unique as they are a mixture of animal, robot and waifu. Resulting into a mix which you have never seen in any other game. The battle goes on in a grid base battle field and the animation of ultimate has nothing special.

How is the Controls of Space Leaper Cocoon?

Controls is not Space leapers cocoon fort, the game give you control only before battle. The rest of the control are left to the AI during the whole battle. Only thing you could do, is to tap the ultimate skill button if you didn’t activate the auto play.

Sound & Music

If you happened to like retro music, you will absolutely love the music theme of Space Leaper Cocoon. A very nice retro background music for a modern game is very rare, music does go on loop but you’ll never get tired listening to it. Each Leaper have it’s own voice actor with multiple lines which are unique, for example some may have a voice like talking underwater or using auto tune. Sound effect are also very well done, overall i give full mark on the work on the team who worked on the music and sound effects.

How long is the Game Length of Space Leaper Cocoon?

The daily routine of this game takes around 15 min to complete. Whereas the game play itself make take some hours specially if your pushing your progress in the campaign. The game has different mode to keep you busy so you can easily choose the number of time your going to spend as there’s no pressure to keep up with other player.

Is Space Leaper Cocoon Free to play?

I would say the game is very F2P friendly as how easily you can obtain resources to summon. You don’t need natural 3 star units to finish the game as the revolves more on team composition. You can easily buy fragments of units in the shop which refresh weekly. Making the process to max a unit easier as you won’t really need to summon to progress further. All content are available to play and no paywall.

Is Space Leaper Cocoon Pay to win?

I would not really call it P2W as the only advantage you will get is additional resources including summons. But remember that obtaining units are random so even with a thousand summons won’t guarantee you to max a unit right away. Beside PVP i can’t find any P2W elements you can get.


No ads.


The shop offer the basic service as all gacha games that is daily, weekly, monthly, promotional, summon, currency, subscription and gems packages. Price will vary between $0.99 to $99.99 but be careful when buying multiple package as it may cost you more than that.

What is the Life span of Space Leaper Cocoon?

Considering Space Leaper Cocoon is an idle game, we could imagine that the game would have a very long life span. Specially if they are going to introduce new heroes and events to keep the old player busy collecting Leaper. But I’m worried about this game future, although the game is an excellent idle game with all kind of unique modes and characters. The main problem is there’s no endgame content after completing the campaign. This is a gaping hole that will make the game lose a lot of it’s player base overtime including me. So i would not be surprise the game would close there server in 1 year as they may have a low player base.


As all idle game, time and resource management is key of getting a good progression. This will avoid you being stuck on a stage for days. This game is very beginner friendly in terms of management of resources, free reset on units until a certain level, easy upgrade system and easy gear system. Learn different strategy with different type of units and various team composition plus the units positioning.


Official Site




  • Add endgame contents
  • Wish list in Leaper Search
  • Increase the amount of fragment when obtaining dupe
  • Add other method of obtaining fragment


New events and new leapers are coming out nearly every month.

Should you play Space Leaper Cocoon?

Yes, Space Leaper Cocoon is a good idle game with balanced amount of contents to keep busy enough and also a game that doesn’t consume too much of your precious time. The game is very unique idle game that we could easily compare to the other copy paste idle game with a different skin. Once you complete the campaign there’s not much to do beside raising your leapers to max and grinding everyday stage in a repeated way. This is where i see a big flaw in this game, no real endgame content beside collecting leaper and raising them to unlock different illustration. But overall it’s an excellent idle game that i would highly recommend you to play and i hope they would add new features for endgame. Thank you for reading till the end, i will see you in another review, peace!


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : Idle RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global
  • Content Rating : Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: DAMO NETWORK LIMITED

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.4
  • Installation Size : 141 MB
  • Full Size : 365 MB
  • Platform :5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Darkest Afk Review 2022: Is it a good game?

Darkest Afk Review 2022: Is it a good game?

Darkest Afk is an idle Rpg game inspired by the famous roguelike Rpg game Darkest Dungeon. Although they share similar art style the game is different from the original game. Let’s find out more about this mobile game. Story Strangely the game did not have 

Grimlight Review 2022: a waste of good potential?

Grimlight Review 2022: a waste of good potential?

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Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era is an idle game which features beautiful goddess fighting at your side to fight other goddess. While it doesn’t make too much sense, i doubt you downloaded the game to understand any part of it. Your clearly here for some obvious reasons!! Who would blame you!!! To find out more on these very lightly clothes goddess, let’s start the review.

