Hello everyone! Welcome to my website. I started this website as a genuine informative website for mobile games. Why? Because i see too many review being only first impressions or have bias and incomplete information about the game.

S-Mobile Gaming can provide you with only genuine informative data. Most of it will be based on experience received when playing the game. I will share my personal expertise on these reviews.

What makes my site to be chosen by you? Simply i am a gamer like you but i have years of experience in playing various type of game. From the Atari, Gameboy, Playstation, Xbox and PC, i have seen the progression of those games with my own eyes till today.

About me

I worked in the field of IT for 10 years. Being a Data Operator, Tester and Analyst in my professional career, i have a good eye for analysis on applications. I lost my job with covid-19 so i decided to put all these talent into something useful for everyone. I also love video games and played them since i could start handling a joystick.