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Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games

Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games

Introduction Dark Souls Like games up until recently were amongst the most unrated mobile gaming thankfully a lot of developers build a community for it by bringing a lot of ports to mobile.  With that said I’m going to be showing the best. We’ve got 

Block Blast Review 2023

Block Blast Review 2023

Block Blast Adventure MasterReview 2023 What is Block Blast Adventure Master? Block Blast is a block puzzle game published by Hungry Studio. Simple, fun ,addictive and colorful. Let’s take a look at Block Blast Review for now. How is Block Blast Adventure Master Gameplay Mechanics? 

Woodoku Review the best free to play around?

Woodoku Review the best free to play around?

Woodoku Review 2023

Journey mode

What is Woodoku?


Woodoku is a wood block puzzle game published by Tripledot Studios Limited. Famous for been simple, addictive, free to play and a brain teaser. We shall see if all that is true or not in this Woodoku Review.

Woodoku's Tutorial

With a record time of less than 15 sec, Woodoku’s has one of the shortest tutorial in mobile game. I like that they explain the game in a straightforward way like this.

The instructions are easy enough to understand. However I feel that the tutorial should also include restricted action such as undo, rotate a form or change the set of form. 

Tutorial for Woodoku

How is Woodoku's Gameplay Mechanics?

Woodoku takes the Sudoku board meaning a 9×9 grid and instead of number you will have to fill it with wooden blocks. Either you complete a horizontally line or vertically line or completing a block of 3×3, same as in Sudoku.

You have 3 different geometric forms and you need to place them in the 9×9 board with no time limit. Each time you finish placing the 3 forms, you will obtain 3 new random forms again. So either you manage to complete the blocks or free space for the next 3 forms else you lose it’s game over.

What is the trick to winning Woodoku?

A simple trick is to focus on completing a Line instead trying to make the whole board look pretty. Another trick is to use the corner as much as possible. Check in this video how i solved Woodoku daily quest quickly. 

Does Woodoku has any Social Features?

No, Woodoku has no social features such as chat or guilds where you can compare or even challenge other people. It’s a solo game where you break your own Highscore.

Woodoku's Graphics and Art Style

While little or nearly no one really cares about the graphic of such a simple game. Woodoku manage to impress with a clean 2D and 3D art. 

The wooden theme seems to much perfectly with the game’s name. You can easily differentiate the forms and board as they uses a good way to contrast dark brown from a light brown.

2D and 3D graphic of woodoku

Music and Sound effect of Woodoku

Accept it, the game was design to be without music . You can either listen to your favorite music while playing or simply enjoy the silence.

Simple but memorable, I can always tell if someone is playing Woodoku nearby providing the sound is on and that the person is not wearing any headset.

Is Woodoku Free to Play?

Yes, Woodoku is a really free to play game. No cash shop or any type of monetization present in the game which is very rare in mobile games today.

For once there will be no discussion between Free to Play and Pay to win. So enjoy a classic game without any pesky Cash shop.

How is Woodoku's End Game and Future Prospects?

For those who don’t know Woodoku has been here since Mar 25, 2020. During 3 years this game been in the top 100 of mobile games. That’s a big achievement for a small game.

The events “Journey” can motivate passionate player to grab all achievement badge, thus making them stay for a longer period of time.

To be Honest things can get boring quickly. But that’s the limitation of a simple and we should accept it. The game was made to have a little fun and that’s it, so no end game in Woodoku?

Completed level in Woodoku

Section 7: Does Woodoku have ads?

Yes, Woodoku does have ads that will pop up after you win or lose a match. Duration of the ads are between 5 to 15 seconds before can skip it. 

I admit it that ads are annoying specially when you didn’t choose to watch one. Not only it ruins your concentration but also hearing music after long silent game is not pleasant at all.

The best way to deal with those ads is to turn off the Wifi or Data. So goodbye annoying ads but also goodbye important call or mail. So you should consider what’s best for you. Yes Woodoku can be played Offline. 

Section 7: Should you play Woodoku?

Yes, definitely, If you like to do some light brain exercise and looking for a simple game to switch your attention for some minutes or simply a game with no energy system and completely free to play.

Now, are the Woodoku Review in play store and app store Real or Fake? I think they are Real. What do you think about it, how about sharing your point of view and experience below.


