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Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games

Dark Souls-Like Mobile Games

Introduction Dark Souls Like games up until recently were amongst the most unrated mobile gaming thankfully a lot of developers build a community for it by bringing a lot of ports to mobile.  With that said I’m going to be showing the best. We’ve got 

Darkest Afk Review 2022: Is it a good game?

Darkest Afk Review 2022: Is it a good game?

Darkest Afk is an idle Rpg game inspired by the famous roguelike Rpg game Darkest Dungeon. Although they share similar art style the game is different from the original game. Let’s find out more about this mobile game. Story Strangely the game did not have 

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest Review: Is it good?

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest Review: Is it good?

Dark Nemesis Review of a game which is instance base MMORPG in a Dark Fantasy world. Where you will fight your way through horde of monster and equip yourself with the best gears and pets. The game trailer look very promising so let’s take a look at the real game.


What is the Story of Dark Nemesis?

We slowly began to forget the old prophecy…We cling to foolish hatred, embodied by war. Mortals blindly rush towards their own doom, blissfully unaware of what the Goddess of Light has in store for them. The Crystal of Light, separated from the Goddess, drifted listlessly through the timeless abyss. The Deepfrosts found the crystal, and displayed it in their museum…Yet the Raven Cult, covetously eyes the crystal from the shadows…Once again, the flames of war shall burn!

That’s all that being told about the story. We don’t know who we are and why we came to the museum? Maybe more will be told in the future…maybe they forget to add the part where you fit in this story.

How is the Game play of Dark Nemesis?

You starts the game by selecting between 4 class. Don’t worry we will comeback in more details about the classes later on. For now let’s focus on the main plot. After you choose your class, you will have a little cinematic of you making an impressive entry in the museum. The museum is already under attack and it seems the crystal has already been taken. This is your tutorial where you will learn movement, skills, dodge and learn about different type of enemies including a boss.

Once you beat the mini boss, you will enter the lobby aka Mirror City. From now on you will go on a roller coaster of chain quests, the game will guide you through mini tutorials each time you unlock a new content. Dark Nemesis is the type of game that unlocks more content as you level up. The main quests will guide you to instances who represent the core of the game. Which consists of moving from point A to point B in a map while completing the main objectives.

The instances are rather short and some stage will have a boss at the end of it. But Dark Nemesis isn’t all about just fighting instances, it has a role playing part where you will have to look after your character and equipment. This is where the game starts getting complicated as you will unlock more and more ways to increase your battle power. I will try my best to give as briefly as possible a description on those “complicated” things but first lets check out the classes.


As mention before you will have 4 classes but things are a bit different in Dark Nemesis. As you can switch between 3 subclass before any instances. They are normally between 3 categories namely for PVE and PVP. The 3rd class is a more supportive subclass for both PVE and PVP. Here are the 4 classes.

  • Assassin – Melee DPS with high mobility
  • Warrior – Melee Tanky with CC(crowd control)
  • Gunslinger – Range DPS with high mobility
  • Mage – High Burst Aoe with high mobility

If you pick the wrong class, you will have the option to switch to another class for free later on. So no need to restart the game or create another character if you messed up. Also i noticed that it doesn’t really matter as long as your power level are ok. Of course that doesn’t apply for PVP contents.


You can combine and awaken your set of armor here. Note that you have 8 part of different equipment to upgrade and awaken. Gear will have different Tiers, the game currently stop at Tier 13. Good luck on combining your gears.


This is where you can enhance, refine, augment, enchant, inlay gems, infuse your gears. It’s a complete and solid forge compared to other game in my opinion.


Spirit are your mount and also your weapon form. Your mount transform into a weapon form when you fight. Here you can put Inscription, Morph, Resonance and upgrade your mount. Some mount have synergy with other mount but you will need to unlock them for that.


Those are your pets, they can assist you during battle and will follow everywhere. They offer passive buffs and active skills. You can upgrade them and set a group of them in a synergy formation depending on your build. The more your unlock the better passive stats you will obtain.


Have similar function as your pets. Get additional stats as you unlock more of them. You can upgrade to get evolution points to unlock passives on them.


You have 3 basic skill and 1 ultimate skill, the ultimate has up to 3 phase which you charge up during battle. Early release will trigger different reaction depending on how much charge it has. You can level up your skill, change style, choose talent, level up guild passive skill and awaken a skill.


Join or create a squad of 5 people which you can participate in events together.


Summon and unlock treasures, those relics will help you obtain more passives. Relic can be redeem and will have different grades. Complete those collection in order to get better stats that other player.


This is basically your wardrobe where you can choose which skin you want to wear. You can select different part of a set to wear them as long as you have unlocked them.

Antiquity Set

A powerful set of equipment which grant a huge amount of stats increase. Complete specific instances to get Dragon Stones to unlock and upgrade the set.


Obtain Reputation for 4 different faction by completing quests or simply donating. Higher rank in donation better items can be obtained by the factions.


Your PVP instances where you can show your skill and fight other player. Arena has 5 different instances:

  • Arena – 1 vs 1
  • Solo Expedition – Challenge solo mode
  • Abyss Hunting Ground – Group PVP mode with different objectives and bosses
  • Battle Royale – Survive different phase of a classic battle royale
  • PVP Battleground – Group PVP like capture the flag


All your PVE content is in here:

  • Campaign – Main story mode
  • Trial of Destiny – Boss fight mode
  • Dream Realm – Instances with different stage and bosses
  • Journals – Quest with different type of mission
  • Material Dungeon – Self Explanatory
  • Bounty – Another Boss fight mode!?
  • Wild – An instances where you can dig treasure, do quests and kill world boss
  • Ether Trip – Labyrinth mode
  • Squad Expedition – Clear different boss with 3 a group of 3 people
  • Oligopoly – Roll the dice and move on different case to obtain reward
  • Exp Dungeon – Self Explanatory


Join a guild, to help each other during PVP event to obtain more point and rewards. You can sign in, donate, upgrade tech tree for passives, buy from guild shop and participate in special time event inside the guild like banquet and kill some monster or collect materials.