What is the Story of Goddess Era?

Continent Valar, where people live and work in peace and happiness. However, the appearance of Original Crystal made all the powers move. The former vow of peace was broken, the continent was plunged into war, and even the gods joined it.

In this chaotic world, who will rise and who will fall? Our selected warrior, it’s your time to write the story!

How is Goddess Era Game play?

You will jump immediately into the tutorial which will assist you in learning how to fight and discover the mechanics of the game. Although, everything is quite straight forward, the game is the standard formula of nearly all idle RPG. You will need a team of 5 goddess to fight another team of goddess and win within a number of turns. Of course, you will be able to summon, level up, upgrade and much more. We will go in more details below.


At the start of the tutorial, you will learn about summoning a goddess. This is the most important part of the game! As your progression will largely depend on it unless you decide to spend money in the game. You can summon either with tickets or gems or friendship points, both can be obtain as in game rewards. However the Light and Dark tickets are only for cash player. Four banner is available :

  • Premium Summon – Randomly summon goddess between 3 to 5 stars
  • Basic Summon – Randomly summon goddess between 1 to 5 stars
  • Friendship Summon – Randomly summon goddess between 2 to 5 stars
  • Light/Dark Summon – Get 5 stars Goddess for each 10 summon

Keep in mind that you don’t have a pity or guaranteed a 5 star goddess in any of the F2P summon. Unless it’s for timed summon event where you may obtain the goddess that you needed but the summons are quite expensive.


Once your done summoning, you will have some goddess in your roaster. Select the one you find suitable to make a good team synergy. A good synergy for example can be a team who has a least a Defender, Fighter, Mage and Support. The 5th is place can be anything depending on your formation and team synergy. As all idle RPG, goddess does have elements namely Heroic, Demigod, Nature, Light and Dark.

Keep in mind those elements when fighting against team with elemental weaknesses. Goddess start at 3 star to 5 star, 3 star and 4 star are fodder for upgrade and below 3 stars are monsters that are completely useless beside getting some gems and experience if you sacrifice them. All the 5 star Goddess are not equal as in other games. They have different ranking of S namely S-, S and S+. S+ being the best unit in the game and harder to obtain. S- being the most common and easier to obtain.

You can equip your goddess with 4 piece of gear. Those gear can be upgraded to the next grade by getting a number of copy of them. Luckily all the goddess uses the same equipment, so no need to have a headache keeping Tank gear or DPS gear. Equipment can be removed without any cost, so feel free to switch equipment from a tank to a DPS if needed.


Next important thing is leveling and upgrading your goddess. You can level up your goddess with experience and gold. After a certain level cap you will need to use Tier up crystal to limit break to the next max level. Once you reached the max level for the current star, it’s time to upgrade your goddess to 6 star and further if you can. But you will need 5 star goddess as fodder and you will need a lot of them.

Even that you can upgrade your 4 star goddess to 5 star goddess to use as fodder. You will find yourself always lacking of fodders later on. Meaning that you should really focus on 1 hero per element to be efficient. Avoid using S- goddess unless, it’s your support unit. The advice is mostly for F2P and light spenders, you have been warned.

Seal and amulets slots will be open when you increase the stars of your goddess. They can also be upgraded to next tier providing that you have the necessary amount of copy. Last thing is you can rebirth you goddess for free up to 3 times a day. But it only reset the level of your goddess, it will not return any fodder used to star that goddess. So be very careful when upgrading your goddesses.


This is inventory where currency, shards, tickets, beasts and jewelry will be. Beside the sell, equip and use item, the bag doesn’t have anything in particular. Only thing to keep an eye is the goddess shards, so that you can summon after reaching the amount of stacks. Very helpful when you need dupe or fodder to star a Goddess.


Those guys are your ultimate skill, pick between 5 dragons depending on which passive your looking. The dragon will deal a certain amount of damage to some enemies when the energy bar is full. You can upgrade your dragon level, refine and skill with specific currency. This may take some time but your dragon can save you from a defeat by killing the annoying support healer for example.


You can progress through the campaign here, battling stage to stage until you need a higher level account to continue further. The bounty is where you send your troops on expedition. Bounty does cost a certain currency that you will obtain while doing the campaign. Let’s not forget the beginners missions where you will obtain all kind of goodies to help you progress further into the game as long as you complete the tasks.