Space Leaper Cocoon Review 2022: How good is the game?

Space Leaper Cocoon Review 2022: How good is the game?

Space Leaper Cocoon is a pixel art Idle RPG game which has unique art and game play. If you like Retro games and Monster Musume you will surely like the waifu in this game. Let’s dive in to find more about this particular idle game. 

Artery Gear Fusion Review 2022: Is it the best RPG?

Artery Gear Fusion Review 2022: Is it the best RPG?

Artery Gear Fusion is a turn based RPG on a mix of anime theme and kantai(mecha and girls together). Form a team of 4 units to battle against the enemy known as the puppets. The game is said to be as good as Epic Seven, 

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Review: The Best Mobile MOBA?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Review: The Best Mobile MOBA?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a MOBA on mobile platform where you choose a hero to fight in real time against other players. Try to win by all kind of methods with or without the help of your team. For years this game has been the number one MOBA in mobile, why is that? Well we will try to find out more about it’s rise and also it’s potential fall if League of Legends: Wild Rift comes to global.

What is the Story of Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Surprisingly Mobile Legends Bang Bang does not have a main story. Instead each hero has it’s own story which connect heroes to each other with multiple stories. Those stories are featured in multiple short animated video. But we can see clearly that they wanted to focus more on the game play than the lore. A bit disappointing as we all wanted to know why they are fighting. Oh well! At least i wanted to know more.

How is the Game play of Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

The game greets you with a very basic tutorial on how the game mechanics works. The tutorial consists of multiple small objectives and is separated in multiple part. Each represent different lesson about different roles and maps. As for your first lesson in the tutorial, you will learn to move, auto attack, use skill, stay behind minion or under your turret, avoid attacking an enemy hero under the enemy turret, etc. Your opponent will be a dumb AI (bot) which is easy to kill but don’t get too cocky after finishing your tutorial.

Although the tutorial did a good job showing you the basic, this won’t be enough against real player. Anyway back to what is the game play of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game is simple destroy the enemy base or make them surrender to win. To do so, you will have multiple obstacle in front of you. A team of 5 player behind their tower on the other side of the map trying to do the same thing as you.

So you will need to attack but also defend your base to avoid losing. The game is not about who gets the most amount of kills like Call of Duty or Modern Warfare. Don’t fall into this kind of trap where you are only playing to have the maximum number of kills and ignoring the main objective of the game. This may cost you dearly and will anger many of your teammate as you never helped them or defended the base when needed the most.

In Brief, you have to kill minions to obtain gold and experience, level up your heroes and buy items to become stronger. Try to destroy your enemy base before the enemy does so while trying not to die to avoid long respawn time. Helping your team secure buffs in the jungler, defending turrets and allies but also destroying enemy turrets and killing enemy heroes. Don’t forget the part where you need to have fun!


All match are played in a specific map, the most popular layout is the 3 lane map. Many people knows it as “Classic”, where the map has 3 lane and is divided into 2 symmetrical part. One for each team, on each lane each team will have 3 turrets per lane that defends their base respectively. Let’s not forget about the jungle is very important part of the map where many buff and bonus can help your team get an advantage.

Some maps won’t have a jungle while other might have only 1 lane. It’s the best to try and learn about the map before actually playing against real player. The lanes are called the Top, Mid and Bot. As for Mobile Legends Bang Bang they are called Experience lane, Middle Lane and Gold Lane. I won’t go in too much detail explaining every single thing in the map, my idea is to give you an overall understanding of it.


As the word itself says all, Preparation is where you will normally choose your emblems and builds or seek information on items. Here a brief description of the content of Preparation.

  • Emblems – upgrade them with emblems and battle points to unlock passive bonus and talents points, you can have up to 7 talents points and you have 9 different emblem tree
  • Battle Spells – Information on the lost of Battle Spells
  • Builds – Edit and set up to 3 builds per hero before battle
  • Equipment – Information on the list of items in game showing their recipes and amount of gold required
  • Effects – Cosmetic on Recall, Frames, Emotes and a long list of other effects
  • Skin Paint – Cosmetic where you paint on the back of a hero
  • Quick Chat – Send short important message already written to communicate with allies
  • Tutorial – Redo the training camp or learn about the terms in the game
  • Skill Layout – Choose how your skill placement on the screen

What is the best Emblems, Battle Spells and Builds?

