Space Leaper Cocoon Review 2022: How good is the game?

Space Leaper Cocoon Review 2022: How good is the game?

Space Leaper Cocoon is a pixel art Idle RPG game which has unique art and game play. If you like Retro games and Monster Musume you will surely like the waifu in this game. Let’s dive in to find more about this particular idle game.

What is the Story of Space Leaper Cocoon?

“System rebooting…Functions restored.

Requesting Leap system user privilege access…

Access granted. My name is J-001, captain of the annihilation mission. Welcome to Space Leaper Cocoon.”

A mysterious unworldly event altered your phone and became a portal into the Leap universe, establishing a connection between you and alien waifus.

How is the Game play of Space Leaper Cocoon?

After a nice 3D intro, you start with some dialog between you and some alien waifus known as Leapers. The start of the tutorial which guide you through all the basics of the game, you may notice that the game has 2 different phase.

The first phase consist of the exploration part where you move the leapers to engage in dialogues or start a fight like in Pokemon. Only thing different here, is that you won’t encounter any monster randomly. As for the second phase, you’ve guess it already, it’s combat itself. Combat itself will have it’s Pre fight where you will need to place a certain amount of Leaper on a 8×6 board.

You may have a certain limit of how much Leaper, you can deploy on the board and sometime some other restrictions depending on the stage. Also you can only place them on one side of the board(left side normally). Once fully prepared and having the right positioning for example tank in front and mage in the back. You can start the fight where the leapers will start moving and fight automatically.

Combat and Idle reward

Note at the bottom of your screen, you will notice the avatar of your leaper that will glow after the energy bar is full. During that phase, you can use the ultimate of the Leaper or choose to put auto mode on or off for each leaper on the field. Another important thing is synergy and bonuses between units for example using 3 units of the same faction will give you a bonus or using 3 units of the same type also grants you a bonus in stats.

Another important factor of the game is the idle part of the game, you can start obtaining your resources once you finish first chapter. This is one of the only game that have a 24 hour collect limit which i appreciate a lot. This means your not a slave to the game where you need to connect every 8 or 12 hours daily. The deeper you mine, the better the rewards gets. You can survey the information to collect your reward, hasten a quick survey for 2 hours of idle collect.

Leveling and upgrade

Space Leaper Cocoon has a very unique system, leveling is basically the same as other idle game where you pump resources into a unit until you reach a level cap. Once the level cap is reached, you will need to limit break your unit to reach the next level cap. This game only have 5 star max and a max level of level 150 but this is only the first step of upgrading a unit. After you manage to 5 star your unit with fragment that you manage to collect, you can start working on upgrading the Phase which will have 3 level. Phase will need different resources and fragment to upgrade, so i consider it a late game upgrade.

Let’s not forget about Micro Chain where you get bonuses for upgrading other units that are link to this Leaper. It’s a bit like a friend system where you unlock more things for your main units while upgrading the other Leapers and completing your collection. Lastly is the affection system which you will need to work on it, you will need to offer lot’s of gift and take that unit to the Journey Center a lot to create a solid bond.

Skill and Gear

Skill is very straight forward, you will just need to upgrade the grade of your Leaper to obtain higher level skill. Only skill that you will need to upgrade separately is the Character Gear which acts like a unique weapon. Luckily no need to farm or pull for it in a Gacha, but you will need to farm Iridescent Array for resources to upgrade it. It will change grade with level and will unlock new effect for the units but you may need to level up your unit to a certain grade for that.

Thankfully Leaper needs only 3 gear for 3 different type of class namely Tank, Mage and Fighter. Your gear can be level up but the level cap will depends on the quality of the gear namely common, qualified, standard, advanced, refined and legendary. Legendary will have secondary stats lines compared to the common gear and also the level cap will be different. Your primary gear attributes will always stay the same but your secondary gear attributes will be randomly unlock at each level cap.

Other mode

As usual to avoid a never ending article and in order to avoid you too many spoiler for you. So that you can play the game with some knowledge, here’s a list of other modes and important things that you will see in the game. This is only a brief description of modes but the combat will remain the same, only the stage and rules that may change.

