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Seven Knights 2 Review: Can Beautiful graphic save a game?

Seven Knights 2 Review: Can Beautiful graphic save a game?

Seven Knights 2 is the sequel of the well known Seven Knights. They comeback to us with a brand new 3D world, new raids and many more goodies. If your a fan of 7K and loves grinding games, this one is for you. What’s is 

Mythic Heroes: The one and only amazing Review

Mythic Heroes: The one and only amazing Review

Mythic Heroes is an idle game that caught many of us off guard. How did an idle game manage to do so, we will investigate this mystery together in this review. Mythic Heroes Story There is a long forgotten tree, like no other tree, it 

Final Gear Review: Will you love Mechas or Maidens?

Final Gear Review: Will you love Mechas or Maidens?

Final Gear is a new strategic collection RPG game featuring “Mechs & Maidens”(Mechas and Waifus). You will have to try to collect all the waifus and obtain their custom mech during your adventure, playing each stages and reading the story itself. So as usual we will try to cut this big game into a review for everyone, let’s dive in.


In a future, in a fantasy world, a devastating meteor blow has changed the prosperous land into a wasteland. The survivor of this land tried to rebuild it to it’s former glory but failed because of the scarce resources. So progress turned into a rivalry between three major countries. You are a mercenary group that’s not affiliated to any specific country and your agent “Evelynn” is piloting a Mecha to a resource site.

How is Final Gear Game play?

The game starts as usual with a tutorial, a very lengthy tutorial. Your on a map where you have to move on the road and is given instruction to move to the resource site as hinted in the story above.

As your moving you will encounter enemies and will start battle with a swirly animation like in pokemon. When you enter battle the switch to a side scroller game, enemy will spawn everywhere on the screen like metal slug style.

Eliminate the enemies by shooting them, you can move left or right direction, you can move your mecha to avoid dangerous enemies or create distance with them, you also have a meter bar that fills up when you kill enemies, when full it will let you use your ultimate skill.

Clearing everything to progress to the next screen until you meet a boss. Note that boss will have multiple life bar and does have special skills, if you fail to kill the first boss you will have to restart the tutorial again.

The game will unlock multiple modes after clearing certain stage of the story such as pvp, events, resources, raids, bounties. The gameplay is technical the same thing for all 3 mode in the history.

Escort – where you protect a target from enemies till it reach it’s destination

Attack – kill all enemies on the map

Defense – Protect the base from incoming enemies

So in brief, you have a world map where you go from stage to stage, then the stage itself have a map where you will have to move your character on the designated road to achieve your target, then each time you encounter an enemy on the map you will fight in side scroller mode till you kill all enemies.

The game does have a managing side where you will have to equip, upgrade your pilots(waifus) and mechas between battles. It does also have a simulation part where you date and even marry your favorite waifu, meaning you have a affection system where gifts are important.

What Graphic does Final Gear use?

Beautiful 2D art of mechs and waifu, waifu are well animated with even some fanservice including pantyshots. The game isn’t beautiful like the animation, you get a reduce version : chibi of the mechs in battle with a pixel like retro arcade games. The skin are well animated and some characters does have a special animation in anime.

How is the Controls of Final Gear?

As the game is a side scroll game, control is rather simple, your character can shoot only in 2 direction with left and right shooting button and you can move 1 character in all direction, the 3 other character will be on auto mode. You can turn off or on the ultimate of each character of your team. You can also select between 3 formation during combat, free, defensive and group which you can change depending on the situations.

Sound & Music

The old classic arcade action game, this is what it sound like to me when i was playing. Good sound effect and good voice acting but the story and dialog don’t have any voice acting which make the history less immersive as you will have to read the text or simply skip it out of boredom.

Game Length

I can say around 2 or 3 hours daily easily with the daily missions and events only. I would say around 10 hours if your playing the story, as you don’t have an energy system that really prevent you from stop playing all day. Even the number of bounties can be refreshed quite cheaply with gems extending your play through even more.

Is Final Gear Free to play or Pay to win?

It’s a F2P game who’s very generous to free to play but on the other hand it’s a gatcha game meaning you will have to use a lot of currency to obtain the best results in a banner. Making free to play to choose a banner and skip many other new units which is where the pay to win aspect goes in. That means a cash player will always have full custom mechs with the latest unit already maxed with the paid gems system.

The custom mech can bought with currency that you can grind ingame and some skin will be available with earn gems. You can finish the story with only blue and purple units, you can recruit units everyday with no need of summoning, same goes crafting custom mech parts. As long as you play the game the game will reward you enough to enjoy your play through.


No ads.

Micro Transaction

It cover generally everything from daily, weekly and monthly package, promo package, one time package, subscription package, paid gem package, gift packs, skin package and without forgetting the season pass. Price vary from $0.99 to $100. Note that some skins and items in the shop are only available with paid gems.

How long is Life span of Final Gear?

Despite having daily missions, achievements, collection of mechs and waifus, the game won’t survive that long. Why? Because it’s all repetitive gameplay where you can’t skip and have to leave your phone on auto for 1 or 2 hour daily. I feel most of the player will burn out after the honeymoon period is over. It’s gameplay is simply not interesting to watch after seeing the same animation playing for the 1000 times.


Managing a team of character and mechs parts always helps someone grow in terms of management itself. The game is a gatcha so it may be dangerously addictive to a person or a child, it’s like a casino giving you some free chips to start playing, so beware.


Every game with waifu always have a community:


A skip button in combat, another one to skip special animation. Order applying to a single unit instead of the whole team while fighting. Better AI for bombers in auto mode. Skip for a single dialog not skip all the conversation. A history of the conversation if you missed something. Remove those clear this stage to unlock this feature specially after the long tutorial.


New banners with new units every month, they also do events with different duration.

Should you play Final Gear?

If your a fan of collecting waifu it’s a YES but if your more into gameplay than collection then i would can skip this one. The game itself is not bad, it’s more like an empty shell, looks pretty sounds nice but the gameplay is too much repetitive things that you have to watch over and over. The only gameplay is managing the teams and pushing the button to start grinding for hours. In the end the game seems to have great potential but feels incomplete.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Mixed
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence
  • Mode : Single Player

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.2
  • Installation Size : 1.1 GB
  • Full Size : 2.89 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store