I think the best answer is there’s no real Best as everything will depend on the situation. You will need to experience emblems, battle spells and builds by yourself. Adapt yourself for each situation then you can tell this is the best build when going against a specific enemy hero. So i would say there’s no definitive answer to that question, it’s a relative question which will always vary compare to the players.


The hero is the more powerful unit in the game which you will control. They can level up up to level 15 if they receive experience. They also learn skills which is unique to themselves. Each hero have only 4 skill in total. Hero can be killed but will always respawn at your base after a certain amount of time depending how many you have been killed. Hero can be very strong in skilled hand and completely under performed with an unskilled player.


Heroes are divided into 7 classes, each class has it’s own pro and cons. Here’s a brief description of each of them.

  • Tank – The Most Durable hero with defense and hp
  • Fighter – A Bruiser hero who is durable and deal enough damage to be a threat
  • Assassin – Squishy high burst damage hero
  • Mage – Squishy long range hero with burst damage
  • Marksman – Auto attack damage dealer
  • Support – Healer, Buffer, De buffer, Stunner, a hero who specialize in helping other hero

Mastery Code

Mastery code is a place where you receive small quests to complete for each hero that you owned. In order to receive the badge that you are an expert playing that hero to others. Small quests are usually straight forward but some require you some condition like playing with a specific hero which can be troublesome. As some hero are barely picked by players, so your quests may take some time to complete.

Who is the best hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Again the answer will vary depending in each situation. There’s no Best hero for every situation. Although some hero excel in some specific field, all heroes are not equal in terms of skills. All heroes have both strength and weaknesses. Some heroes are popular because they are quite easy to use and master in a few games while other is a real pain to work with. The answer is relative depending the skill of the player and on what level he’s playing.


This is where you can claim rewards after completing a certain amount of achievements. Achievements are rather easy to obtain if your a regular player, beginner should try to complete as many achievements to obtain emblems to help their account grow. You also have a ranking system based on how many achievements you have accomplished. You will have different category of achievements which you can unlock, here’s the list.

  • Collection – Everything you collect in the game from heroes to a simple emote
  • Battle – Any achievement in battle
  • Arcade – All arcade mode achievements
  • Charisma – Social achievements when playing with friends
  • Esports – Any MCL tournament achievements


The only thing that Mobile Legends Bang Bang have as unique compared to other MOBA is the Esports. The Esports is a live channel where on going tournament of international players, where you can watch live match going on. You can also participate or watch your favorite team playing on tournament days. Also all sponsor ads, Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram are also in there, so that you can share or notify friends about it.


All of your redeemable coins, card, heroes, skins and package are stored here. You can decide when to open them or sell of needed. Always keep an eye for items that have an expiry date, if you forget to redeem it before the events ends. You will lose the item as they will remove it after a patch update.

Other mode

Arcade mode have multiple game during events, they are mostly mini games where to use strategies to win. For example, Magic Chess is an 8-player based game mode, where players will compete against each other in the Magic Chessboard. The goal of this game is to buy and upgrade your heroes and the little commander, customizing your lineup to trigger and counter more and stronger synergies. Of course last one standing is the winner.

What Graphic does Mobile Legends Bang Bang use?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang runs on good 3D graphic, not the best or the worst one i have seen. As the battlefield is shown in isometric view, beautiful graphic is not the most important thing in a MOBA. Many player will run lower graphic to obtain the best performance while playing. Lagging or getting low fps can cost you a match. In max setting, the graphic are really beautiful, nice effect on the water, large amount of detail on the monster.

Aside from the map, the game 3D model are really cool and detailed, you can rotate them and check the animated scene for each of them in the lobby. They also let you check the skins which gives a good look on how the skin model look on your hero before buying. The 2D art are really nice, i consider them on par with league of legends artwork.

The last cosmetic thing is the emotes, frames and effects. Emotes and Frames are only in 2D, sometimes animated and sometime just a dull 2D art. As for the effects, they are a full 3D with rather impressive effects like firework, neon and other beautiful effect which activate when re-spawn or is teleporting or get a kill. Those are mostly for showing off that you own some effects and does not affect the game.


