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Epic Seven Review 2022: Is it still the Best?

Epic Seven Review 2022: Is it still the Best?

Epic Seven is one of the most complete RPG available on mobile. With a good Anime theme and clever mechanics the game mark itself from other RPG on the market. Why is Epic Seven is considered to be one of the best of Anime RPG 

Call of Antia: The best and Latest Genuine Review

Call of Antia: The best and Latest Genuine Review

The Call of Antia review is finally here, after days of testing, let’s see how this hybrid game is all about. What is Story in Call of Antia? After 100 years of waiting, the Dragoneer(you) appears. The knights manage to summon you to solve a 

Seven Knights 2 Review: Can Beautiful graphic save a game?

Seven Knights 2 Review: Can Beautiful graphic save a game?

Seven Knights 2 is the sequel of the well known Seven Knights. They comeback to us with a brand new 3D world, new raids and many more goodies. If your a fan of 7K and loves grinding games, this one is for you.

What’s is Seven knights 2 Story?

Many years after Karin’s sacrifice, the seven knights disappeared without a trace but the destruction stone were still present. As Eileen daughter was enjoying a quiet life with her mercenary friends, their city is attacked by a fallen hero.

In Order to save her daughter and the survivors, Eileen sacrifice herself. With the help of an unknown hero, they manage to escape in a portal. Now Lene must go on an adventure to find out the truth.

Game play

After some nice cinematic, the game transition immediately into tutorial mode. Where you will learn the basic quickly, After combat you will be shown different class.


As all RPG, you will have different classes,

  • Tank as your meat shield
  • DPS as your melee damage dealer
  • Support as healer or buffer/de buffer
  • Range as range damage dealer
  • Universal as the most flexible class meaning you can be everything

Each class has a specific color code to differentiate them from each other.

  • Tank is Blue,
  • Support is Green,
  • Range is Yellow
  • Universal is Purple

Each specific unit get specific buffs depending on Formation.


Formation is a bit different in Seven Knights 2. First you will need to unlock then upgrade them with gold and books. Formation will always have 4 slot only but they will be in different color. Remember the class color code? Well this is where you will know where to place them.


Gear will start dropping when slaying monster, Of course you can equip them on your heroes. Those gear have no class restrictions and have multiple set both offensive and defensive. The gear is divided in to 5 parts for armor, 3 parts for accessories and 1 part for the weapon. They also have different grade from

  • Uncommon as Grey
  • Common as Green
  • Rare as Blue
  • Legendary as Red


Pet is the Chibi version of the characters or monster. There main job is to give you a passive buff and a short active buff during battles. They also share the same grade system as gears as mentioned above.


You can upgrade heroes using fragment by limit breaking them up to 10 times in total. Max level is currently level 50. Note that the cost of fragments increases after each limit break and it has a 100% success rate, thanks god. Fragment can be obtain via summoning, exchange in shop and fusion.


Each hero will have 4 skills, there are 3 basic skills and 1 ultimate skill. Basic skill can be passive or active and ultimate can only be active.

When your hero levels up 5 level, you can upgrade your skills to +1 with some gold. The maximum cannot be reach if you don’t upgrade your mastery and have the Trouble Shooter gear equipped. Not that max skill level is currently level 20.

In battle, you can always upgrade your skills, mastery, upgrade gear or even switch equipment which is a really cool feature and quality of life. So the battle screen is pretty the same standard interface, on the left is the movement control and on the right the attack/auto attack button, and near it your 3 skill.


Mastery is a very important to get passive bonus. They are locked behind your level but luckily you can bypass this with gems. It’s a one time purchase and is an excellent way to spend your gems.


In order to collect gear and crafting materials, you will need to start doing Raids. Raid is a mode where your team face a Boss on a time limit. Raid have both single and multiplayer mode, you will have a 4 and 8 person raid. Raids have currently 10 level of difficulty, each level make the boss stronger.

Careful have ultimate skill like your characters, they can 1 shot your team with it. So to avoid failing your raids you should bring a counter hero that will interrupt his ultimate and disable him for some seconds. Dodge red telegraph attacks of the boss and try not to auto in raids.


The typical dungeons where you will face different challenge to obtain resources. They each require specific unit for example some stage requires melee dps only and other require range heroes only. Dungeons also have only 10 levels, of course each level will be harder as monster will get better stats.


Arena is a big disappointment, why? It’s completely on Auto, that’s means you don’t have any control on your character or skill during a match. Which make a PVP match a brawl simulation of AI vs AI. They could have at least let you use skills during combat but you can only watch the match.

