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Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era Review 2022: Is it a good Idle game?

Goddess Era is an idle game which features beautiful goddess fighting at your side to fight other goddess. While it doesn’t make too much sense, i doubt you downloaded the game to understand any part of it. Your clearly here for some obvious reasons!! Who 

Angel Legion Review 2024?

Angel Legion Review 2024?

What is Angel Legion? Angel Legion Review a 3D Idle Collection RPG with a very different theme that other idle games. If you like science fiction(sci-fi) game, space, ninja, cyborgs and waifu. This game have it all, let’s have a look at this unique 3D 

Call of Antia: The best and Latest Genuine Review

Call of Antia: The best and Latest Genuine Review

The Call of Antia review is finally here, after days of testing, let’s see how this hybrid game is all about.

What is Story in Call of Antia?

After 100 years of waiting, the Dragoneer(you) appears. The knights manage to summon you to solve a pressing issue, darkness is gathering and wreaking havoc. An old evil is trying to comeback to Antia, now you will journey to meet the five sages to complete an old prophesy.

How is Call of Antia game play?

No introduction! the game starts in a middle of a conversation between a group of heroes and you immediately enter in a very very long tutorial mode for 2 chapter of the game. Although their best effort in this tutorial, it’s a bit too long to give the player the freedom to check the game.

I notice that some important information are not available, for example : Buffs/Debuffs and enemy information including stats, skills, etc. Instead you will only get a power level of the whole group of enemy which is not an accurate information to start a battle.

3 Match

The core of Call of Antia is a 3 match game, in order to beat your enemy you will have to match 3 or more runes of the same color. The 3 match color will give your corresponding hero mana. Once the mana bar is full, your heroes can use a skill that will trigger a 3D animation.

Matching more than 3 will trigger additional effect :

  • 3 Match – Consume 3 runes vertically or horizontally
  • 4 Match – Consume 3 runes vertically or horizontally and 1 rune will be charge. You can trigger charge rune directly without matching, this will consume the surrounding 3×3 runes around the charge rune.
  • 5 Match – Consume 4 runes vertically or horizontally and 1 rune will be overcharge. You can also trigger the overcharge rune directly, this will consume all the runes with the same color on the whole board.
  • 6 Match – Same effect as the 5 Match
  • 7 Match – Same effect as the 5 Match and extremely difficult to do.

The main story has no time limit on a match but that does not mean you can let your guard down. As enemy will hit you on every turn and some boss will charge a devastating skill on your hero. If all your 5 hero dies, it’s game over.

Each color represent an element, Fire, Water, Earth, Light and Dark. Fire counter Earth, Earth counter Water, Water counter Fire, Light and Dark counter each other.

City Builder

You will have a little city builder mode in Call of Antia. As most of city builder your Castle is your main building and it’s level will unlock more buildings later on.

Here are the list of buildings available:

  • Castle – Allow to expand your plots and upgrade buildings further
  • Blacksmith – Allow to craft and upgrade both weapons and runes
  • Summon Gate – Allow to summon heroes
  • Museum – Allow to see all information on heroes and costumes
  • Shop – Allow to buy various in game items with different currency in different shops
  • Community – All the link to different social platform for Call of Antia
  • House – Allow to assign heroes to quests(expeditions) for additional rewards
  • Camp – Produce Experience Potion for heroes upgrade
  • Mine – Produce Gold use as common currency
  • Quarry – Produce Stones for construction of buildings
  • Dragon Nest – Allow to keep, feed and upgrade your dragons
  • Hall of Honor – Leaderboard of players who reach milestones first in the server and a way to get free gems

Collection RPG

It’s no surprise that Call of Antia is not a collection RPG. You can upgrade and ascend your Heroes, they are however split into 3 different class :

  • Offense – Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Archer, Pirate
  • Healer – Priest, Druid, Vampire
  • Support – Bard, Mage, Fairy, Paladin

All those heroes are part of different Factions, you can get a special buffs when using 2 or more heroes from the same Factions. As all RPG, you can equip your heroes with a piece of equipment. You are able to upgrade and ascend your equipment to give better stats to them.

Equipment is also split into different category Weapon of Strength, Intelligence and Agility.

The best weapon are exclusive weapons, you can craft them in the Blacksmith. However if you see how scarce the materials are, you better craft a normal weapon and ascend it to max level easily. Note that only 4 star exclusive weapon are available for crafting.

