Hair Challenge Review: Who created that Monster?

Hair Challenge Review: Who created that Monster?

Hair Challenge looks like a fun endless runner game with 3D environment with multiple colors. But the game is more like a challenge runner with multiple stages. Surprisingly the game made it to the top 10 free to play game but do contains some visible flaws, let’s check it out.

How is the Game play of Hair Challenge?

You start right on stage 1 with a simple instruction “swipe to play” and you have just complete the tutorial in only some seconds. The game leave you to figure the rest out by yourself, leaving your character on a zebra colored platform clueless.

The Hair Challenge is a runner game where you will have to move from point A(Starting line) to the point B(finishing line) while you try to collect objects and evade traps. The landscape will change for each stage becoming more and more difficult as you advance.

The objects to collect are the wigs and keys. The wigs are in different colors, not only it will change your hair color but also will make your hair grow longer which will let you earn more points at the end of the stage. The keys will give you a bonus gift after you collected enough of them at the end of the stages.

Of course the game will not let you just collect them peacefully, the traps will not kill you but will cut your hair instead and no hair means no point. Other traps are pit falls, it will make your character fall into the void and it will be considered a game over and you will have to restart the stage.

You will also have objects that will help on your track, for example : gliders but i consider those as landscape as you will always jump automatically on them meaning you will never miss them.


At the finishing line some people seems to be waiting for you. They seems to consider you as a star and cheering for your arrival. As you finish the stage you will fall in an awkward way that will allow your hair to go down and be measured.

The score will depends on how long is your hair, besides the points you will earn diamonds which that you can use to unlock skins in the shop. Note it’s very difficult to keep your long as trap will cut even if your character already dodge the trap itself, your hair will still get hit by the traps.


Honestly it look like a 3D model game with barely any details to really catch your attention. The whole background in an empty blue room with only those zebra platform stages in it. Your character looks ugly for a fashion style game, the only difference in the skins are the color.

OMG! What happened to your face.

How are the Controls in Hair Challenge?

Your character seems to be moving like a rag doll, the movement doesn’t look real. As if your character don’t have any contact with the ground and the controls are way too sensitive with no resistance on the movement. It’s poorly optimized, moving left or right instantly can make you fall into pits or traps or make you fail to collect the wigs.

Sound and Music

One single groovy track for the whole game. The music is loud, the volume seems to go up each time you change screen or when an ads starts playing.

What is the Game Length of Hair Challenge?

A stage last around 1 to 5 min depending on the style you play. It’s not a long game after you clear all the stages which will take less than a day.

Is Hair Challenge Free to play or Pay to win?

It’s F2P but you will have to watch ads. The only single micro transaction is a $ 2.53 to remove ads which doesn’t affect game play itself. But requesting money for something that they added intentionally is considered fraud.


All the rewards including double points, unlocking new skins, rewards from the keys are lock behind ads. After you collect your reward for the next stage you will be force to watch an ads. Also ads will show up at the bottom of your screen during the whole game.

How long is the Life span of Hair Challenge?

As long as they continue to add more stages the game could survive if they manage to keep some people hook who love those kind of game. But those game can easily die because other more appealing runner game always come out every year.


Only a fun game to evade traps and collect wigs, doesn’t add anything. Maybe you can develop your cognitive processes to know when to evade and when to collect.




Polish the graphic, the character model looks terrible. Stop the force ads, let the player choose to watch ads. The remove ads button should have another window of confirmation before jumping directly to transaction window. Fix the lag or delay and also the controls needs adjustment.


New stages.

Should you play Hair Challenge?

No, you have better games out there today. So many red flags for a small game who seems like an unfinished product to me. Asking $ 2.53 to remove ads that they have put inside the game hurts the free to play aspect of the game. Meaning the real game cost $2.53 which is expensive for an unpolished product, my advice is to stay away from these kind of games.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Negative
  • Type : Runner
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : Yes
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Everyone
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Rollic Games

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 3.8
  • Installation Size : 81 MB
  • Full Size : 190 MB
  • Platform : Android Version 4.4 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store

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