Auto fight is sadly locked behind VIP, so you will need to manually start the fight by yourself. The Raid will help you obtain experience and other goodies for a certain amount of hours. You can raid multiple time per day but it will cost you gems. It is the most effective way to progress faster in the game as the campaign is very easy. Gold rain is the same as raid but only gives you gold, why not put it together with raid??


All of the other game modes beside the campaign is here. I’ll just make a list to describe briefly all of them is possible:

  • Arena – Solo PVP mode.
  • Guild – Donate, fight boss, fight against other guilds and increase your goddess class stats.
  • Dragons Back – Climb the challenge tower to obtain better rewards and experience
  • Airship – Your resources grind dungeons, another simpler labyrinth mode and PVP mode to obtain titles.
  • Wonderland – A labyrinth type of game with multiple mini games where you answer questions, fight goddess, etc.
  • Cross Arena – Multiple inter server PVP battle for both solo and team.
  • Portal – Link up servers each week for PVP battle
  • Paradise – Currently not available.


The home is the place where you will see all those shenanigans from timed offer to your mail, etc. I won’t go in much details into those things because most of them are mostly related to cash shop or notifications which doesn’t affect the game directly. You can switch background or goddess in your home.

Dreamland is suppose to be a little lobby where you can craft your equipment in the Smithy. Star up or sacrifice your goddess in the Palace, note that you can also rollback to 5 star later on by using another currency. Finally you have the Yggdrasil, the place where you can put a goddess to obtain level automatically up to your lower goddess level in your team.

Shop is the place where you can spend all those different type of currency. All token farmed from Arena, raids, guild, gems and the list is indeed very long. Going for each tab will need an entire article itself. The gems tab has many items locked behind that damn VIP. Note it’s a sure way to obtain a Light and Dark unit for F2P providing your playing everyday.

Altar is your faction summon, your guaranteed to obtain at least a 4 star goddess and some different currency. You can try your luck re-rolling a goddess of a faction expect light and dark. This may be useful to turn 4 star goddess which you upgrade to 5 star into an actual 5 star goddess which you may need to star later on. You can summon a selected faction when you accumulate enough currency but it’s another feature locked behind VIP.

Fancy shop is your general shop where you can buy equipment, fragments and many other useful items with only gems and gold. You can refresh up to 5 times for free, the free refresh take around 2 hour. You should only buy items that you need and that are on discount, because things can really get expensive. It’s also the easy way to obtain cheaper premium summon ticket if you need to summon.


This is the strongest point of the game, a high detail 2D animated artwork. They art is nearly similar to League of Angels and Destiny Child, meaning they are very bouncy around the chest and the bottom. Those sexy skimpy goddess are the reason many of us would start playing this idle game unless you have other reason, like having to make a review on it. All the goddess looks very different from each other and are very well drawn.

Raising goddess stars don’t add any special animation or aura or even change their appearance. Combat is not that terrible, they added some effect to the attacks and skills. The results looks, let’s say okay. At least it’s not another of those chibi fighting animation where you don’t understand a thing and can’t differentiate who is who? As for background, it’s the basic static one. Looks good enough for an idle game.

Note that Goddess Era don’t have any clothing damage and don’t have any bond system that may show you even more skin. I think, the it’s already has enough of fan service, you can see nearly all the list of cliche from panty shot to extra cleavage. So if you want more, pray that Nutaku makes an adult version that can satisfy your fantasy.


Doesn’t really apply to this game as everything is mainly on auto. You will only manage your team position and have to level them up manually.

Sound & Music

The game has only 3 track which auto repeats infinitely, the music itself is not bad but there’s a limit how lazy you can get. The sound effect for 3 star is dangerous, they sound like hentai girls getting touched. Turn off the sound when you summoning as this will save you lots of trouble. As for the voice acting each 5 star has only 1 line. I think Goddess Era was out of budget after animating in such details those goddess.

What is the Game Length of Goddess Era?

As an idle game, the daily task takes around 5 to 10 min to complete. Then you can just come online to collect idle time or refresh the shop or collect the gold rain. But the weekly quest is a bit more annoying to complete. You need to at least participate in a PVP mode which starts only in weekend, some event like betting happens only for 1 hour. I miss 3 weekly rewards because i miss the time the event on weekends.

The game has one of the best quality of life, multiple combat at the same time. This is huge for an idle game, as you can do multiple fight in different mode at the same time and complete your daily in a flash. Some combat can even be skipped later on when your account is high enough. The campaign is locked behind your account level, so i have personally no idea of the extend of the story, sorry about that.

