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First Released Oct 20, 2022

Echocalypse is a gacha collection RPG published by Yoozoo on mobile.

The game features beast like waifu also known as kemono girls who will help you save your sister from a mysterious event. Your an “Awakener” who has the last hope of leading humanity. A classic story of an apocalyptic world where your the only saviour surrounded by waifu including some obvious fanservice.

Echocalypse gameplay

Starting with an anime intro that sums up the main story where your greet by some fanservice right at the start. The game locks you in the tutorial mode for a long time. A practice that i’m not fond because it takes away all your freedom from exploring the game by yourself.

Fenrir in echocalypse

Combat is a turn base rpg where your character are chibi version of the original expression. You have 6 slot available for your waifus, 3 frontline and 3 backline. Despite those position where normally frontline would be hit first and then will be the backline. It doesn’t really matter as in Echocalypse each unit hits differently.

Echocalypse units

So try to read the description of skill of your units before building an SSR team that hits only frontline units. Tierlist will mislead you into obtaining specific units that are near good or bad as SR units without any awakening. Yes you will dupes and a lot of them including fragment.

combat in echocalypse

This is part of the game where i feel the game is p2w . As you will be limited on the amount of currency once the beginner events are over. Also rates of summoning are not the best, don’t expect to pull 1 SSR in every 10 pull unless your very lucky. But that doesn’t mean you will be able to obtain the same SSR units.

As f2p best to focus with the starter units given to you by game, a mix of SR units with MC and 1 SSR unit. Easier to awaken and cheaper to upgrade than having a bunch of SSR units that will be stucks on zero star for a very long time. Talking about upgrades, Echocalypse has multiple way to power up a units.

Echocalypse leveling

You can level up, awaken and upgrade units after you reach a certain level. Plus you can equip them with badge(4 of them more exactly), extra gear and exclusive weapon which can also be upgraded in various way. Although things starting to getting confusing, the game manage to keep things clear with a good interface and explanation.

Unit upgrade in echocalypse

Each resources has it’s specific stage which make grinding quite easy. But some stage have limited chance per day and some require energy(stamina). Yes sadly Echocalypse is an energy base game with a static pool of energy which generate at an okay rate. Luckily the game gives you energy refill daily to let you grind a bit more.

Echocaplypse quests and modes

Echocalypse has a large amount of daily quests which seems to get longer each time you unlock new modes. I honestly skip some of them because after some time, i feel annoyed just to do the quests. Reasons are that combat that can’t be skipped is boring to watch.

Some modes are only available at a limited time which i successfully miss nearly every day. If your stuck on stage time to grind stages for some days to break through. This gets boring very quickly as you literally don’t feel progressing at all, only thing that is changing is the enemy units compositions.

Endgame in echocalypse

Early game progression is smooth like butter until you reach around level 50 where the grind starts and where your energy goes puff in some seconds.

Echocalypse endgame

Late game, Echocalypse has not only a long list of daily quests but has also an affection system like Azurlane. Let’s say it covers the basic of giving gifts to obtain information and voice lines. The dormitory is an inferior version of Azurlane with little interaction of the chibi waifu in their room.

Overall i feel Echocalypse covers the basics in terms of gameplay, illustrations, affection system but does not exceed other big existing title like Azurlane or Epic 7. Don’t worry the Fanservice level is on par with them so you won’t be disappointed. Even the normal illustrations are very good despite skins are being exclusively for cash player.

daily quests

Is Echocalypse worth playing?

Yes it’s worth playing, not the best gacha collection rpg i’ve played so far but Echocalypse has it’s own charms. Good illustrations, okay gameplay and it’s long list of daily quests. Although the game feels very p2w, i can say i didn’t meet any paywall during my play through. You can easily manage with the units given to you unless you want to be competitive in PVP.

Judging that some SSR character have no animation and that some modes with non skippable fights, Echocalyspe seems like a rush game with content added here and there to make the game look awesome. But the result seems more like an idle game with repetitive contents and boring fights. As always Thank you for reading till the end, i will see you in the next review.

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People also ask

Yes, the game is very free to play friendly as they reward you with quite a lot of SSR units early on. You don’t have any paywall but need to grind a lot and you will need to focus only on a team at a time.

Not really, beside the usual packages, battle pass and skins that are cash only. You will only accelerate your progression with money by getting dupes faster but you will still need to grind resources for upgrading your units.