Due to that PVP is entirely a Strength contest where the higher grade heroes will always win. PVP is a place where you obtain your weekly gems to summons but as a F2P don’t hope to get to higher leagues. As you will meet strong teams of Legendary+ that will destroy your team in seconds.

How is Seven Knights 2 Graphic?

It’s one of the most beautiful 3D on mobile, everything is animated correctly. The face has different expression, each character look different from each other. Although some character are copy paste with only a different skin. Weapon glows after enhancing to +10 which add a nice visual effect.

The skins doesn’t look that extraordinary, the environment looks really good, the skill effect are breath taking for some heroes. They manage to respect the original Seven knights character and didn’t add unnecessary changes to them.

The game looks exactly as the cinematic, so you won’t feel cheated when looking at the cinematic and start playing. The game make me remember DMC4 for some reason, same graphic , same vibes but different game play.


You can move your character around in all direction, do attack in combo without using skills or use auto attacks mode that will use skill automatically. A button to rally other member of the team to the character your controlling and you can switch from any heroes anytime during the battle.

The control is very responsive which is good as the game encourage you to take control to dodge telegraph attack from boss and monsters.

To be efficient try manually control instead of auto mode. When using your skill, for example a healer uses the heal when everyone is still at full health and putting the skill on cool down which may result in killing your whole team. When the boss will use an aoe attack that you fail to dodge or simply can’t dodge.

Also as mention above, counter heroes will need a manual activation to trigger their skills. Finally your pet active skill also require a manual activation.

Sound & Music

The whole story has voice acting, each character has it’s voice acting, even the uncommon to legendary+. Each screen has it’s own epic music from the login screen to battlefield, different music which you can listen in loop. Each character attack and skill has also been voice acting, grunts from attacking and receiving damage or even when you faint.

How about Seven Knights 2 Game Length?

The main story isn’t too long around 11 chapters, each chapters are divided into small stages. Once story is over you can tackle the next difficulty and repeat the whole story again for 4 times in total. You can finish the story in 2 or 3 days of game play, each dungeon and raids have currently 10 level, take around 15 min to manually clear a level but once difficulty is cleared, you may just use a clear ticket and be done with it in less than 10 seconds.

You have a daily login reward, weekly events, monthly events, daily quests, monthly quests, everything of those take a lots of time at the start, between 1h – 3h of game play but later on you may do your dailies in less than 30 minutes, including some grind.

Is Seven Knights 2 Free to play or Pay to win?

P2W without a doubt. Even the gems shower and freebies early on, you will quickly realize that the game is not F2P at all. You have limited ways to obtain gems as the story mode is 1 time reward only.

PVP is whale territory, as it’s extremely difficult to obtain a Legendary + Hero as a F2P. Even if you manage to pull one it will take you several months to max that unit. By the time your finish doing so, another stronger unit will have already come out and make your hard work go to waste.

New units are better that previous unit, making old unit fall behind with wasted time and resources. If you want to follow the Meta, you will need to spend some cash to keep up with the updates.Skins are available only via cash shop.

Micro Transaction

Ah!! The cash shop, you will get everything as the usual mobile games cash shop, daily/weekly/monthly packages, battle pass, special offers, currency package, skins, summon packs, hero fragments packs and pets packs. Price will vary between $0.99 – $89.99, most of the good packs are rather expensive and they are a bit aggressive with special offers. By the way, skins can only be obtain with real money.


No ads.

What is the Life span of Seven Knights 2?

Base on what I’ve seen the game may go on for at lease 1 or 2 year if they manage to continue on pumping new chapter and character in the game, most of the people that will stay are here for the story or heroes and not for the game play.

The game tried to extend itself by repeating the story 4 times, same story with nothing new with only increased stats from monster and boss depending the difficulty.


As a RPG you will have some team management to do. Learn who to use in specific raids and also some team synergy. Unfortunately that all you can squeeze from this game.







  • Add the amount of gems obtained in the expedition run,
  • Make gems a drop item
  • Increase the amount of gem in the higher difficulty of story mode
  • Remove or increase the amount of fragment that you can buy daily
  • Change the items in the shop because they are terrible
  • Add different aura on normal monsters in higher difficulty of the story mode, Same for the raids boss and dungeon.
  • Need more gear sets
  • Add more formations with different combination and buffs
  • Change the pity system to a guaranty banner hero instead of chance of obtaining other ones


New Chapters are been added every month, with addition of 2 new heroes and some new events with them.