Is Goddess Era Free to play?

Sadly this game is not too F2P. Even they do offer you ways to build a team to a reasonable level, the game requires dupes and fodder at some points. You will starve yourself as F2P and will have to wait quite a long time to be able to upgrade your goddess. I would stay away from this game as only the top of the server can have access to certain ladders and rewards. Unless you want to try your luck against some whales.

Is Goddess Era Pay to win?

Yes, it is a P2W game. Endgame contents relies on having higher level Goddess to compete in PVP and to climb ladders. The VIP is only available by spending money and some quality of life is locked behind it. The light and Dark Banner is for spenders only and those units are the best units in the game. The number of Battle Pass will make your account raise Goddess to max stars easily and offer so much benefits.


No Ads but you will get some annoying offer which keep popping in your face each time you get a 5 star goddess.


It’s one of the most standard cash in mobile games. You can buy almost everything in the game from gems, gold, goddess, materials, VIP, battle pass, skins and special summons in form of packages. Although the starting price are very low, things may ramp up quickly when shopping. I would strongly advice to be careful when spending as buying from multiple tabs can be confusing. Also those packages of low cost stacks up quickly and may costs you a lot.

What is the Life span of Goddess Era?

The game is doing well as it’s opening more and more server nearly every week. But how about the old servers, they are nearly dead servers which have around 100 player still playing. Goddess Era made a common mistake like many other games, opening too much new server. It’s true that player can re roll easily but what will happen to a server if everyone is just jumping ship? In the end, they will get an infinite loop of fix player just re-rolling in new server instead of new player joining.

That is bad news for a Goddess Era, the game has barely anything to keep people playing. Not enough skins, no bond system and no incentive to stay in a server. At this rate, things can easily go south and the game may die when the hype goes down. Again this is a supposition, things could bright and this game may become even better and still be here for years. I would stay clear about spending until the game is out completely.


The only benefits beside micromanaging your team of beauties and interact with other people in the world chat. The obvious white elephant in the room is you are here to wash your eyes with those beauties and don’t tell me your not because your obviously lying. Parents keep those kind of game away from your children, it’s literally poison to their mind.


Main Website




  • Add a way for F2P to obtain to VIP points
  • Fodder Dungeon is missing
  • Remove Light/Dark banner restriction for PVP
  • Add a pity system to x10 premium summon
  • Change the betting system for better accessibility. For example betting during the day of the week and match plays out on weekend
  • The old servers are dying because many players are moving to new servers, consider adding stuff that make player stay on the server
  • Add some control when a goddess can use it’s skill, this will make the game less auto
  • The other Dragons needs more appealing buff as everyone just using black dragon


Game is still in early access, so many new features are being added and they are fixing bugs. Also notice they do update the art of some goddess.

Should you play Goddess Era?

Yes, you should try it. I have underestimate this game, thinking it’s just another lewd game with cheap 2D graphic with only bouncy stuffs and no game play elements. But i was wrong, Goddess Era is a solid idle game, you will be surprise the amount of time you will spend in the game. The theme is of course not for kids as it barely cross the line between a Sexy game and a Nutaku game where they go all out but it’s in the middle of it, i think you get the idea.

One downside of the game is the accessibility for F2P, as VIP is needed to get some quality of life and to create a Guild. The game also relies too much on luck, your progression depends too much on it. Other than that the game is very neat, simple and addictive, you unlock more and more stuff as your account levels up. As for F2P, you can easily change server if you got bad pulls and start over. You don’t lose much in terms of progression. Just be careful of those different type of currency special the cash one.

Thank you for reading the whole article, see you in the next article.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : Idle RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global
  • Content Rating : Moderate Violence
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Happyfun Limited

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: Early Access
  • Installation Size : 605 MB
  • Full Size : 1.66 GB
  • Platform :5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Angel Legion Review 2024?

Angel Legion Review 2024?

What is Angel Legion? Angel Legion Review a 3D Idle Collection RPG with a very different theme that other idle games. If you like science fiction(sci-fi) game, space, ninja, cyborgs and waifu. This game have it all, let’s have a look at this unique 3D 

Mobile Legends Adventure Review: Is it good?

Mobile Legends Adventure Review: Is it good?

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Epic Seven Review 2022: Is it still the Best?

Epic Seven Review 2022: Is it still the Best?