  • Proxy TasksMain quests and Achievements
  • Leapers Files Leaper list where you can upgrade them and equip gear
  • Repository Your inventory with all your items, gears and leaper fragments
  • Leaper SearchSummon your Leaper here
  • Cloud System Upgrade stats system for different class
  • Peru’s EmporiumGeneral Shop where you can spend different currency
  • Archives Library of information and achievements
  • Astral Messages Mailbox and Chat
  • Contacts Leaper chat and friend list
  • Bounty Board Dispatch missions for currency and resources
  • Neutron Star Labyrinth mode unique to Space Leaper Cocoon which look like a board game
  • Journey CenterAnother simpler version of Labyrinth mode where you can obtain Leaper fragment
  • Analog Campaign PVP fight
  • Iridescent Array Dungeons for resources and gears
  • Leaper Odyssey Labyrinth mode
  • Cocoon Park Resource production buildings
  • Shop Cash Shop
  • Pass Battle Pass
  • BattleCampaign, Resource survey(mining tower but downward) and Survey efficiency(Idle reward)

What Graphic does Space Leaper Cocoon use?

Space Leaper Cocoon has taken the retro pixel art path in terms of graphics. From live 2D models to classic rpg miniature characters as the first final fantasy game. The character of the game are rather unique as they are a mixture of animal, robot and waifu. Resulting into a mix which you have never seen in any other game. The battle goes on in a grid base battle field and the animation of ultimate has nothing special.

How is the Controls of Space Leaper Cocoon?

Controls is not Space leapers cocoon fort, the game give you control only before battle. The rest of the control are left to the AI during the whole battle. Only thing you could do, is to tap the ultimate skill button if you didn’t activate the auto play.

Sound & Music

If you happened to like retro music, you will absolutely love the music theme of Space Leaper Cocoon. A very nice retro background music for a modern game is very rare, music does go on loop but you’ll never get tired listening to it. Each Leaper have it’s own voice actor with multiple lines which are unique, for example some may have a voice like talking underwater or using auto tune. Sound effect are also very well done, overall i give full mark on the work on the team who worked on the music and sound effects.

How long is the Game Length of Space Leaper Cocoon?

The daily routine of this game takes around 15 min to complete. Whereas the game play itself make take some hours specially if your pushing your progress in the campaign. The game has different mode to keep you busy so you can easily choose the number of time your going to spend as there’s no pressure to keep up with other player.

Is Space Leaper Cocoon Free to play?

I would say the game is very F2P friendly as how easily you can obtain resources to summon. You don’t need natural 3 star units to finish the game as the revolves more on team composition. You can easily buy fragments of units in the shop which refresh weekly. Making the process to max a unit easier as you won’t really need to summon to progress further. All content are available to play and no paywall.

Is Space Leaper Cocoon Pay to win?

I would not really call it P2W as the only advantage you will get is additional resources including summons. But remember that obtaining units are random so even with a thousand summons won’t guarantee you to max a unit right away. Beside PVP i can’t find any P2W elements you can get.


No ads.


The shop offer the basic service as all gacha games that is daily, weekly, monthly, promotional, summon, currency, subscription and gems packages. Price will vary between $0.99 to $99.99 but be careful when buying multiple package as it may cost you more than that.

What is the Life span of Space Leaper Cocoon?

Considering Space Leaper Cocoon is an idle game, we could imagine that the game would have a very long life span. Specially if they are going to introduce new heroes and events to keep the old player busy collecting Leaper. But I’m worried about this game future, although the game is an excellent idle game with all kind of unique modes and characters. The main problem is there’s no endgame content after completing the campaign. This is a gaping hole that will make the game lose a lot of it’s player base overtime including me. So i would not be surprise the game would close there server in 1 year as they may have a low player base.


As all idle game, time and resource management is key of getting a good progression. This will avoid you being stuck on a stage for days. This game is very beginner friendly in terms of management of resources, free reset on units until a certain level, easy upgrade system and easy gear system. Learn different strategy with different type of units and various team composition plus the units positioning.


Official Site




  • Add endgame contents
  • Wish list in Leaper Search
  • Increase the amount of fragment when obtaining dupe
  • Add other method of obtaining fragment


New events and new leapers are coming out nearly every month.

Should you play Space Leaper Cocoon?

Yes, Space Leaper Cocoon is a good idle game with balanced amount of contents to keep busy enough and also a game that doesn’t consume too much of your precious time. The game is very unique idle game that we could easily compare to the other copy paste idle game with a different skin. Once you complete the campaign there’s not much to do beside raising your leapers to max and grinding everyday stage in a repeated way. This is where i see a big flaw in this game, no real endgame content beside collecting leaper and raising them to unlock different illustration. But overall it’s an excellent idle game that i would highly recommend you to play and i hope they would add new features for endgame. Thank you for reading till the end, i will see you in another review, peace!


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : Idle RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global
  • Content Rating : Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: DAMO NETWORK LIMITED

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.4
  • Installation Size : 141 MB
  • Full Size : 365 MB
  • Platform :5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store

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