Ludo Club Review: A classic revive into the digital world

Ludo Club Review: A classic revive into the digital world

Finally we have a ludo game on mobile game, the classic board game is here. Ludo Club is a ludo game(ha!) which you can play with friends and people around the world. The game got the attention of lot of people as it’s one of the top free to play game. Let’s check this game and see what so special about it.

How is Ludo Club Game play?

You start the game in a lobby, you will see multiple modes where you can start a match. Before we go into these mode, let me explain you as briefly as possible what is ludo.

What is Ludo?

Ludo is a strategy board game for 2 to 4 players, each player will pick a color between red, blue, yellow and green. Each player will have 4 tokens(pieces), those token are played on the base of each respective color. A die roll will determine the movement of the token.

To start a player need a “6”, he will be able to bring a token into play and will have another turn so that he can move his token. Generally getting a “6” can make you play multiple time and also move different token, for example: put a new token into play then move a different token.

Your main goal is to bring those 4 tokens back home before the other, sounds easy! Not really as other player can attack your token freely by landing on the same tile where your token is. If that happen you will have to restart the re roll of “6” again to get the token back into the field.

Luckily you have some safe zones, the starting tile is one of them( the colored tile) and the 3rd tile on the plain lanes have one safe tile(star). The hunter and the hunted is how a ludo game turns out, decide to focus on the finishing the race or to kill other player’s token, you will be given such a choice.

The game doesn’t end until 3 player already brought all 4 token home, the last one is the loser. You will get a little table of how many kills and points you obtained. Those point can let you buy skins(mostly frames) and emoji, you also get to gamble the money to try to get even more.


They have different mode, PvP as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc. You can choose to play against player in the world(public match), play only against your friend(private match) and play against the computer. Warning the bots(AI) is busted, they will always get the right roll at the right time, ruining the match completely.

Ludo is a game of luck but they tried to change it in ludo club, they added a pay to get the roll that you need. You can either watch a limited amount of ads to do so or pay real money and get unlimited rolls. So a player can win easily if he pay when he needs to which is absolutely ridiculous.

What Graphic does Ludo Club use?

Just the most basic 2D graphic, nothing special about it.


You don’t really control the piece on the board, it moves automatically when you finish rolling your dice.

Sound & Music

You have only 1 track playing in the lobby, no music during the game which is weird. The sound effects are sync with the actions.

What is Ludo Club Game Length?

A match can last around 15 min to 1 hour depending on what type of match. A 1 Vs 1 will be shorter than 4 player match.

Is Ludo Club Free to play or Pay to win?

F2P but P2W, unfortunately this game favors the spenders with additional dice rolls. Considering the game heavily depends on dice rolls, they broke the game by doing so.


Although watching ads is optional and you don’t have any of them showing on your board while playing, they have force ads at the end of a match. Many skins, frames and emojis are gated with ads but thank god they give you the option to watch them.

Micro Transaction

The cash shop sells both currency present in game, namely Gold and Cash. The price varies from $0.99 to $99.99. You do have time limited packages but don’t have any subscription or VIP packages.

What’s Ludo Club Life span?

As a multiplayer board game the game can easily go on for years, competition between players always attracts more people. An also it’s a nostalgic board game which doesn’t have age restriction, the fact that you can play with a friend is a big boost to the game’s life span.


Any board game help a person in life, taking decisions, knowing when to move, when to eliminate someone piece on the board. Also you can learn a bit more about the person your playing against. Learn patience, tactics, hope and frustrations, overall a good game to develop interactions and feelings.




  • Remove the re roll chance with cash it ruin the game completely.
  • Change the force ads at the end of a match.
  • The bot mode is unfair to players.
  • Put modes where players can choose specific rule.
  • Add new content to keep the game alive.


No updates.

Should you play Ludo Club?

Sadly it’s a No. The bot is busted making the probability to win against them very low. Avoid playing in random as some cash player can choose the dice roll and dominate the party. Force Ads are present after a match and the cash shop does give an edge to spenders which are red flags. If you want to play with your friend you can set the rules on not using the dice re roll and enjoy the game.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Negative
  • Type : Board
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : Yes
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Everyone
  • Mode : Multi Player
  • Published by : Moonfrog

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.3
  • Installation Size : 29 MB
  • Full Size : 179 MB
  • Platform : Varies with device
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store

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