Ultimate Bowmasters Review 2023

Ultimate Bowmasters Review 2023
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Ultimate Bowmasters

First Released Aug 31, 2022

Playgendary Limited comes back with another wild and gruesome game from the Bowmasters series.

Each time i play a game published by Playgendary Limited, I immediately know something fun and gruesome going to happen. While their games may look childish and completely innocent for our young players, it’s actually the opposite as flying organs and blood in all direction are all that is waiting for an older audience.

It is clear to me that they were inspired by Mortal combat for the violence part and by Worms for the artillery shooting style. I know all of that sounds confusing for now but it will make sense soon enough as I will break this down for you below.

How is the gameplay of Ultimate Bowmasters?

In Ultimate Bowmasters, your goal is simple as the tutorial shows you. You starts on a 2D landscape map with slopes of different heights. This is where your selected character and the enemy will be placed random distance. All you have to do is to aim for the right angle and choose the amount of power to throw your weapon to your enemy.

Note that it is a turn base game where both will throw after each other each turn. Your goal is to inflict as much damage as possible to finish your opponent hp bar first. Once you successfully deplete the health bar, you will have another turn to finish your opponent in a mortal combat style for additional currency. Your opponent will also do the same to you if you lose.

Fatality in Ultimate Bowmasters.

Fatality plays an unique animation for each character that’s going to kill your opponent in some cool or unimpressive way. Hitting your opponent will hurt them and show the damage part of the body with blood and organs spilling out. Headshots deals critical damage, so be sure to take this to your advantage for a swift victory.

Fatality in ultimate bowmasters

Characters are inspired by famous cartoon, game, anime, popular shows and film. To avoid any copyright issue, they cleverly change their name but you would immediately recognize your favorite character in the famous show like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.

game modes in ultimate bowmasters

Modes in Ultimate Bowmasters

The game does opens even more modes after achieving a number of victory. An example of a mode is the tournament where you fight against other players. You can also fight against your friend in a 1 vs 1 for some fun and do your own personal tournament. Lastly is the event section where you try to aim at birds or zombie waves.

Up to now, everything seem to show how cool and fun the Ultimate Bowmasters is. But the game has a very annoying flaw known as force ads. They are everywhere, each time you finish a match or change screen, you are force to watch an ads. Some character require you to watch 50 ads to unlock and those forced ads does not count.

Ads in Ultimate Bowmasters

While some ads can be voluntary watch to unlock characters and rewards which is fine. But forced ads is a no no for every mobile games. The worst part it’s selling package to remove those ads at $5.41. That’s a ripoff as they were the one inserting those ads at the first place, now they want you to pay them to remove it.

Pay to Remove ads in ultimate bowmasters

Beside the ads, despite a decent gameplay, i think things become boring after a couple of match as the map stays the same all the time. Changing background and opponents also become old quickly after some days. Some opponent have unfair ability that can kill you in 2 shot only. Those character are available for VIP meaning they are cash only characters.

Something I go offline to avoid losing time watching ads after each action.

Is it worth playing Ultimate Bowmasters?

No, I don’t think it’s worth watching ads after every single tap of your phone just to play a match. The gameplay is fun at the start but become quite boring after you watch your character doing a fatality for the 100 times. Ultimate Bowmasters is clearly a cash grab, VIP, characters locked behind a paywall and they are expensive too. Let’s not forget you have to pay to remove ads options that themselves inserted ads in their games. 

game of thrones characters in ultimate bowmasters

It’s sad to see how they handle such a nice little game into an horrible cash grab game with poor monetization . Sorry for the fans of Bowmaster Series but this game is a bad one despite that you can play indefinitely. I think there are better game beside Ultimate Bowmasters. Thank you for reading till the end i will see you in another review.

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People also ask

Yes, the game is free to play, you can obtain free character and in game currency for free or by watching ads.

Yes, some characters have broken abilities that you can help you win easily. Those character are only available for cash players and let’s not forget about VIP system that reinforce the P2W even more.

A colorful 2D art like classic minigames of web games.

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