Should you play Seven Knights 2?

Honestly the game is one the best graphic i have seen. Plus the innovative game play character control is a nice addition to Mobile RPG games. But that about it, the game feels empty inside, poor gear system, streamline game play and lacks of diversity.

Progression is very slow as F2P, the map that they give freely is simply not enough for you to grind. After some month, you may start to feel burn out. Connecting only to collect maps or finish your daily quests and log out.

The game is playable as F2P if you play consistently. As for cash player, this game is for you as you will get new units nearly every month. Seven Knights 2 feels like a rush, unfinished game which rely solely on beautiful graphic and nostalgia.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Mix
  • Type : RPG
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence, Partial Nudity
  • Mode : Single Player, Multi Player
  • Published by: Netmarble

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 3.5
  • Installation Size : 80 MB
  • Full Size : 6.48 GB
  • Platform : Android Version 7.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Have it’s own launcher, Emulator friendly
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Mythic Heroes: The one and only amazing Review

Mythic Heroes: The one and only amazing Review

Mythic Heroes is an idle game that caught many of us off guard. How did an idle game manage to do so, we will investigate this mystery together in this review. Mythic Heroes Story There is a long forgotten tree, like no other tree, it 

Final Gear Review: Will you love Mechas or Maidens?

Final Gear Review: Will you love Mechas or Maidens?

Final Gear is a new strategic collection RPG game featuring “Mechs & Maidens”(Mechas and Waifus). You will have to try to collect all the waifus and obtain their custom mech during your adventure, playing each stages and reading the story itself. So as usual we 

Water Sort Puzzle – Color Liquid Sorting Game Review 2021

Water Sort Puzzle – Color Liquid Sorting Game Review 2021

Color Sorting Puzzle game becoming more and more popular these past months, Water Sort Puzzle – Color Liquid Sorting Game manage to pick my attention being in the top 10 for quite a while. So let’s check this one together.

How is Water Sort Puzzle Game play?

Another game where they put you straight in the level 1, the game is a very simple puzzle game where you will be given a certain amount of containers. Some containers will have some liquid in different colors and some may be empty.

So you will need to sort the color by color in each it’s respective color, no time limit or limited move but limited undo move. The more you advance in the game the more container will be added and of course more container means more color.

Tap a container to select it, then another container to pour the liquid from your first container to the second one, rinse and repeat the process until you finish sorting all of them, you will receive a little animation and sound when you complete sorting one set of color together.

If you ever played ring toss game, you will immediately link Water Sort Puzzle – Color Liquid Sorting Game and sadly that all the game have to offer.


A simple 2D graphic background, same for the liquid and containers.


Tap and choose containers to pour liquid from one container to another, seems to be working well.

Sound & Music

No background music, only some sound effect you complete a set of color, a different when you win or lose the challenge.

How long is the Game Length of Water Sort Puzzle?

From 2 min to hours of game play depending on you.

Is Water Sort Puzzle Free to play or Pay to win?

Yes it’s a totally F2P game, no cash shop, no pay to remove ads but do contain force ads after each challenge.


All three type of ads are present in this game, the force ads after each level, the choose to watch ads to get more undo and the ads that shows up at the bottom of the screen during your game.

What is the Life span of Water Sort Puzzle?

With no dailies or achievements, i doubt the game will live long enough with only adding more levels. Nothing to really retain the player attention to make them stay for long term.


Solving puzzle, calculating multiple moves in advance in order not to mess up and succeed is a very good exercise for the brain.




Remove the force ads. Add some animation effect to the liquid, add different background, add a map or a level selector to help to know where exactly you are in the game.


Yes, they added more levels recently.

Should you play Water Sort Puzzle?

Yes, you should try it. Beside the force ads, the game is well done as it remain simple puzzle game to play and stop whenever you want. The game lack an indicator to show you how much stage is in the game but that’s not really important as you won’t need to rush and finish the game quickly unless you want to play another version of it.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : Puzzle Game
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Everyone
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Sonatgame

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.3
  • Installation Size : 29 MB
  • Full Size : 117 MB
  • Platform : Android Version 5.1 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store
Boss Hunter: Earn Crypto Reward Review 2021

Boss Hunter: Earn Crypto Reward Review 2021

If i wanted to recommend an action game to someone on mobile, i would say without hesitation try Boss Hunter. This game manage to exceed my expectation both in terms of game play, controls, game design and even they removed the play to earn aspect 

My Talking Angela 2 Review 2021: Is it good?