Epic Seven is one of the most complete RPG available on mobile. With a good Anime theme and clever mechanics the game mark itself from other RPG on the market. Why is Epic Seven is considered to be one of the best of Anime RPG game? We shall look for the answer by simply playing the game and hope E7 will reveal all it’s secrets.

What is the Story of Epic Seven?

After watching this nice intro, you will understand that your going to follow the adventure of the Heir of the covenant known as “Ras”. I won’t reveal too much of the story to avoid too many spoiler and so that you can enjoy the story as i did during my play through.

How is the Game play of Epic Seven?

After the intro cinematic, you start in the middle of conversation between some characters who is fighting a war against the Archdemon. This is basically your tutorial, hidden in this intro story, you will notice while learning the basics. That the game is a Side Scroller where your character will run one side to another and enemy will always be the opposite side.

It’s a turn base game where speed determine who will get to go first. The next thing you will see is a Soul Bar and your hero skills. All character will have 3 skills and each skill you use, will charge up the Soul Bar. Defeat the enemies and you will have another nice cinematic animation.

At last, you will learn is how to use your Soul Bar, you can either summon a Guardian ability or use it to enhance your hero skill. The Guardian is like your summons similar to Final Fantasy, you call something big and strong to inflict massive damage to enemies. The final cinematic animation of those heroes fighting the Archdemon and congratulations you finished the tutorial.

Waking up in an Inn and having a funny conversation with the owners, you can start your adventure on the world map. Classic RPG always starts in an Inn where are alone at first, then start looking for your companions. You will have mini tutorial that will pop up when something new appears but now you have some freedom to check a bit around.


The main part of Epic Seven will be focus on combat, you will be fighting monster and boss everyday. So let’s get started, you can only bring 4 heroes on adventure. So basically you will have 4 slot available, this is a fix formation with two in front line will most of the time receive damage and two at the back line. Basically the game is teaching you positioning with Tanks/Warrior in front and Support/Mage at the back.

If one of your character dies during battle, a support character will automatically take his position. Support character can be a player or the computer itself which you can choose before combat. Also the character gets injured and will need healing by either waiting or paying a little amount gold. Another important thing the game is showing you the importance of having a healer aka Soul Weaver in your team.

Next you will notice is that you can continue to the next stage without having to go back on the world map. A very convenient method to just go through the story without a hassle. Stage have 3 requirements that if you complete them, you will be obtain Skystones(ingame currency). Completing all stages in a chapter will reward you even with more goodies, the rewards will varies between chapters.

Character & Summon

In the middle of chapter 1, you will be given the opportunity to get new heroes for free in a Selective Summon. This will allow you to pick 1 pull among 30 summon pulls, note that you can only obtain one 5 star character per pull. You should check guides and tutorials before deciding which pull should you keep and which one should you skip.

The summon rate are not that bad, they do have a pity system to help those unlucky people to get their favorite character. Or course this applies only if you have enough gems to reach the pity pull(around 120 summon). You will have other type of summon with different currency such as

  • Specific Hero Banner Summon – 5 covenant bookmarks per summon, for the artifact and hero of the banner
  • Mystic Summon – 50 mystic medals per summon, a group of selected hero and artifact including moonlight heroes.
  • Moonlight Summon – 5 moonlight bookmarks, summon light and dark heroes only.
  • Friendship Summon – 5 friendship bookmarks, summon for fodder
  • Elemental Summon – 1 Elemental Connection, summon a hero of specific element
  • Selective Summon – Free summon given to you after you complete the episodes

Don’t try to pull on every single banner to collect all heroes in the beginning. Avoid pulling on character that you don’t need, keep your Skystones and Bookmarks for heroes that will make your account progress. Again i strongly advice you read the ability of your heroes and focus growing them that spending your resources into multiple character that you won’t use. Summoning too much hero will make you lose focus and waste a lot of time.

Character in Epic Seven does have different class but is don’t need specific gear. The class are

  • Soul Weaver – Healer and Support
  • Warrior – Good Offense and Defense
  • Tank – Meat shield
  • Thief – Fast Single target
  • Ranger – Debuffer and Support
  • Mage – AOE skills or Support


While summoning you may come across those cards with a beautiful illustration known as Artifacts, they also have a star grade as heroes, that is star are between 1 to 5. Artifacts are very important as they can give you not only additional stats but also strong passive. A good example is the “Daydream Joker” Artifact will make your hero do % health damage on an enemy which will be very useful in Boss fights.