The control are good and responsive. Direction on left and skills on right side of the screen. You won’t have an excessive amount of button to tap which is a big relief. They do have 3 type of settings for controls,

  • Standard – Free Aim where you directly attack an enemy
  • Advanced – Advanced Aim where you choose to attack an enemy unit, minion or turrets
  • Additional – Lock-on Aim where you Lock onto an enemy unit and launch attack on a hero or minion

You will need to experience each of them and see by yourself which one is better depending on your play style. You also have a Targeting Priority between Lowest HP Percent, Lowest HP and Closest Target. This will help you not attack accidentally a minion instead of a hero in skirmish where things can easily get messy. You don’t have to tap constantly the attack button to auto attack, you can simply tap 1 time and it will automatically auto attack unless you move or change target.

Sound & Music

Honestly i don’t expect much from a MOBA game in terms of music. As expected you will have the game main theme music playing in an infinite loop in the lobby and the same thing apply in the battlefield. The voice over of each hero does make them more lovable, they do have some special lines for some skins or when they meet a specific hero. The sound effect are satisfactory nothing funky or out place. The announcer can be change with some heroes voice which is kinda nice.

What is the Game Length of Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

A match normally will be between 10 to 15 min. The game itself is design to be short and fast but there’s always some exception to the rules. Some match last more than 30 min can when your in a stalemate . Now if you want to complete your daily quests this may take you 1 or 2 hours. Dailies does take some time in Mobile Legends Bang Bang but they are very important for your account progress as F2P.

Is Mobile Legends Bang Bang Free to play?

Yes, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is fully F2P. They give you different heroes of each class for free and some free skins too. You also have the weekly free heroes and free gacha pull everyday for a selected free hero. Don’t forget about the free trials tickets of heroes and skins that is quite useful to test new heroes. Emblems will take some time to complete as F2P as the amount of currency is limited per week.

Some skins can be bought with a specific currency that you accumulate with time by doing your dailies. Note that you also get the +8 power boost with those skin, meaning you’ll be on par with a cash player no matter what skin he uses. Don’t forget that it’s a skill base game and cosmetic won’t help you against a good player.

Is Mobile Legends Bang Bang Pay to win?

No, Mobile Legends Bang Bang only charge you for some gachas, skins and packages. Skins only give a slight +8 in power, which is pretty insignificant unless your a min max person. I doubt we can call this P2W. On the other side, paying does offer you a rapid progression to complete your emblems and obtain champions faster than any F2P. Most of the event are for cash player but non of them will give you an overwhelming advantage against other players.


No Ads but you will get some pop up of time limited packages.


The game is busted with a large amount of cash products. Skins, gems, background, emotes, in game currency, packages, battle pass and events currency. As mentioned above skins are mostly cosmetics and give a slight boost in power but don’t really give you the edge against other player. Most of the events are for cash player as some quests will require you to spend in order to exchange for the event currency.

Be careful lots of events are behind a gacha system which means you may not obtain the desire rewards on the first pull. Unless they have a pity system, then you will have to spend enough to reach the pity. Package price vary between $0.99 to $100 as usual. Better wait for promotion on skins or heroes to buy them if you find something interesting. Maxing your emblems is a good and effective way to spend.

What is the Life span of Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

The live PVP has always been a thrill for many players and that’s why many games continue on trying to implement it in game. So i would say Mobile Legends Bang Bang is in a very solid position where the game would last for years. Even if the graphic would get old, the adrenaline rush of fighting other player and winning stays the same. And that gives Mobile Legends Bang Bang a long life span unless they mess up the balance of some heroes.

They also have a mastery system of each hero with some mini quests. It’s more like an achievement to show other people what you have accomplished and what hero you have mastered. A bit like an intimidation or a boast. Luckily for Moonton players like those kind of thing, trying to continue to play until they have all mastery and badges. Games can be called completed only when you have obtain everything.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang force you to learn about the game mechanics, heroes, items, maps, spells, emblems and to play with other player. Learning never stops! Which is entirely true in a MOBA, some opponents will always surprise you with a weird builds or unorthodox way of fighting. Items and heroes are constantly re balance which force you to learn about buffs and nerf of heroes. Most important thing is to learn to communicate with other player.

Take decision in real time that can lead you to victory or defeat. This is where the strategy kicks in. This game have a large part of being strategic despite it’s simple goal. Adapt strategy depending on your team or situation to trick your opponent into a false sense of security. Do back doors, ambush, ganks and so much effective strategy. But strategy is useless if your planning to play the game by yourself and for yourself only.