My Talking Angela 2 Review 2021: Is it good?

My Talking Angela 2 is a simulator game where you will have to look after the famous cat name Angela. From feeding, grooming, shopping, dressing, etc. So today we will take a look on how easy or difficult to look after a virtual cat is, 

Bridge Legends Review:are you the best or the worst builder?

Bridge Legends Review:are you the best or the worst builder?

Bridge Legends starts with your the hero who’s in love with the princess, while on the way to his love one. Some troll or goblin kidnap your princess effortlessly. So you go on an adventure to save her but only thing on your way are broken bridges. So rebuild the bridge towards your love one and collect achievements.

How is Bridge Legends Game play?

After the little animation of the princess kidnapping, you start a little tutorial on how to build a bridge to save the princess.

To build the bridge, you will be given different part with limited quantity. You will have to make the a strong bridge from those parts. The parts could be a wooden planks, long or short support structures, balloons, weights, etc.

Once the bridge completed your hero will cross it to go for the next platform. The stage is divided into different section, a section will normally contain 2 platform and a bridge to build. After you complete all the section you will complete the stage.

You will collect gold and keys while moving between platforms, this gold can be used to buy new skins at the end a some stages. The keys will let you open 3 of 9 golden chest after a stage. You also get a hammer part for each stage which after getting a number of them will let you unlock a new building.

You have no time limit and the bridge are really easy to figure which is a bummer. No real challenge, even if you fail you will restart at the section you fail. You will unlock skins and buildings along the way but they don’t give any additional effect or bonus. So you they are only for collection or for your personal achievement.

What Graphic does Bridge Legends use?

A 2D cartoon animation with some decent background, the skins look like a 2D image stick on a 3D model and does have some 3D buildings. A good mix of color and overall it does look great for a cartoon animation although it lacks some details. Some skin does have some cameo of famous game character like Gerald from the Witcher or Kratos from God of war.


You don’t control your character, you only choose where to put part of the bridge.

Sound & Music

The game have only 3 different music for each screen, the music have a fun and rhythmic theme but you will turn it off after 15 min for hearing it auto repeat endlessly. The sound effects are good, your character don’t talk they just mumble or scream.

Game Length

Game can be between 1 to 10 min per stage depending how fast you are figuring it out.

Is Bridge Legends Free to play or Pay to win?

F2P but contains force ads. They have some micro transaction which remove the ads for $3.55 and another one for a special skin which you pay $7.11 weekly. They don’t give you any additional advantage beside some quality of life.


Despite having some decency to give you the option to watch an ads or skip it, they also force you to watch ads after each stage, after failing and sometimes just randomly. Skins and achievements are gated behind ads, only good thing is you won’t find an ads on your playing screen.

How long is Bridge Legends Life span?

With only a poor achievement method and hiding the total number of stages in the game. If we also remove the ads delays between each stage, the game is literally short. It’s a poor method on how to keep the game going.


The game does have some educational features, for those who never did physics in school, many examples are given how to build a good infrastructure for a bridge at least. But some item given later, defy the very law of physics and gravity making it a bad example for learning.




  • Remove those force ads
  • Change the building part of the game into something useful or they give your character bonus effect
  • Add effects to the skins, grey the other skins instead of not showing them
  • Show the other stages in the game for more visibility of much more stage the player have left
  • Change the price of the weekly package or change it to a monthly subscription with additional features


No updates.

Should you play Bridge Legends?

No, despite looking good and fun at the a the start, the game contains a good amount of red flags. Having cheaply so called challenge, no visibility how many stage the game has, forcing ads every now and then. Asking you money to remove those ads for $3.55 and adding an expensive skin which you pay $7.11 per week is absolute greed from the company.

Even that the game is totally free to play and has a fun concept of building bridge. You will get bored quickly enough and start download another game without ads.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Negative
  • Type : Puzzle
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : Yes
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Everyone
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Published by: Playgendary Limited

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 3.9
  • Installation Size : 105 MB
  • Full Size : 199 MB
  • Platform : Android Version 5.0 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store

Troll Master Review: Can things get more stupid

Troll Master Review: Can things get more stupid

Troll Master-Draw One Part is a drawing game with some puzzle aspects. Divided into multiple challenge mini stage with some simple flash animations. How did this game grab so many people attention and manage to make it to the top. Has the Troll Master really