How to Redeem code in Path to Nowhere

It’s easy to get codes but where to redeem them.

Path to Nowhere is a SRPG which require lots of resources to progress, the codes given by the developer is here to help your account progress faster. Whether your starting or already far in the game, codes are always welcome. If you already got the code but don’t know where to redeem it, follow this guide which will help you step by step.


First, you will have to obtain your freedom, so do your best and finish the tutorial in order to get access to the other part of the games. Go to the main screen. On the top side of your screen and tap the profile icon( it’s where your name is written).

Lobby of Path to Nowhere

Now that your on the Chief Info page, tap on the settings who just below your illustration( the middle Hexagon Icon).

Settings in Path to nowhere

In the Account tab, Tap “Gift pack redemption” button.

Account Settings in Path to Nowhere

Enter your code here and tap the confirm button.

Enter code in Path to nowhere

Congratulations, you successfully obtain your rewards which you can collect in the mail section. Repeat the same process if you have multiple codes, remember to apply one code at a time. If you want more info the game Path to Nowhere check out the review. As always thank you for reading, leave a comment and share the link if you find the info useful, Thank you.