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Champions Arena Review 2023

Champions Arena Review 2023

Champions Arena Review 2023 What is Champions Arena? Champions Arena is a 3D Turn-based RPG published by Gala Games Inc, with a new Play to Earn(P2E) system inside the game for Android and PC. The game revolves around collecting champions to fight using cards system 

Call of Antia: The best and Latest Genuine Review

Call of Antia: The best and Latest Genuine Review

The Call of Antia review is finally here, after days of testing, let’s see how this hybrid game is all about. What is Story in Call of Antia? After 100 years of waiting, the Dragoneer(you) appears. The knights manage to summon you to solve a 

MIR4 Review: Is this game really Play to Earn?

MIR4 Review: Is this game really Play to Earn?

MIR4 is a typical MMORPG on both mobile and PC, with good cinematic, graphic and game play. MIR4 doesn’t bring anything new than the other popular giant of MMORPG game however it’s the first one to have a real play to earn aspect in this genre.


In ancient time where gun didn’t existed yet, you are a disciple of the great magus Sarmati. Your master is guarding a princess while proceeding with your training. Unfortunately the princess is kidnapped and this is where your journey going to start.

How is the Game play in MIR4?

After you finish choosing your class, you will start with a little cinematic. Then the tutorial will pick up and show you the basic. Note the tutorial will pop up during the story if some new or key information that need to be learn or to be understand.

The tutorial is neat, you will barely notice your in a tutorial as it’s well mixed with the story itself. After learning how to move, attack, use a skill, use a potion, jump, meditate, mine, etc, you will start doing some small task known as quest beside the main story.


Before we start going into the world of any MMO, creating the character is the most important part of it. In MIR4, you will have the choice between five class:

  • Lancer – Melee Bruiser Class(Male)
  • Warrior – Melee Tank Bruiser Class(Male)
  • Sorcerer – Range magical DPS Class(Female)
  • Arbalist – Range phyiscal DPS Class(Female)
  • Taoist – only healer class that use range attacks and skills(Female)

Switch Class

Did you know you can switch between those classes? Really that would be awesome!! Instead of creating a new character in a different class, you can simply switch class when you reach level 50. You will have to pay some copper to unlock it, choose wisely as it will cost you Gold if you want to unlock other classes.

It’s important to know that you will have no equipment and you skills will be as a new character. The only thing that you will keep are the accessories, level and Codex achievements. This mean by changing class you will have to save some resources to be able to craft some gear.

Open world

You are free to explore the world but i strongly suggest to stick to the story to unlock every features and area of the game and this will avoid you any unwanted death early on. Dying multiple time will give you a negative buff(debuff), it will make you lose around 5% experience per death and you may drop some copper and potions too.

So to avoid dying against monster and player in PVP, the game has put a power level indicator so that you can evaluate your own strength before going for any quest. Power can be obtained in multiple way:

  • Equipment Rarity, weapon, armor and accessories – can be enhance and enchant
  • Constitution and Inner Force
  • Spirit is like a pet that give you buff – can equip up to 5
  • Magical Stones – can equip up to 6
  • Clan buff
  • Codex completion buff
  • Settlement upgrade buff
  • Ranking buff
  • Leveling skill
  • Character development – Constitution, Inner Force and Solitude Training


Crafting is the very important part of MIR4, as most of the end game gear needs to craft. The crafting is rather simple, find the ingredient listed in the recipe then pay some Darksteel and Copper “et voila!”. Thankfully those materials location or method of procuring them is given by the game, all materials drops in this game, it just take some times to collect them.

Crafting has also a grade system such as your Gear, Spirit and Magic Stone. Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary are the only type that can be obtained currently. Of course to craft common material you will need Uncommon material, it’s a pyramid system that let you use even the most basic resources.

You can also combine 4 copy of a same rarity materials, for example 4 common spirit has a chance to become a rare spirit. Seems great until you realize that there’s a % of success and failure for every rarity. Most of the time you will fail and lost 3 material in this process, however the game has a low pity counter to help you get a 100% success change.


For fighting those monster, MIR4 has a semi automatic combat. One tap and your character will start hitting a 3 hit combination attack, if your you didn’t tap any skill after during the combo, it will automatically use a skill after the combo.

Of course you have a dodge which make you invulnerable like in dark souls but with a cool down of 10 second. The dodge need to be tapped by you as the auto won’t dodge for you, that why i said semi auto combat. Dodge is very helpful in boss battle, as boss has skill attacks that’s normally telegraph giving you some second to dodge it. Failing to dodge may result in death as boss can 1 shot you with his skill.

Normal monster don’t have any aggro, so it’s safe enough to run through them. But be careful of mini boss as those guys will aggro and will make some monster around them go wild too. Note that mini boss have skills too and some of them are dangerous enough to show you the Red warning zone.

Killing monsters grant you experience, copper and sometime a random loot. Some loot can be traded in the market for gold. Gold represent the cash bought in game but can be dropped very rarely by a giant gold goblin.


You have 13 skill in total, 1 ultimate skill which doesn’t have a cool down but need to get charge up when you hit enemies and the 12 other skill are your bread and butter with cool down. Each skill can be awakened up to Tier 10 for additional effect later on.