Which bring us to the last benefit, communication. Communication is key in those kind of game, what is the use of having knowledge of all the game and knowing all kind of strategy but you can’t pass it to your team. With good communication whether it’s voice or chat, can largely affect a match. Respecting your teammate and skill level can be difficult but not impossible, try giving positive feedback. Instead of being Toxic and releasing a wave of insult to them, may bring you bad reputations and reports.

Making you, the worst of players who always blame it’s team for losing and never praise them for winning. Remember it’s just a game where random people are playing with you. No need to get emotional and make other people gaming experience a nightmare. Last thing about Mobile Legends Bang Bang, it’s highly addictive!!! so watch out.


Official Site








  • More F2P events
  • Additional ways to obtain currency to buy new heroes
  • A more beginner friendly way to obtain emblems
  • Balance of some heroes and matches making
  • Auto ends a match if 2 or more people are afk
  • More severe punishment for afkers, trollers and feeders
  • Discount of champion every 2 week with in-game currency
  • More items can be bought with in-game currency
  • A way to earn or exchange in game currency for gems


The game updates every week with both bug fix and updates. Events updates is nearly every 2 weeks depending on the type of events. New heroes and skin does show up with a longer delay but you will always have an event going on. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a very active game with updates to keep you busy and avoid boredom.

Should you play Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Yes, it’s a good example of a MOBA game for mobile. Some would call it a copy of League of Legends on Mobile which i partly agrees. While it does share some similarity with league of legends, the characters are quite unique. Mobile Legends Bang Bang does not have a main story but focus more on the game play part which can be considered good or bad from a certain point of view. It also share the same burden of all the other MOBA games.

A list of things that make MOBA quite infamous. I won’t list all of them because it’s another subject entirely. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is not beginner friendly, have a difficult learning curve and is highly addictive. It also suffers from trolls, afkers, ragers, etc… while it sound very negative, not all your match will be filled with them. You will also encounter skilled, friendly and helpful players. Those guys and girls will make you have a very positive experience of the game.

Keep in mind that you can’t win every single match. It’s a hard reality that you will have to accept no matter how good you are. After over 500+ match, i can say that MOBA reflect a lot of reality into a match. You can’t win by yourself, you will need assistance from time to time whether from a strong or a weak person. Helping others will help you win and help from others may help you overcome a difficult opponent.

Anyway i digress, the game still have some improvement to do in terms of balancing heroes and matches. Events are not fun for F2P and emblems progression is extremely slow unless you pay. A typical mobile mechanics to make you spend. It’s a good adrenaline rush to play 1 or 2 match per day but don’t touch that game if your in a bad mood. As you may regret it, losing is not fun and can sometimes be very frustrating. You are playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang to have fun so don’t take things too seriously unless your a pro player going in a competition to win a cash price.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : MOBA
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global
  • Content Rating : Teen, Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes
  • Mode : Multiplayer
  • Published by: Moonton

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 3.8
  • Installation Size : 150 MB
  • Full Size : 6.04 GB
  • Platform :4.1 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era is an idle game which features beautiful goddess fighting at your side to fight other goddess. While it doesn’t make too much sense, i doubt you downloaded the game to understand any part of it. Your clearly here for some obvious reasons!! Who 

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Mobile Legends Adventure Review: Is it good?

Mobile Legends Adventure Review: Is it good?

Mobile Legends Adventure in an idle RPG based on the famous MOBA game “Mobile Legends Bang Bang“. You collection a variety of heroes and goes on an adventure. The game is still popular, so i wanted to do review on it. Let’s find out more about this game.

What is the Story of Mobile Legends Adventure?

Nice Anime intro

After a nice intro in Anime, the game starts talking about Akashic answer which is a bit confusing, anyway you end up waking up to see a Layla in your face. It’s the first time i have some trouble understanding the story of a game. What i understand is things went wrong and end up destroying the world, luckily all is not over as Lunox manage to send you back to the past to avoid this tragedy.

How is the Game play of Mobile Legends Adventure?