You can equip only 1 artifact per character and they do have class restriction on them. The best to obtain them is via summoning but you can also exchange them in some shop or during events. Don’t sleep on them as they maybe a game changer for your play through. Artifact can be enhanced and can limit break up to 5 times to increase it’s maximum level.


Gear are divided into 6 parts, the 3 parts on the left will always have same Main stats and the 3 parts on the right Main stats may vary. The amount of substats on a gear depends on the grade, the grade are:

  • CommonNo substats
  • Uncommon1 substats
  • Rare2 substats
  • Epic3 substats
  • Legendary4 substats

When you upgrade a gear, it will obtain a random stats upgrade at each 3 levels. As those upgrade are completely random, this could either make a gear even better or completely useless. So substats at the end of an upgrade is extremely important if you want to min max your gear. You can upgrade a gear up to +15, meaning you will have 5 times to upgrade a substats in total.

Now to avoid wasting gold, you should upgrade +3 each time and see how things are going. To upgrade you can either use charms or gear that you won’t be using as fodder. Note that the main stats will increase and this is why it’s important to know what main stats you will need on the right side. If you are completely lost go check some guides online so that you don’t mess up and end up wasting too much resources.


If you end up with bad RNG on your free gear and need a fresh pair of speed set. Then you need to start doing your Hunts to start collecting materials for crafting. Materials grade will determine what level of gear you can craft. Crafting does have rng but will always guaranty a rare gear at worst and a legendary gear at best. RNG can really mess you up sometime, specially when your looking specific substats on your gear. Substats can appear with min value or max value when crafting, adding even more complexity for gears.

So the whole process of crafting takes time but is rewarding once you obtain what you were looking for. The hardest parts to craft are the right side gears(necklace,ring and boot) as they add another layer of RNG in their main stats. That is why you always craft them last to avoid wasting too much gold and resources.

Later you will have access to Reforging that will let you increase the max level of your level 85 to level 90. Equipment will need to be +15 and level 85 in order to reforge. You will also need Reforging materials that drops between the Stage 11 to 13 in Hunts.

You can also craft charms, crafting materials, equipment conversion, catalyst, exclusive equipment and modification gems conversion. Those are advance crafting that you will touch much later in the game.


Epic Seven hero upgrade uses the pyramid system, meaning the lower tier unit will be sacrifice as fodder in order to upgrade a hero.

  • 2 star
  • 3 star – 2 Star + 2 Star
  • 4 star – 3 Star + 3 Star + 3 Star
  • 5 star – 4 Star + 4 Star + 4 Star + 4 Star
  • 6 star – 5 Star + 5 Star + 5 Star +5 Star + 5 Star

So we will need a large amount of fodder to upgrade a unit to 6 star. And to add even more trouble to that you will need to max a unit before you can upgrade it. All that is troublesome but luckily the game does offer you units that are already maxed known as Phantasma and also Penguins can be used to level a unit quickly. Making the whole process much easier than before, thanks for this update Epic Seven.

You can also imprint your units if you have multiple copy of them. Imprinting give your hero a Team Buff, that is very useful making gearing your hero easier. The best imprint buffs are % one and only 4 and 5 star nats have those buffs.

Last thing you can awaken a hero if that hero has reach a certain level. Each 10 level you can awaken a hero, up to a maximum of 6 times. For that you will need a specific resources known as Runes that drops from Spirit Altar and Catalysts that drops on normal stages.


Pets are the latest addition in Epic Seven, they are here to help in your adventure or in the Lobby. They are divided in 2 category,

  • Lobby Pets – Give you random gifts after a certain amount of time
  • Battle Pets – Allow repeat battle option and give additional rewards

You can upgrade your pets and synthesize them for better pets later on. Pet can be adopt via the Pet House, you will need a Pet Adoption Ticket for that. You can display a certain number of pets in your pet House.


In the Sanctuary, you will find a mini city builder mode. The place is called Orbis and you are going to rebuild it to it’s former glory. In order to upgrade those buildings, you will need to obtain Breath Of Orbis from your adventures. Each building have 3 different upgrade section that you can upgrade 3 times, they give a different bonus to your buildings. Here is the list of buildings:

  • Heart of Orbis – Free source of Gems and Gold
  • Forest of Souls – Grow Molagora, Penguins and Phantasma
  • High Command – Dispatch missions for different type of coins
  • Steel Workshop – Craft and Reforge gear
  • Alchemist’s Steeple – Crafting for charms, exclusive weapon and catalyst


If your not in a Guild yet, you missing out on a lot of thing. The guild is not only a place for a group of friends to meet but also let you collect specific currency only available in guilds. Those currency can be spend in the Guild Shop for strong artifacts, catalysts and other goodies. Your guild members can also contribute and help you obtain catalyst daily but abuse it by always asking for Epic Catalyst.