Game mode

The game does offer you other instances to play. Here are some of them

  • Boss Raids – 15 player team vs 1 Giant Boss and minions
  • Raids – 5 player team vs 1 Normal Boss, 1 mini boss and minions
  • Magic Square – A labyrinth where you have multiple chamber, each chamber have different use. Such as mining, experience, gold, magic stone, treasure and sealing chamber
  • Secret Peak – A small world where boss spawn quickly
  • Clan Expedition – Clan exclusive event where your clan summon a boss to fight
  • Clan Challenge – Clan exclusive event where your clan fight against multiple boss in a row
  • Valley Siege – Fight against clan to keep the territory rights
  • Bicheon Castle Siege – Basically a fight between clan to determine who is king of the castle

Additional Info

Quick notes:

  • PK is allowed in nearly all map except cities but give you negative status
  • Clan Expedition, Clan Challenge and Siege is available for clans only
  • Only 5 class is available at the moment and they are gender locked
  • No VIP mode but they do have multiple Season Pass
  • Chat have an international translator
  • No direct transfer between character available(no direct trading)
  • Magic Square and Secret Peak have 6 floor
  • Soloing Raid and Boss Raid doesn’t give you additional rewards
  • You can PK without any penalty in Magic Square and Secret Peak
  • Mystery quests require a bit of research to be completed easily

What kind of Graphic MIR4 use?

The graphic is a good 3D from unreal engine, everything look gorgeous from the environment to the characters. A very clean UI where you can hide info you don’t need to see a clean screen with no red dots everywhere. They do have a nice character creation with enough detail for you to create your fantasy character although class are gender locked.

Even is the low power mode screen is a cool dragon head with glowing eyes, it’s cool compare to many screen savers in game which is a dull blade screen only.

Cosmetics does have stats but are cheap enough for you to grab it with Gold that you can obtain via trading. They have skins for weapon, head, body and cap, let’s not forget about mounts too. All of those skins are customizable by changing it’s color. Good enough so that you do not look like a clone army playing together.


A very good control of the character, easy to use skills, dodge button is at a good spot. I only hate how the jump work in MIR4, it’s like you are on the moon with no gravity which mess up your timing when jumping to some area. The air walk is like the one in blade and souls but you can air jump anything.

Sound & Music

Good music, good sound effects, good voice actors, i can only say good thing about them. No real complaint here, don’t let the volume on when your mining they make weird grunt which sound a bit like moans, you have been warned.

Game Length

Around 1 or 2 hours of active game play to complete the daily quest and i would say 8 to 24 hours of passive game play. Yes, 24 hours if your going to leave your character farming afk or mine all day if you want to keep up in the server rankings.

Is MIR4 Free to play or Pay to win?

Yes, MIR4 is a very F2P friendly game, nearly all basic resources that are needed for your progression can be farm. They give you a good amount of freebies and you can obtain Gold quite easily in the market.

However, they do give you a hefty amount of buffs and goodies to boost your progression if you decide to spend in this game. Recently they have been adding more battle pass which have increases the gap between F2P and P2W.

Micro Transaction

The typical cash shop with package varying from $0.99 to $99.99, different package depending on your budget, beginners package, summon package, etc. The daily reward package are sadly not monthly, they are only for 14 days and the monthly pass is only worth it if your going to complete all the quests. Summons are a bit expensive but they do give you daily summons that you can buy with copper to compensate.

Cash Shop
Free Shop

Is MIR4 Play to Earn?

After you finish the tutorial island, you can start mining Dark Steel in the Valley, Secret peak, Magic square or by completing some daily quests. However you can only exchange your Dark Steel when you reach level 40, you will need to create a Wemix Wallet to be able to exchange your Dark Steel for DRACO. DRACO is the crypto currency that you can exchange for real money. Check the update for the new exchange known as Hydra.

Selling your character as an NFT is now possible, so if you decide to stop playing MIR4 and if your character is withing the power score. Convert your character into an NFT and sell it for some crypto. Price may vary depending on your gear, pets and also the market price.


Ads has been added, you can now choose to watch some adds for a currency that you can exchange for summoning tickets.

How long is the Life span of MIR4?

MMOPRG game can last for years, in case of MIR4 with the achievements, codex to fill, missions and requests, boss raids ,resources farming and clan raids. With the current pace the game gonna last for years if they continue updating the game with new area, boss and story.


For a casual player MIR4 is borderline an addictive game, the more hour you put in the game the more rewarding it is. Now that you have that in mind, remember that nearly all the MMORPG game does the same but you don’t have to play this much to enjoy the beautiful world that the game is offering you. For those who never play an MMO, MIR4 offer you all of it’s content from raising your character from zero to hero, managing transaction to earn money, dealing with good and bad people, meet other people from around the world and creating new relation while having fun.


MIR4 Official site




  • No gender lock please
  • Pk system need some rework as it’s not rewarding to enough to PK a good or bad player
  • Clean the bots from the game as they are ruining the ecosystem of the play to earn aka dark steel farming
  • Lower the MP cost of skills as you are too dependent on drinking MP potion all day after using only 3 skill.
  • Make an option to use only auto attack without using skills.


New maps, events, new raid boss and soon a new class too.

Should you play MIR4?

Yes, if you like MMO and have at least some time on your hands, definitely try this game. With mobile flooded with autoplay MMO with no reward system, MIR4 manage to make you earn ingame money and also real money by being mostly afk and letting the character auto farm for you when your working or doing other stuff. Of course you can turn off the autoplay option and enjoy the game as a classic MMO.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : MMORPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence
  • Mode : Multi Player
  • Published by: Wemade Co., Ltd

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.8
  • Installation Size : 148 MB
  • Full Size : 5.38 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Have it’s own launcher
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store, Steam