As you listen to the dialogue of Layla, you will start a lengthy tutorial where you will learn about combat, positioning, upgrade heroes, equip heroes and summoning. The game is rather simple, form a team of 5 heroes and fight against another team or boss. As all idle game power level will determine whether you win or lose the battle. So you job is to maintain your power level high enough to tackle stages and manage your team to victory.

Power level can be increase in various way such as

  • Leveling a Heroincluding limit break
  • Equip the Hero with gearsets or better rarity
  • Fusing the Hero more star means better stats


Heroes come in 3 rarity namely Rare(useless hero), SR(Elite Hero) and, SSR(Epic Hero). However when it comes to fusion things are a bit more complicated. Mobile Legends Adventure uses a star system where you fuse hero of the same star to obtain a higher star hero. Here’s a good example:

  • 3 star + 3 star = 4 star
  • 4 star + 4 star = 5 star
  • 5 star + 5 star = 1 red star
  • 1 red star + 1 red star = 2 red star

Fusion works with any rarity of hero, 3 to 6 star can be fuse together as long as they belong to the same faction. To get to 7 star aka 1 red star, you will need a copy of that hero, then the rest work as the normal fusion as long as you are using the same faction. You can fuse up to 9 star for now.

Note that this game has the option to auto level your heroes as long as you have 5 heroes leveled up. A building name Holy Shrine will let you save load of resources and let you level up heroes that you want to use later on. Keep in mind that it will always take the lowest level hero and transfer it to the other non main heroes.

If i didn’t mention gear, it’s because they barely give you power early on. Much later in the game when you start unlocking faction sets and epic quality gear, then you can start focus on them. Use your fodder gear below epic rank to level up your gear.

Game modes

Beside the campaign where you battle stage to stage to clear the world map, you can try other modes although combat maybe the same but the rule will be different. Here’s a list of other game modes:

  • Labyrinth A little puzzle mode where you will have to clear a board from enemies to move to the next floor. you will have to flip a square in order to discover enemy, bonus, merchant and summon help. Last floor will have a boss waiting for you which you can clear easily if you accumulated enough bonuses from slaying the monster on a floor.
  • Tower of BabelChallenge each floor to move to the next one. Note that the power of monster increase on each floor but reward does get better and better as you climb up.
  • Tavern – Send your heroes to expedition quests. Note that hero you send is still available to play the other game modes. You have solo bounty and team bounty where you will need a friend hero to complete it. It takes around 1 to 4 hr depending the rarity of the bounty.
  • Akashic Ruins Another little classic rpg game where you move your hero to collect buff or fight enemies to obtain keys to open lock doors. Collect and beat everything on the little map to obtain monolith.
  • Arena your PVP mode where you fight other player to climb rank to obtain daily rewards according to your rank and league.
  • Realm of LegendsAnother little rpg mode but more accentuate towards solving a puzzle in correct order. Same rule as Akashic Ruins, collect and beat everything.
  • Trek of MiracleExplore the little map with aboard your ship, you will be rewarded with 3 chest if you complete the fight with the requirements. Try to complete the map with maximum rewards in hand.
  • Guild BossFight the guild boss daily on a limited time and try to do as much damage as you can.
  • Event BossFight the event boss for a currency that you can exchange for good prices.


Mobile Legends Adventure use different 2D graphic. The miniature version of the heroes are used during combat and the beautiful animated illustration of the heroes in the info section. The illustration are really good and detailed compare to the mini version. Now why did they choose 2 different style of graphic, i don’t know!! The game would have been super nice if they kept the character to normal size with the graphic of the illustrations.

Same goes for the skills, they do a zoom in and out of the mini character doing it’s ultimate. The result is a boring and outdated animation which you will turn off and easily forget. However some skin do have a Flashy skill animation but unfortunately those skins are locked behind a pay wall. Some fan service from those 2D animation like bouncing chest of female heroes which i think become a requirement for every game now.

The background is a standard static 2D with a very small light or fire animation for all the screen except the campaign where you can see your heroes fighting. Next thing worth mentioning are the skins, they look really good, they are well illustrated and animated. They respected the design from the original game of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and skin look even better as they are animated here.


As expected Mobile Legends Adventure is like all idle games, control doesn’t really apply to them. As most of the time you will only tap a button or switch position of your heroes. The Auto mode will do all the fighting for including casting hero skills, so it’s not applicable here.