Weekly quest are also available for guilds which i strongly recommend you to complete, they are rather easy to do and give you a fair amount currencies. You can also donate gold and Proof of valor for more currencies. The rest of things that you can do in a guild is Guild wars, World Boss and Ancient Inheritance which i listed below.


The Arena is the PVP section of Epic Seven, if you want to test how strong your heroes are against other player. Well this is the place to climb ranks and reap weekly rewards but Epic Seven also give you a PVP training against NPC. Beating then will grant you Conquest points and gems, luckily you can fight them again when they are not on cool down but beware they become stronger each time you defeat them.

Other game modes

Epic Seven has many other game modes, i will only list them and put a small brief description of them.

  • Side StoryEvents or story of heroes
  • Spirit AltarRunes farming dungeon
  • AbyssA reverse challenge tower
  • HuntMaterials and gear farm dungeon
  • LabyrinthA maze where you battle to obtain specific currency
  • Automaton TowerChallenge tower for gear and charms
  • Halls of TrialsExclusive equipment dungeon
  • Guild WarPVP between guilds
  • World BossBoss Raid with guild members
  • Ancient InheritanceReal time dungeon with guild members

What kind of Graphic does Epic Seven use?

Epic Seven uses a 2D animation and transition between anime cut scene and 2D game play. The background is a static 2D background with some light animation on them. As you start the game, your normally waiting in the Inn. The Inn in Epic Seven is one of the best place to observe the amount of detail they have put into it. After you pleasure your eyes contemplating every single animation like character waiting for you, bartender cleaning a glass, connection character waiting for you and the light particles flying around.


Every single character is a piece of art, from elf, nuns, demons, school students, knights, idols and so much more. Epic seven have you covered and that’s not all, they did a great job on showing you a complete different version of the character in Moon Light version. Moon Light (ML) is a light and Dark version of a rainbow character(standard character). They are a stronger version with new animation and look.

Also let’s not forget about Specialty Change where a 3 star will become stronger and will also change in appearance after you complete some specific requests. Epic Seven even went a step further in the animation, you will notice the each of them will have a hair, clothes, face expression and some will have lots of fan service animation(bouncing and jiggling).

Story and Cut scenes

The whole story is shown in terms of Dialogues between characters, you can pause or skip any part of it. Story or dialogues which you can always replay in the Journal. Epic Seven offers the finest of cut scenes and animation in par with good Anime movies. Some are short and other a bit longer but they are always nice to watch. They also does an excellent transition between the character movement to the animation itself, specially when they are doing their skills.

How is the Controls in Epic Seven?

As a side scroller, Epic Seven doesn’t offer much in terms of control. Beside moving your character left or right and selecting a direction when playing labyrinth mode, you don’t have much control over your characters. The only part where some manual gameplay is required, will be the using the Burn on the soul bar before using a skill. Some hero may need a manual use of their skill specially in PVP where you don’t want to waste a cleanse when you only have 1 debuff on your team.

Sound & Music

The music is very good, you won’t be disappointed leaving the music on while playing.Voice acting in different language for all characters, voice line when they are using their skills, grunts when attacking or receiving hits. Good sound effects, a sword hit will sound like a sword slash, so no weird sound effect in here.

How is the Game Length of Epic Seven?

Epic Seven is the type of game that requires all your time and attention, it’s feel like a roller coaster going full speed all the time. The more time you give Epic Seven the more it rewards you in progression. As an objective game where you need to have certain character or gear in order to pass a blocking point, you can’t only do daily and call it a day or else your account will stay behind. Staying behind is not good as you will miss a large part of the weekly reward in PVP.

Sometime the game absorb me so much that i fail to notice i have been playing for more than 3 hours already. As energy is easily obtainable at least early on, you won’t stop because you run out of energy but more because your phone battery is down. Whether you grind or play the story, we must all agree that playing Epic Seven require a large amount of time daily.

