Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess


First Released Sep 21, 2019

MUJOY GAMES has been working hard for their only title "Idle Angels: Realm of goddess" which has been here for several years now.

Google Playstore has been showing me Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess for quite a long time which i was ignoring due to a lack of interest in idle games. However, to see an idle game still running after all multiple years where so games have shutdown in less than a year, is incredible. It make me wonder how did this game stood up against so many giants and why are they still here?

What is Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess?

Idle angel is a Collection Idle RPG game where you collect different waifu, upgrade them to fight waves of enemies and bosses. The game is in 2D with animated characters which make things more interesting( for those of you who know what i mean…). The game obviously use the theme of angels, demons and goddesses which give a huge variety of unique illustrations.

Does Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess have fan service?

Yes, yes, yes(reference to jojo), however Idle Angels cleverly block their gallery(skins) behind certain requirements that will force to play the game to achieve. You will need to be at a level 20 account to unlock the fashion(gallery). Fashion is where you can view or preview the skins of your characters that you have obtained in summoning.

Idle Angels:Realm of Goddess's Fashion

However skins require some specific tickets that you will need to farm daily and some are only available via cash shop. It’s a bit disappointing to see only a grey and motionless illustration of your waifu and same goes for the skins. Sadly skins with the most fan service are obviously the higher rarity character which is not available early on.

Idle games

For those who may ask why i starts the review with fan service instead of the gameplay itself? Before i answer this question, i would like to mention 2 important point concerning idle games. First an idle game is a type of game with little interaction from the player as most things are automated.

Secondly in order to compensate for the lack of gameplay, idle game will capitalize on either beautiful illustrations or some fancy animation. Idle games offer some of the best quality of life in the mobile gaming world. So remember you will be watching your phone most of the time and will act more as a manager.

What is the Story of Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess?

Idle angels as the title says is an Idle Collection RPG with the theme of divinity. Strangely despite the game title, the main character is neither an angel nor a goddess. She’s a human chosen by the goddess and seems unhappy about her duties. The story revolves about her being drag around the world to fight evil.


Idle angels gives a simple tutorial but with the annoying tap here else you won’t be able to do anything. It then leaves you on your own to discover every single red dot blinking on your screen. Each time you unlock something new, a little tutorial will pop up. Better have something than nothing at all when you compare some games that don’t even bother explaining anything.

How is the gameplay of Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess?

Battle feels a bit of Pokemon except your unit will use the auto attack when your is skill cool down. It’s a turn base mechanics as the enemies will hit you back if you didn’t kill it during your turn. Once you clear the stage, you will move to the next one until you meet the boss. Killing the boss will get you to the next location where you will repeat this process until your team is defeated.

Don’t worry you won’t lose experience or need to wait for your goddess to recover. Instead you will have to upgrade your goddess or leave the game so that you can collect idle resources for upgrade. This is where the idle part of the game kicks in, resources will depend on how much time you have been idle and what stage your currently stuck in the story. You can also do quick claims to obtain 2 hours of idling for free daily.


Updrade in idle angels: Realm of Goddess

Now that you have obtain a bunch of resources, what do you do with them. Well some of them will be used to level your goddess, some for crafting and leveling gear and some would be for later use. Speaking about resources, you have so many different of them. Making it difficult to manage after a while. Even summon scrolls have different rarity, skins also in the same boat, now imagine you add the event currency n top of that.


Let’s leave that resources management and let’s go into the summoning section of the game. As hinted previously, summon banner have different rarity. Ranging to R to SSR, they separated each rarity in different banner which is locked behind level. I understand in order to avoid game breaking units to mess up the beginners progression, they decided to locked the best units behind a certain level requirement.

But i think it’s not a good thing to lock the SSR units like this, as many people rerolls to get those units in gacha games. Having to wait 1 or 2 week of progress to reach a chance to pull for them is bad in terms of gacha perspective. Many people leave a game forever after the first day of playing. So losing player so early on because of some lazyness .Banners will give either fragment or the goddess itself. Again due to the lack of lower grade unit, they are using a fragment system to increase the lifespan of their game.

I personally don’t like this method specially when money is involve in it, imagine buying a car and they give you part of other car with it. And you need to pay more in order to have a chance to complete your car. Worst part is they lower the number of fragment obtained depending on the rarity and increase the number of fragment needed to complete SSR units

Ads are everywhere in Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess, fortunately they are either ads of the games or ads that you decide to watch to obtain additional rewards. It’s cool that i can decide to watch ads or skip it today, too many game takes that freedom from you.


Up to now, idle angels have not show anything special that would answer our question. Yet they can always redeem themselves on the graphics and illustrations. As for graphic, the is only in 2D, no special animation on skills or units. All that is left are the illustrations, that’s where the game budget went in.


All illustrations in this game has some kind of fanservice, the default skin doesn’t show much. Whereas the skins are stripped version of the characters for some obvious fanservice. The units are in a very suggestive pose which will let your adult imagination understand what they intended to show. Beside that illustrations colourful and fully animated which add even more bouncy effects on certain part of their body.

Idle Angels:Realm of Goddess fanservice

 While most of those skins can be obtained with some patience as f2p. The most sensual skins are hidden behind pay walls, to see more you will have to pay. I think i get an idea how they manage to obtain the fund to continue running Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess. But don’t despair as you can always see the units and skins as an enemy and see the animation.


Monetization of idle angels is one of the worst. Not only the game confuse you will a large number of in game currency. Each of them having their own packages with varying prices. But that’s the real issue, the cash shop is too large, you easily get lost track what you came to buy in the first place. This indicates you can easily get tricked into buying the wrong package.

Also this show, how much predatory the game can get. From VIP, multiple pass, limited packages and let’s not forget about events. Event is the twin of the cash shop, they pair so well together that’s impossible to complete any event without it. Even the beginner event is not possible to complete without buying something in the cash shop.

One of the worst cash shop i have ever seen. The shop feels like a bazaar with hidden corners and secret shops that keeps popping the more your account advance. Each selling a different in game currency or resources that some are locked behind account level. Basically you can get tricked into buying something that you cannot use yet. Battle pass over battle pass, VIP, cash only events, cash only skins and the list goes on. This is the definition of being a real noob trap and feels predatory.

Is Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess worth playing?

Overall i think Idle Angels is an ok idle game with some trick up it’s sleeve. It’s a big No, i don’t recommend anyone to play it. Why? Simply because the game lacks a way to show your progression. No evolving units, no awakening that will change your units appearance. Instead they add even more resources for you to farm to add more accessories on your character as a Christmas tree.

Let’s not forget about the dozen of red light that blinks everytime you log into the game. Plus the ads of time limited packages that is forced into your face for the events. Also the dozen of resources to keep track make it difficult to manage. In the end all i see are negative points, sorry for fans but i didn’t enjoy my play through of Idle Angels: Realm of goddess at all.

It’s a big disappointment for me as i expected so much more from this old idle rpg. In the end the only thing keeping this game alive is fan service and an aggressive cash shop. Let me know what you think about Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess in the comments. As usual i will see you in the next game review, thank you for reading.

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People also ask

Yes, the game is totally free and offers the new player a huge amount of freebies including VIP points and free SSR unit. No real paywall in that prevent you from progressing slowly as f2p.

Yes the game is very Pay to Win, a big cash shop including VIP, Battle pass, event pass, paid skins and limited time package. If you want to compete to be number 1 in events and have all the skins, cash shop is the only way.

No, i don’t think so there are many other game with way more fan service and showing much more than Idle angels is showing.