Sound & Music

Another game with the same music repeating itself every 10 seconds. This will get boring quickly, which you will turn off the music and put some music of your choice instead. Part of the story has voice actor which make the story interesting. Reading dialogue only make you just want to skip the story which is sad as the story is not that bad. Of course all your heroes has a voice actor line when doing their ultimate(which becoming annoying to hear for some hero).

What is the Game Length of Mobile Legends Adventure?

Once you reach level 80+, the game pace slows down and you will have to rely on your daily quests to get additional rewards. Daily quests takes around 10 min, the labyrinth takes a bit more time to complete as more grid and level are added. Remember that your maximum afk reward cannot exceed 12 hours, so be sure to connect at least 2 times per day to collect them. As a F2P, your progress will depend on it.

Is Mobile Legends Adventure Free to play?

The game is F2P and does offer a good amount of gems to do multiple pull. However the VIP is locked behind pay wall is not F2P at all. Even that they give you some free VIP points in achievements after you clear a chapter. Sadly it’s a 1 time reward, you will be stuck on a certain VIP level unless you decide to buy some points. It’s possible to play as F2P but your progression will be very slow. It may take you a full year to get your team to a decent amount of stars.

Is Mobile Legends Adventure Pay to win?

Yes, it’s a P2W game. The VIP points, battle pass, SSR fragments, gems and skins are only for spenders. The game can boost your hero to a good amount of star if your going to spend. Of course, things will slow down much later in the game as expected for an idle game. Spending some money will definitely make you more powerful than any F2P but be careful with the summons as the rate are not that good.


They give you the option to watch up to 4 ads to obtain gems daily.

Micro transaction

The cash shop will have different packages, monthly pass, starlight pass(season pass) and of course it’s VIP pass. The shop is the standard cash shop in all other game with price varying between $1 to $100. Be careful when spending on summoning tickets as RNG can mess you up badly, remember that your not guaranteed any SSR and may end up wasting your money. The best value for money is the Diamond Fund and the Starlight pass.

What is the Life span of Mobile Legends Adventure?

Idle game tends to have a good life span as they have an infinite loop of gameplay that repeat again and again. In other word, you will never reach the end stage as developer will release other stages by the time you will reach it. While this is good news for Mobile Legends Adventure, i fear that people may get bored of the game and move for a newer idle game.

Most of the player are fans of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and will support the game but on the other hand, someone who is new to Mobile Legends will have no attachment to the game specially if they had bad RNG and is progressing very slowly. In the end i think Mobile Legends Adventure will be with us as long as long as Mobile Legends Bang Bang will stay popular and exist.


A little management of heroes is always a good way to improve your management skills. As the game has faction system, this will let you use different strategy to defeat them. Just be careful when your spending a gacha game, look for package that will benefit your progression and is worth your money.








  • Make skill animation look better
  • VIP points accessible for F2P
  • Guaranty an SSR unit in a 10 pull for summoning
  • Better Summoning Rate
  • Balance heroes with aoe skills
  • Change the limit of afk rewards to 24hr
  • Better afk reward as progression is slow
  • More F2P events
  • Skins available for F2P
  • Better background music
  • Remove the content lock behind progression level specially for skin
  • Add a sort for heroes
  • Lower the cost of summoning for events
  • More ways to obtain gems later on


They do update the game every 2 weeks with new events, skins and balance over some heroes. They are also adding new heroes and are upgrading some SR heroes to SSR.

Should you play Mobile Legends Adventure?

Yes, don’t mistake Mobile Legends Adventure for another standard idle game as it is not the case. Although it is the case early on in the game but things will make this game more interesting later on. As you unlock more content and game modes, you will see a very good idle game. I don’t like the contents locked behind progression as this may make a new player miss the good part of the game. Some player will leave after the 7 days as they will see nothing new or interesting going on.

As an idle game, Mobile Legends Adventure is a game of patience after all. Yes it’s P2W will boost you forward compare to F2P but you will eventually slow down in progression. I would say it’s not the best or the worst idle game on the mobile world, remember again it’s an idle game so your progression won’t be as fast as an RPG. You won’t be able to finish the game no matter how much you spend, chill, relax and enjoy the game.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : IDLE RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : Yes
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence, Blood
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Moonton

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.5
  • Installation Size : 148 MB
  • Full Size : 3.28 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 4.3 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
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