Daily quests, this will take you around 40 min only, it’s not recommended unless you want to progress at a crawling speed. Events of side story is another time dump when you are doing it for the first time. So you have been warned about it, just be careful the game is highly addictive.

Is Epic Seven Free to play?

It’s F2P, everyone would agree on this. They are generous enough to give you free currency, character and gear to help you catch up. Multiple ways to obtain gems to summon frequently, you have access to all type of summon. All content are playable and you can easily get the strongest PVE characters with Specialty change of 3 star heroes.

The season pass can be upgraded with gems, no VIP or Paywall. Events are doable as F2P and gives very good rewards, gear are obtainable via farming. F2P will get a solid account if they dedicate enough time for the game daily. The only advantage of cash shop is having more summons and faster progression which is fair.

Is Epic Seven Pay to Win?

As for the P2W aspect of the game, it’s no surprise that is the PVP section of the game. With the current Meta, ML 5 star heroes rule arena and if your unlucky to have the right one in PVP as F2P. You will have a hard time beating the other team, so PVP is very unbalance for the moment and let’s hope for a fix soon.


No ads.

Micro transaction

The standard cash shop that includes packs like events packs, Rank up packs, Summon packs, new adventurer packs, skill packs, Moonlight Summon Packs, Monthly Packs, daily summon packs, Stamina packs, gold packs, charm packs and Skin Packs. They also sell gems separately and the price varies between $1 to $100. No VIP, No endgame gear packs and no Cash only Season Pass. The packs are a bit pricey and only gives you more opportunity to summon.

How long is the Life span of Epic Seven?

Epic Seven has a lot of content and by the time you will manage to catch up, new content will be already available. Also having RNG on summons and gear adds a lifeline for them, adding even more heroes and sets will make them last even longer. They deliver new heroes and content fast enough to keep the player on going in both F2P and Cash player. Collection of heroes and the lore of Epic Seven has already a fan base.

Fan Base for either the beautiful Anime character or even the lewd part of it is good. Making Epic Seven having a very solid player base and make it last for at least 3 to 5 years easily. So it’s like a sure bet that player can play the game without fearing of server shutdown or lack of content.


Epic Seven gives you a real taste of a full RPG game, you will learn to manage your team and gear if you want to get good at the game. You will seek information and try different strategy with a big hero pool. You will learn what is RNG, grinding, materials and collection. Learn about the lores and story of each character and maybe become a fan of a character. Careful about the amount of time your playing as a grindy game, Epic Seven will require lots of time. Don’t get addicted and spend all your money in summoning new heroes.


Official Site








  • Voice Over for the dialogues in story
  • Skip animation button
  • Battery saver mode or a Screen saver mode
  • Auto Refill of Stamina when farming
  • Add hero suggestion for early content in the tutorial(for example wyvern)
  • Events that last a bit longer(at least 1 additional week)
  • Inventory slots can be bought with gold
  • Reduce the gold cost of switching equipment
  • Reset unit and get back all resources back


Epic Seven updates almost every 2 weeks with new banners, events, balance patch and changes to the game. They notice you clearly before going in maintenance mode and put a patch notes to show you the changes made or event that are coming. You will also get Collabs from other game or anime and events on special days like valentine, Christmas and Halloween.

Should you play Epic Seven?

Yes, this game is a real piece of work. It’s one of the best game for multiple reasons, good story, good character design, good music, good mechanics and good community. It’s not a surprise to see people returning or starting to play Epic Seven today, many other game are sometimes a disappointment and a waste of time.

But that doesn’t make Epic Seven the perfect game, many player still complains about RNG or the amount of grinding to obtain catalyst and other hero balance issues. Epic Seven requires a lot of time and attention and not all people will have enough time to play it.

Too much content to do, burnouts or not enough time to play are reasons people quits the game, i noticed many inactive accounts in PVP. These account have 6 star max awaken heroes in the lowest league of arena which was quite a surprise for a beginner. Also it was very hard to find an active guild, maybe it was me but for it was the grey area of the game.

As stated above the game is very F2P, progression is not too slow, no real shortcut P2W to endgame. Overall Epic Seven is a very good game, i had some difficulty at the start to keep up with everything as so much things to assimilate as a beginner but i loved the character, the game play and even the Fan Service part of the game. Thank you for reading the whole article.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : RPG, Collection
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Blood, Suggestive theme, Violence
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Smilegate Megaport

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.5
  • Installation Size : 67 MB
  • Full Size : 4.24 GB
  • Platform : 5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
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