5 Star exclusive weapon is sadly lock behind a pay wall. Anyway you have notice that the game is a Star Rank system. Heroes and Weapons ranks depends on how many stars they have, currently minimum is 2 stars and max is 5 stars.

So awakening heroes will look like this :

  • 2 stars heroes – Max Awaken +3
  • 3 stars heroes – Max Awaken +3
  • 4 stars heroes – Max Awaken +4
  • 5 stars heroes – Max Awaken +5

Awaken is additional bonus stats and skill that the hero will acquire when you get a duplicate. Here’s a little tip, 2 stars awaken hero can be as powerful as a 5 stars non awaken in the early and mid game. So don’t be too sad if you did not get any 5 stars in the beginning.

What kind of graphic has Call of Antia?

The game is a mainly animated 2D with some aspect in 3D, I am disappointed that the game doesn’t look like the ad. The heroes skills, the city, dragon skill and the dragon itself are the only 3D that you will see in the entire game. The 2D look clean and beautiful with the right amount of detail. Each character does look unique and same goes for their skills.

The board in a classic 2D, not particularly interesting as many 3 Match game already doing the same thing. Weapons, Dragons and Heroes does not change appearance or glow when you ascend them. Overall they got a really clean interface, good art style and nice skins too.


The main control are tap and swipe, so I don’t think it’s applicable here. I did not encounter any issue when playing which mean everything is working fine.

Sound & Music

The background music are good enough to let it on when your playing. Part of the story has voice acting which is nice until they stop around chapter 4. Every hero has at least 3 lines of voice acting and they will say another line when using their skill in combat. The volume of the sound effect and background music are well balance, Good job!

What is the game length of Call of Antia?

Call of Antia has an energy system, so can’t really play all day long. Around 15 to 30 min to finish all your daily quests and empty your energy completely. Energy does take a long time to recharge, the game gives you 1 free energy refill per day. You can play the game 2 times per day and try to progress or grind as much as possible.

Is Call of Anita Free to play or Pay to win?

Another F2P game that is P2W, despite giving free stuffs with redeem code quite often. Everything seems to be encouraging you to spend to progress as you will face many walls. A limited amount of energy, a slow energy recharge rate, expensive summons, low gems income, season pass and exclusive 5 stars weapon lock behind a Gatcha with cash only.

The spike in difficulty doesn’t encourage free to player to continue to play, leaving you with grinding stages for day in an effort to ascend 1 hero after 2 days of grinding. PVP and Guild Wars are obviously P2W as i already saw people with team of full 5 stars heroes. The rate for 5 stars is low too, you won’t have a pity to help you get one or you won’t even have gems to summon enough.


No Ads.

How long is the life span of Call of Antia?

The game won’t last too long at this rate, player will not stay in a game with a crawling speed in progression. The shard system for ascending material is a very bad idea to extend a game life span. I saw that the developers are working on many issue of the game, I really hope they fix the game before everyone decide to leave.


Aside from having fun collecting heroes and dragon, the 3 Match games are a good way to exercise your brain. To play effectively, you will need think well before you move as a wrong move can be costly. Parents this is a good game to introduce your children to RPG games, they will learn and play at the same time.



  • Increase the max energy or energy recharge rate
  • Add more way to get free gems
  • Fix the difficulty spike in the Tower of Courage
  • Make exclusive 5 star weapon available
  • Add a pity system to obtain a 5 star hero
  • Lower the summon price on 1 or 2 banner
  • Do a tutorial on Factions and Weapon ascend
  • Change the ads please it’s fake advertisement


Call of Antia will always have different events with updates, Treacherous seas, Hero Trials and a Summoning event. Of course updates include fix of bugs and changes in heroes, weapons and the game modes.

Should you play Call of Antia?

Yes, you should try it. As you can see, Call of Antia is playable as free to play but is more oriented towards a Pay to win. However the Pay to win aspect only affect PVP and Guild Wars, the campaign and other PVE modes are not affected.

The game still have a long way to go, it has many things that will need a fix. If you like the game, don’t give up on it as the developers are listening in discord and fixing some of the big issue of the game.

Don’t lose your time on rerolling on different server unless you really desperate to get a 5 star hero. 5 star hero only outshine other hero when fully ascended and with max weapon which may not happen so soon.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : RPG, 3 Match, City Builder
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published byFunPlus International AG

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.5
  • Installation Size : 551 MB
  • Full Size : 1.25 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Evony Review(The King’s Return) why so popular or infamous?

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