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State of Survival Review 2022

State of Survival Review 2022

State of Survival aka SoS is a RTS game with a zombie apocalypse theme. Despite it’s appearance SoS is not an isometric TPS, the mini game included is a short action game but this game is not a FPS where you aim and shoot zombies 

MIR4 Review: Is this game really Play to Earn?

MIR4 Review: Is this game really Play to Earn?

MIR4 is a typical MMORPG on both mobile and PC, with good cinematic, graphic and game play. MIR4 doesn’t bring anything new than the other popular giant of MMORPG game however it’s the first one to have a real play to earn aspect in this 

Evony Review(The King’s Return) why so popular or infamous?

Evony Review(The King’s Return) why so popular or infamous?

In this Evony review, we will check how good is the mobile version of the game. Without losing a minute let’s dive in.


The classic story of you being the chosen King that will bring salvation to your empire. A beautiful lady will be guiding you and with help of the generals in those difficult tasks. As for now only hard work awaits you. Build your city, control an army, research more knowledge and gather more treasures.

How is the Game play?

After a little tutorial, you will get a grasp of what’s waiting for you. They will make you do some challenging puzzle during the tutorial.

Evony: The King’s Return is a Real Time Strategy where you need to manage everything. The game revolves around developing your city while maintaining your army and resources all together. Which require some micromanagement skill from you.


The most important building is your Keep, it will show the level of the city to other players. As it level up option will be given including access to new buildings and units. Buildings have different uses and purposes. For example the academy will let you do research on farming faster. Each building have it’s own description. But remember that most buildings are normally locked behind your keep’s level.


You will need to recruit and train an army to be able to conquer and defend your city. Training them also require resources as they do eat and drink too. All activity outside your city require an army, so those units are your lifeline. You can also send your troops to attack monsters, bosses and bandits or send them to collect resources on mines. Mines will have different type of resources, they have different level which determine how much resources are available inside them.


Real Time Strategy does not have TIME in it’s name for nothing. If you can manage your time perfectly, you will have an overwhelming advantage against someone who is doing badly. Each minute lost in not building, training or collecting resource may set you back. As the game advances building and research take more and more time to be completed from days to months.

In other games, you will have to wait in front of your screen with nothing to do. But not in Evony: The King’s Return as they keep you busy with those puzzles.


The puzzles are rather intuitive, pulling a level to trigger an action. Try to get the correct order and timing, example: rock falls on Monster and it will die. The game does not punish you for failing as you have unlimited retry with no time limit. Their is around 300 puzzle currently waiting for you in game so be ready. Unfortunately you won’t have access to all of those puzzles, they are tightly locked behind your keep level.

Hero and Gear

Another part of the game is having a collection of heroes. Recruit popular war generals and equip them with gears. These guys will lead your army and give them buffs in battle. Gears can be crafted later so i will it to you to discover more about them.

How about the Graphic?

The graphic is a simple 2D, yet with enough details to make you keep watching. It does look a bit outdated as the game wants to keep the look a classics RTS games on webpages. It may not compete with 3D graphic game of today but every animation and arts are beautiful.

How is the Controls?

Let’s say 100% of the time, you will be tapping the screen to select and collect something. So it’s not really applicable here.

Sound and Music

Epic background music, they change the track according to your screen. Each civilization have their own music which is really cool. They even stop the music during the puzzle to help you concentrate on solving it. The sound effects are also good, part the tutorial has a voice acting which make the game even more immersive.

How long is the game?

From 15 min to 10 hours per day. All RTS game require an important amount of time early on but later on things will calm down.

Free to play or Pay to win

F2P but very P2W, the game has a very bad ecosystem. During my Evony review, i found a large amount of unfair packages that boost spenders. A boost so important that free to play will not reach until a month of progress.

RTS games are suppose to be about the management of time and resources. But those package violate those rules and changes the game completely into another type of game. A game of comparing wealth and nothing else.

Dumping the strategy part just to grab more money is not a wise choice. Disabling the in-app purchase is a solution if everyone apply this rule, then you will get a health ecosystem.

The game is doom like many other mobile RTS. All the free to play leave the game, only some cash player will stay to maintain a dead game.

Micro Transaction

The cash shop is where you can buy diamonds, membership package and other type of packages to help growing faster. The price vary between $0.99 to $99.99 per item. They do have a VIP system, when activated gives you some buffs.

The game does not show how many level of VIP. They do offer limited time packages which only last for a short period but have very interesting discount.

Life span

RTS game have long life span as they require time and resources to achieve the end game. Keeping evolving the game will keep player in the game even with P2W features.

You do have a daily named as “Activity” and also a daily log in reward. Server reward or event rewards are awarded when you stay in game, finally you do have achievements with decent rewards.


You will definitely learn a bit of strategy, time management, resource management, troop management, multitasking, communication and cooperation. Even some research on google to know how to beat another player.

Learn how to live with others or waste your time wagging war with your neighbors for some resources. When to retreat and when to attack, overall is a complete classic strategy text book that you will learn.


No official discord but most of the discord will be alliance discord where they share their though and strategy. They have an official


  • Make another method for free player to obtain VIP points.
  • Show all the level of VIP available.
  • Too many things in game are gated by diamonds, make alternate methods for free to play player to compete fairly.
  • Puzzle reward should reset once per month with of course different reward for each month.
  • Cluster those time package on single logo because they take a lot of space on the screen.


Updates are regular so that you have content every week.

Should you play?

Yes, Evony the king’s return offer a unique trait compare to the other RTS games. Introducing a Puzzle game inside a RTS is simply genius. No ads, classic strategy game on webpage ported to mobile correctly. Only downside is the VIP and Cash shop which ruins a bit the whole genre of strategy games. Don’t let the old graphic fool you, the game is well rounded for a mobile game. Try playing it, get in an alliance and meet some other people around the world.

General Information

  • Overall Rating : Positive
  • Type : Strategy, Puzzle
  • Category : Free to Play
  • Contains Ads : No
  • Micro Transaction : Yes
  • Country : Global 
  • Content Rating : Teen, Violence, Blood
  • Mode : Multi Player
  • Published by: TG Inc.

Technical Information

  • Google Play Score: 4.2
  • Installation Size : 87 MB
  • Full Size : 580 MB
  • Platform : Android Version 4.4 and up
  • Emulator friendly : Yes
  • Connection : Online
  • Available on : Google Play, App Store