A good 3D graphic with a good amount of details on armors and pets. Nearly every equipment has glow effect so you won’t be disappointment in terms of graphic. The Interface is terrible, i felt like Tony Stark entering the Iron man suit without Jarvis to help me understand all the red dots and option available. After 2 week i managed to get a grasp of everything but i doubt some people would wait so long. You can’t zoom in and out or change camera angle which is a bummer, why?


Dark Nemesis has auto play function for most of it’s content. Although you can play manually and that the control are rather easy. Movement joystick on the Left and Skills on the Right, you will also have a dodge and 1 ultimate. The rest i would not call it control as it’s mostly tap a button to upgrade or equip or merge. Some instances require you to control your character manually as it’s power level requirement is high. So to avoid losing time and avoid dying with a stupid AI jumping in the middle of the boss telegraph attack, just play the game manually.

Sound & Music

Another game with a repetitive background music playing in loop. Even the music is epic but you will turn it off after some hours of hearing it again and again. At least they do change the music when you go in instances but again it is the same music for all instances. The sound effect are good from slashing sounds to monsters different sounds. You do have some voice acting at the start of the story which were not that bad, shame they did only the first chapters of the story. Voice acting will always get your attention no matter how senseless or boring the story is.

What is the Game Length of Dark Nemesis?

Prepare yourself to spend at least several hours to clear the quests. Note that the daily quests does not takes around 30 min to complete but the list of quests for events does stack up later on. The more you level up, the more content will be unlock and the things to complete daily as you have limited entry per day. The events is the game is like old school MMO, it starts in specific time of the day. So if you want to keep up with the game, you will need to stay on the game or log in during the specific time.

Is Dark Nemesis Free to play?

If the game had only PVE contents, Dark Nemesis would have been a very F2P game. But it is the case, despite giving a lot of ways of earning ingame currency(diamonds). It does not really match up in terms of power level for PVP contents. You will have a very bad time in PVP modes where a player can 1 shot you with a skill. So this game is not F2P at all.

Is Dark Nemesis Pay to win?

Yes this game is where you will P2W. From VIP levels, battle pass, exclusive SS pets and spirits(mount) that will boost your battle power as long as you pay. The higher the battle power, the higher chance of winning in PVP contents. You can also carry other people in PVE contents and be rank top 3 in boss battle, etc, etc. I think you got the idea, the game is designed for spenders so it’s a very P2W game.


No ads.


As mentioned above, the game have a large amount of options for spenders. Some package are worth buying but others are mostly gambling. As many packages and events are chance base which means your not guaranteed to obtain your ss pet or spirit. Those are the packages available in the shop, VIP, Battle passes, tickets, diamonds, new comers package, daily, weekly and monthly package. The shop is a real mess scattered around the game with different currency which is very confusing when your looking to buy something specific.

What is the Life span of Dark Nemesis?

In all honesty, Dark Nemesis has already doom itself in many ways. The game is a real mess with too much different currency, heavy P2W aspects, locking progression through your level, specific time event make things even harder for players to keep up. Dark Nemesis is trying to do too many things at a time and here is the results. The game had potential to be a really cool game but i don’t think any big change will happened.


Managing your character and equipment has always been a good thing. You will learn a bit more about it in Dark Nemesis as you will spend quite a good amount of time doing it. The team up aspect is also nice, specially when your helping other players to clear instances. The Guild is a good place to meet and help new people around the world and learn some other language if you have foreign friends.




  • Remove the specific time event as many player can’t stay connected all
  • Change the amount of entry for essential materials
  • Put power level cap for PVP, for example 100k power will only fight 100k power opponent
  • Too many different currency making it confusing for new players
  • Add more instance where player can play together or do something when they finish all the daily quests
  • Put higher tier of equipment in the Gacha
  • Remove time limited event for Pets
  • Add different Talent to classes as they tend to do the same thing as all classes
  • Continue to add more quality of life to the game
  • Please let us control the camera
  • Tone down a bit the amount of things you can obtain via cash shop
  • Let all pets, spirits and wings available for farming as F2P later on in the game


Bug Fixes and more gacha events.

Should you play Dark Nemesis?

To be fair with Dark Nemesis, i would say at least try it if you like those kind of game. The game is fun at the start and have a huge amount of content. But too much content can turn against you specially in a mobile game. The game does offer a good amount of QOL to help clear those lengthy grind but locking most of content behind limited entry per day is a bad move. I really like the spirit, mount and glowing stuffs but the game became boring pretty quickly.

PVP was a nightmare to play, most are unplayable for F2P unless your a masochist who like watching getting killed again and again. Clearly there’s no balance between F2P and spenders, the gap between them is way too big. So in the end i would advice a skip if your not into overloading yourself with contents to grind everyday. For me it was not a bad game but it was poorly organized, let’s hope we can see something better later on.


General Information

  • Overall Rating : Negative
  • Type : MMORPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global
  • Content Rating : Teen Violence, Blood
  • Mode : Single Player, Multiplayer
  • Published by: Nuverse

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 2.5
  • Installation Size : 930 MB
  • Full Size : 2.04 GB
  • Platform :5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : No longer available