Category: Idle

Idle games, also known as incremental games or clicker games, are a genre of video games that require minimal player input or interaction. In these games, players typically set up automated actions. Or systems that continue to operate even when the game is not actively being played.

The gameplay in idle games often revolves around accumulating resources, such as currency or items, through automated actions or by clicking on the screen. These resources can then be used to purchase upgrades, which in turn increase the efficiency of the automated systems or increase the rate at which resources are accumulated.

Idle games are designed to be played for long periods of time, and often feature a high level of repetition. The gameplay loop involves setting up automated systems, checking in periodically to make upgrades. Then letting the game run on its own until the next upgrade opportunity arises.

Many idle games also include a sense of progression, as players can unlock new content, features, or challenges. As they accumulate more resources and make more upgrades.

Overall, idle games offer a simple and relaxing gameplay experience that requires minimal player input. Making them a popular choice for players looking for a low-stress gaming experience.